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McLaren Automotive is a sports car manufacturer that was founded as McLaren Cars in 1985. The company’s roots go back to the 1960s when Bruce McLaren designed race cars for the Formula One and Can-Am series. McLaren is among the most successful Formula One manufacturers, having won eight constructors’ championships and 12 drivers’ championships as of 2019. It also won five Can-Am championships and two Indy 500 races. McLaren launched its first production road car, the iconic F1, in 1992. The supercar remained in production until 1998. With the F1 discontinued, McLaren went into hibernation until 2003, when a cooperation with Mercedes-Benz spawned the SLR McLaren.

McLaren’s second production model, the MP4 12C, was launched in 2010. It was followed by the P1 supercar car in 2013, and the 650S, a replacement for the 12C, in 2014. McLaren launched its current three-tier sports car structure in 2015, dividing ints products into the Sports, Super, and Ultimate Series. As of 2019, the lineup includes the entry-level 570S (including its 540C, 570GT, and 600LT derivates), the 720S, the Senna, the GT, and the Speedtail.

What is the Cheapest McLaren?

The Sports Series is McLaren’s entry-level and most affordable lineup of cars. This range includes the 540C, 570S, 570GT, and the 600LT. Less powerful than the 570S, the 540C is the base model here, but this version is restricted to the Chinese market. So while it would be the most affordable, it’s not available in the United States. This leaves the McLaren 570S as the cheapest model, priced from $192,500. Granted, there’s nothing cheap about McLarens, and affordable is a big stretch when we’re talking about almost $200,000, but McLaren’s won’t get cheaper than the 570S unless you go to the used car market for an old 12C.

What is the Most Popular McLaren?

Not surprisingly, the most affordable McLaren is also the most popular. McLaren sold 4,806 cars in 2018 and about a quarter of them were Sports Series models. The best selling Sports Series version is the 570S, which isn’t as sporty as the 600LT, but its significantly more affordable. What’s more, the 570S is available to regular customers, whereas range-topping models like the Senna and Speedtail are restricted to special buyers who already own McLarens.

What is the Most Expensive McLaren?

McLaren sports cars are far from affordable, but the Speedtail is significantly more expensive than the rest. Built in only 106 units, just like the iconic F1, the Speedtail costs a whopping $2.25 million before options. A successor to the F1 not only due to its three-seat layout and tremendous aerodynamics, the Speedtail is a worthy successor when it comes to pricing too. For reference, the equally spectacular Senna starts under $1 million.

What is the Fastest McLaren?

When it comes to top speed, the Speedtail is by far the fastest McLaren available. The British company claims that the Speedtail has a top speed of 250 mph. While this figure doesn’t make it the fastest production car, the Speedtail is the fastest McLaren to date, having surpassed its spiritual predecessor the F1, which held this title for several years in the 1990s.

As far as acceleration goes, the Speedtail should be the quickest. While McLaren has yet to release 0-to-60 mph times for the Speedtail, it should be quicker than the Senna. The latter hits 60 mph in 2.8 seconds and 186 in 17.5 clicks. This final figure is extremely important here, as the Speedtail is almost five seconds quicker to the same benchmark. This means that it should also be quicker from 0 to 60 mph, a benchmark that it likely completes in just 2.6 seconds.

What is the Most Practical McLaren?

Developed with extra trunk space in mind, the McLaren GT is the company’s most practical sports car. A grand tourer with a mid-engined layout, the GT offers luggage room under both the front hood and rear hatch. The compartment under the front hood is rather small at 5.3 cubic feet, but this space is enough to almost beat most sports cars in this segment. But there’s plenty more room under the rear hatch (on top of the engine), where you can load 14.8 cubic feet worth of luggage, which converts to a golf bag or two pairs of skis and boots, plus smaller bags. Overall, the GT has a storage capacity of 20.1 cubic feet, which is more than several midsize and even full-size sedans. Given that sports cars aren’t designed for practicality, the GT is quite an exotic vehicle for its segment.

Are McLaren Cars Reliable?

Sports cars and supercars aren’t usually used as daily drivers, so it’s difficult to asses whether they are reliable or not. While the old 12C has some issues, most of them related to the faulty infotainment system, owners have reported very few problems in recent years. McLaren issued a couple of recalls for some models, but all were related to minor issues and easy repairs. For sports cars that are usually driven during the weekends, on highways, twisty back roads, and on race tracks, McLarens are quite reliable.