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McLaren S-Works Venge Bicycle by Specialized

McLaren S-Works Venge Bicycle by Specialized

This week, we saw BMW release the Carbon Racer and Land Rover introduce the Range Rover Evoque bicycle. Kind of odd to have two automakers release bicycles in the same seven-day span, isn’t it?
Apparently, though, there’s still another automaker – a luxury supercar brand – that also has a new bicycle scheduled for release. We don’t know what the deal is, to be honest, but it seems that these car brands are branching out more than we thought.

McLaren, one of the foremost and esteemed supercar brands on the planet, has just launched their very own sports bicycle, the S-Works Venge. Who would’ve thought?

Built in collaboration with American manufacturer Specialized and designed by Chris D’Aluisio, the head of research and development for Specialized, the S-Works Venge is a high-end performance bicycle that has an aerodynamic frame built completely from carbon fiber and weighs at a ridiculously light weight of less than 1 kg, which is about two pounds if you’re keeping score. Add in all the necessary parts and elements of the bike, including the fork, the seat, the crankset, and the electronic gearshift, and you have the whole thing weighing in at just 2.07 kg, or about 4.5 lbs.

The bike will be available in two different specifications, the McLaren and the S-Works Venge. Both versions are expected to hit the market no later than 2011 with the latter scheduled to hit stores in the UK next month with the former following suit later this year, possibly around September.

We don’t know how this is going to affect McLaren’s rep as a purely exotic automaker, but given that so many other brands seem to share the same train-of-thought these days, launching your own high-performance bicycle isn’t a bad idea.

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