• 1992 Mercedes 250GD Wolf by Expedition Motor Company

A classic G-Wagen restored to all its glory in a near-perfect project

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Mercedes G-Wagen is a legend in itself. It started off as a military vehicle, but has been in production since 1979. The SUV is adored by people all across the globe, be it the older models, or the latest. Here’s one classic 1992 G-Wagen that has been restored by Expedition Motor Company. The restomod is a good project as a wholesome and we are quite happy with the result. The SUV has literally been ripped apart and everything its chassis is new. Let’s take a look at how it has turned out.


  • A Convertible SUV
  • Metal Bumper With A Big, Functional Skid Plate Underneath
  • Rides on BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/As
  • No Window At The Rear
  • Expedition Completely Dismantled And Removed The Body From Frame
  • Anti-Corrosive Primer Has Also Been Applied
1992 Mercedes 250GD Wolf by Expedition Motor Company Exterior
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The best part of this resto-mod is that even though it was taken out completely, the company has managed to retain the original

. There are a lot of examples where people have messed up with the core of the vehicle. Not the guys at Expedition, though. Upfront, the 250GD Wolf comes with a pair of circular headlights. The five-slat horizontal quad grille is slapped with the tristar logo. The turn signal indicators sit above the headlights and get a cute little grille on them. For aesthetic purposes? The metal bumper is a small, stout unit with a big skid plate underneath it. It is a fully functional unit and not some faux chrome plate as we are used to seeing in modern vehicles. However, one can see the axle underneath, completely unexposed and vulnerable to underbody hits. I’m not sure how safe it would to take it off-roading. The hood does not sit flush with the body as is the case generally.

1992 Mercedes 250GD Wolf by Expedition Motor Company Exterior
- image 864845
The profile of the 250GD Wolf is quite busy. A slim metal piece runs from the fenders and all the way until the end of the SUV.

It also accommodates the door handle in between, thus making it almost invisible in first glance. There is a short snorkel sitting on the A-pillar and is bolted on the side of the engine bay. It is further held by a ‘stick’ that’s bracketed next to the good. The fenders sit quite up high to accommodate the big tires and their wayward movements under extreme conditions. The wing mirror is a simple unit mounted on the door. The base wears a ‘250 GD’ badge. Coming to the tires, the SUV rides on BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/As.

1992 Mercedes 250GD Wolf by Expedition Motor Company Exterior
- image 864848
Step to the back and you’ll notice how rough and tough the SUV looks.

The spare tire dominates the rear majorly. The fuel filler cap sits on the right-hand side, whereas a jerry can for the fuel is placed in a specially-allocated location on the left. The horizontal taillights sit above the bumper, whereas the bumper houses the rear fog lamp and reverse light. The SUV also has a soft top. It is basically a convertible G-Wagen. How cool! There is no window at the rear. So, if you are driving without the soft top, the rear passengers will get an open-view without any obstructions from the frames.

1992 Mercedes 250GD Wolf by Expedition Motor Company Exterior
- image 864937

Speaking of the overall resto-mod, Expedition completely dismantled and removed the body from the frame. The entire body media was blasted down to bare metal and worked on from there. The company has invested over 1,000 man hours into rebuilding this beast from 1992. The rebuilt body was installed onto the chassis and Expedition resolved all the sheet metal related issues as well. For precautionary measures, Anti-Corrosive Primer has also been applied. A think all these things show the kind of attention-to-detail the company has given to the SUV.


  • Spacious Cabin
  • Captain Seats Even In The Rear
  • Analogue Instrument Cluster
  • No A/C
  • Manual Hand Crank Windows
  • Nice Cool-Blue Ambient Lighting Under The Center Console
1992 Mercedes 250GD Wolf by Expedition Motor Company Interior
- image 864867
On the inside, the GD250 Wolf is mighty spacious. There is no dearth of space whatsoever anywhere. In fact, the truck looks quite ‘empty’ everywhere.

The rear comes with captain chairs and there is oodles of space between the sits and behind, too. Even here, the company ripped apart everything, including the wiring harness, a whole new custom interior was installed that includes new window seals and gaskets.

1992 Mercedes 250GD Wolf by Expedition Motor Company Interior
- image 864868

The whole cabin layout is quite simple and minimalistic. The leather-wrapped tw-spoke steering wheel is quite big. It does not come with thumb contours or any grips, for that matter.

Behind it is an analog instrument cluster with two dials - a speedometer in one dial on the left, and fuel gauge, temperature gauge, and the basic warning lights on the right.

The center console comes with a basic single din stereo system. Apart from this, the leather-wrapped doors come with manual window rollers. There is nice cool-blue ambient lighting under the center console that brightens up the footwell area as well. The rear passengers get a grab handle and literally nothing else.


  • Five-Cylinder Engine
  • New Cylinder Head Bolts and Gaskets
  • New Transmission Seals, Clutch, And Throw-Out Bearings
  • Steering Damper Replaced With New One
  • New Springs And Shock Absorbers
1992 Mercedes 250GD Wolf by Expedition Motor Company Drivetrain
- image 864900
Coming to the heart of the matter, Expedition has only mentioned that the 250GD comes with an OM602 engine.

Now, this could either be a 2.5-liter, 2.9-liter, five-cylinder mill. The company had removed the engine removed after testing cylinder compression and oil pressure, and also had the cylinder heads cleaned and disassembled for inspection. Being a 27-year old model, the company continued the vigorous test on the engine. The Cylinder head removed, disassembled and checked for warpages, and fixed with new head bolts and gaskets. Expedition then fixed in new timing belt, oil pan gasket, water pump, and re-cored the radiator.

As for the transmission, Expedition tested it extensively in the stock condition and then removed it to disassemble and clean the internal components. The gearbox housing was also refinished in the process. Finally, the new transmission seals, clutch, and throw-out bearings were fitted. The company states that the axles were detached from the differentials and inspected for any kind of wear and tear. Axle housings media were blasted and refinished and reassembled with new seals and gaskets. Expedition replaced the studs on the wheels and re-greased the hubs. Finally, a new set of wheels was mated to the reinvigorated axles.

1992 Mercedes 250GD Wolf by Expedition Motor Company Drivetrain
- image 864905

It is the suspension set that received the maximum attention and something that hasn’t been restored from the original SUV; as it should be.

New springs and shock absorbers were installed along with urethane suspension bushings.

The steering damper was replaced with new ones to cause lesser ‘death wobbles’, and new tie rod ends made their way in. Looks like Expedition wants this vehicle to last forever.


1992 Mercedes 250GD Wolf by Expedition Motor Company Exterior
- image 864853

You cannot expect a vehicle like this one to come with a reasonable price tag. Expedition has put a sticker $92,150 on this 1992 Mercedes-Benz 250GD Wolf.

Final Thoughts

1992 Mercedes 250GD Wolf by Expedition Motor Company Exterior
- image 864911

The Mercedes-Benz 250GD Wolf is a rare SUV that has been restored from scratch. Seeing the efforts the company has put on this car, it seems worth the price tag it wears. The interiors may seem a little too dated and some would argue that at least a good infotainment system should’ve been offered, but I believe it would lose the timeless design. All-in-all, this is an SUV that is the owner’s pride and neighbor’s envy.

  • Leave it
    • Rear passengers are literally left in the wild with the top off
    • Personalized plaques would have added a lot more to the exclusivity
    • On the onset, an exorbitant price for a resto-mod

Source: Expedition Motor Company

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