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McLaren Recalls P1 Supercar For Faulty Backup Hood Latch

McLaren Recalls P1 Supercar For Faulty Backup Hood Latch

Apparently, even the high and mighty aren’t exempt from the clutches of a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recall. As per the orders of the NHTSA, McLaren has announced a recall of a handful of models of the McLaren P1.

The problems are tied into a defective secondary hood latch that doesn’t re-engage properly, so if the primary latch is inadvertently released, the entire hood may pop open at any time, even when the P1 is moving. Such a scenario would obviously be unfavorable and could cause a crash, especially if the driver is caught off guard by the sudden opening of the hood. The defective hood latches fall in violation of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) number 113, "Hood Latch System."

According to the notice filed by McLaren, the recall affects P1s that were manufactured between March 1, 2013 to October 31, 2015. No details were revealed on the exact number of models that are affected by the defective hatch, so P1 owners who have cars that were manufactured between those days are advised to wait for a notification from McLaren or contact their dealerships for more information.

As with any recall, McLaren will replace the hood latch with a newer version at no cost to the car owner. The recall is expected to start this month (January 2016). Owners of the P1 better be close to their phones in the event that McLaren comes calling.

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