• 2007 Mercedes-Benz E-Class W211 by Prior Design

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Usually when we do reports on cars that have received the latest tuning packages, we get to talk about models that have just been released and have been upgraded for the sake of originality and excessive PR. It’s not every day that we do a piece on a tuning package for a car that was debuted in 2002 with a second generation debuting in 2006. Apparently, today will be that day because we have heard of a tuning package for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class W211.

Prior Design has come up with a tuning package that will update the W211 with something other than the usual wheel/tire-combinations and chassis lowering options. The new tuning package from Prior Design will offer a specially developed chassis set consisting of a buffer with plastics grille, fog lamps, and lateral ventilation openings at the front. Side skirts, a new diffuser-look bumper, tailgate, and roof edge spoilers also come with the package designed to give the vehicle a sportier look. All car parts are made with Duraflex, but can be switched out for carbon at the customer’s request. A stainless-steel 4-pipe sports exhaust is also added to this “still-modern” W211.

Albeit a little odd, we guess there is something to say for the Mercedes-Bens E-Class W211 if tuning companies are still interesting in developing tuning packages for them. That or this tuning company has a little too much time on their hands.

Press release and contact info after the jump.

Press Release

In spite of the generally difficult times, Mercedes achieve remarkable turnover figures for their new E-Class. Its predecessor with the internal name of W211 is still not outdated, though, as Prior-Design’s team proves in an impressive fashion with its high-quality attachment parts.

Since the W211 series E-Class is rather rarely seen in the tuning scene, the relevant professional refiners do not offer a great number of accessories, apart from the traditional wheel/tyre-combinations and several chassis lowering options. Prior-Design recognised the W211’s success at an early point of time, however, and now offers a complete tuning package for the still-modern saloon car.

The specially developed chassis set consists of a buffer with plastics grille, fog lamps and lateral ventilation openings at the front. A set of side skirts makes for a sportive silhouette. Furthermore, Prior-Design equipped the car’s rear with a new diffuser-look bumper, tailgate and roof edge spoilers. With the new attachment parts, the E-Class saloon car is given a truly pleasantly sportive but unobtrusive feel. All parts are made of duraflex, but real-carbon or real-carbon-plated parts can be supplied on the customer’s request as well.

The PDW rim set used by Prior-Design is a perfect match for the W211’s sportive look. They are 8.5x20 at the front and 10.5x20 at the rear and, together with the unobtrusive lowering, offer additional visual pleasure. The portfolio also offers the brand-new stainless-steel 4-pipe sports exhaust. At 899.00 Euros, it not only provides the perfect look, but also a great sound experience.

The Prices:

Front bumper: 599.00 Euro

Fog lamps: 249.00 Euro

Rear Bumper: 599.00 Euro

Side skirts set: 349.00 Euro

Roof edge spoiler: 199.00 Euro

Tail gate spoiler: 199.00 Euro

Set of rims: 1,700.00 Euro (8.5x20 and 10.5x20, plus tyres)

For further information, contact:


Robert-Bosch-Str. 11

47475 Kamp-Lintfort

Phone: 028 42/ 97 57 00

Fax: 028 42/ 97 57 010


Email: info@prior-design.de

Source: Prior Design

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  (683) posted on 03.22.2011

wow! At last i have seen a good one! This is recall look nice just like my first impression with Mercedes car. And i like those wheels. I think Prior

Design should be given a credit!

  (10) posted on 12.30.2010

This is the worst company I have ordered parts from. Wrong invoice! Release my purchases to authorized freight forwarder! Refuse to take my calls on 12/30/2010! There are many better companies to buy parts from! If you want to be frustrated and MAD, buy from this ty GERMAN company!

  (807) posted on 11.15.2010

I’d still take the 5 series, but looks like it’ll turn out to be another very decent Mercedes saloon. as for the styling, boring and, someone said it, very Korean in standard garb, but pretty damn nice with the AMG kit. i think i know why - it’s the bottom of the front grille.

  (515) posted on 05.6.2010

In singapore they make the C-Class a taxi cab. Pretty nasty for the benz, right?

  (363) posted on 05.5.2010

If i will criticize it, I suggest that it’s better for them to make the bumper more longer and lower plus front lip would be great addition to make it more aggressive looks.

  (406) posted on 05.4.2010

The interior of this 2007 Mercedes-Benz E-Class W211 looks luxury and a striking new bumper design that improves both the vehicle’s aerodynamics and visual appearance. Also, I think this car got those five-star rating for side crashes and rollovers and four-stars for frontal crashes from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

  (648) posted on 05.4.2010

What a lovely body kits, so simple yet it has the aggressiveness of a touring car.

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