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Mercedes EQB

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2022 Mercedes EQ B

2022 Mercedes EQ B

The electric Mercedes GLB takes one step closer to its live introduction

Mercedes’ lineup of electric crossovers and SUVs continues to take shape with a fresh batch of spy photos of a model that looks a lot like the Mercedes GLB-Class. Except this isn’t the GLB; this is the GLB’s all-electric alter ego, the EQ B. The spy photos were taken in Sweden where the EQ B is undergoing winter testing. Mercedes hasn’t divulged the juicy details of the EQ B, but it is believed that, among other things, it will largely take the form of the GLB, albeit with a few minor tweaks to reflect is all-electric stature. No timetable has been given on when the Mercedes EQ B will launch, but we do know that the all-electric crossover will not hit the U.S. market until 2021.

Update 2/28/2020: The Mercedes EQB has started to take on its official electrified look in our latest batch of spy shots. Is a debut imminent? Find out what we know in our special “Spy Shots” section below!

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