The luxury German automaker Mercedes Benz is releasing a special edition of their class creating four door coupe the CLS. This ultra exclusive CLS Grand Edition is limited to only 560 units, and for the first time ever is available in palladium silver.

Not only is the CLS being offered in this bold shade of gray, there is also a unique Designo Palladium Silver Matt Paint, finally a factory super with a flat paint job. This even more exclusive finish also has he benefit of being highly scratch and dirt-resistant. The color choice goes well with the car’s 18 inch AMG forged 5 spoke alloy wheels finished in Titanium Grey. There is also a pretty trick lighting kit.

However, a little show would be nothing without a little go. So the Mercedes Benz engineers managed to find and extra 48 HP out of the CLS 350 CDI’s turbo diesel V6 that now makes 272 HP. The added power allows the coupe-like sedan to go from 0 to 60 MPH in just 6.5 seconds while still getting a pretty economical 37 MPG.

If the diesel part didn’t tip you off, then we are sad to inform you that this limited edition CLS is another vehicle that won’t be imported into the U.S. Like the desired Ford Focus RS, this ultra excusive four door coupe is a U.K. only car. Like the Volkswagen Corrado Storm and so many other great classics, we can only dream about a left hand drive version of special editions like the Mercedes Benz CLS Grand Edition.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

The world’s first four-door Coupe, the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class, is now even more distinguished and powerful with the introduction of the new Mercedes CLS Grand Edition. Only 560 units will be coming to the UK, with deliveries starting in July.

There is a choice of five colors, including, for the first time on the CLS, Palladium Silver.

2009 Mercedes CLS Grand Edition
- image 305855

For those customers who want an even more exclusive look there is also the option of the unique designo Palladium Silver Matt Paint, which is not only eye catching, but also highly scratch and dirt-resistant.

Since the CLS launched in 2005 over 14,500 units have been sold and the success story will gain a boost with the introduction of the Mercedes CLS Grand Edition. Features include stunning 18” AMG 5 spoke alloy wheels with a Titanium Grey finish, front grille louvers and headlamp housings in a Palladium silver matt finish and floor mats with Grand Edition Badging.

2009 Mercedes CLS Grand Edition
- image 305856

Diesel power accounts for over seventy per cent of CLS-Class sales in the UK and is the focus for this special edition as well. The Mercedes CLS Grand Edition boasts a power upgrade of 48 hp which takes the overall power of the CLS 350 CDI V6 to 272 hp. This twinned with a 50 Nm increase in torque has resulted in 0-62 mph being achieved in 6.5 seconds, an improvement of half a second, without any compromise to the combined fuel consumption of 37.2 mpg or CO2 emissions of 215 g/km.

Style and performance are important, but so is safety. In the Mercedes CLS Grand Edition the driver benefits from the Bi-Xenon Light Package as standard including the Cornering Light Function and the Active Light System. Cornering Light Function improves safety when driving slowly and on tight bends using the low beam headlamps and fog lights to illuminate the area to the side of the vehicle. The Active Light System improves road illumination in corners by up to 90% enabling the driver to see 25 meters further along an extended bend with a radius of 190 meters.

2009 Mercedes CLS Grand Edition
- image 305857

The Mercedes CLS Grand Edition offers more visual and design enhancements, even better performance and increased safety features from £48,445 on the road. This represents a price premium of just £2,495.00 over the standard CLS 350 CDI for £4636.60 worth of extra equipment, resulting in £2,141.60 of added value for the customer.

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  (815) posted on 12.13.2009

Even the old Models of MB are still elegant but this one is different very few was made there are only 560 if these CLS. I wonder which country will the MB distribute this CLS?

  (78) posted on 06.22.2009

I must agree, fashion is the new word for cars today, like seing those expensive ( although unnecessary) accessories, to say that the item is classy and tasteful. I think Mercedes is capitalizing that market, where those filthy rich people would not mind at all what they are getting what is important is they are having the most trendy and class in the segment

  (79) posted on 06.22.2009

I must say, Mercedes’ obsession with tying cars to fashion finds another outlet in the CLS Grand Edition. Presented by Mercedes model and brand representative Julia Stegner to help cement the car’s tie-in to the accessory-rich world of design and style, the CLS Grand Edition is mechanically unchanged from the standard edition, instead relying on styling and materials to differentiate it from the pack. So what is wrong with being posh and fabulous today?

  (116) posted on 06.22.2009

The most beautiful benz today to my opinion. Although some may not agree cosidering the front end, I still consider to CLS edition as classic rendition for tasteful craftsmanship. I hope it will be offered with the V12 turbo. So it does not only end with styles but also with a winning speed.

  (137) posted on 06.22.2009

I guess, if there is something that will make this car truly unique from the previous model it will make this classic and if thats the case then the extra money is worth it, but i dont see that matte paint and amg wheels will do that for this car. so technically, ’worth’ the extra money is subjective. If you buy cars as fashion accessories, you’re probably not worried about the value. It’s all about style.

  (177) posted on 06.22.2009

It takes one to know one. In fact, the new Mercedes-Benz CLS Grand Edition special-edition is a new highlight to the segment for four-door premium coupés. A matt design paint finish lends spectacular definition to the lines of the coupé and makes the CLS Grand Edition really catch the eye. This exclusive style is echoed in the interior with high-grade design leather and high-quality equipment details. All of which makes the multi-design-award-winning Mercedes-Benz Coupé unmistakable. It is impressive.

  (231) posted on 06.22.2009

I agree with Taladega. Indeed, the Mercedes Coupés, which have always epitomised automotive elegance, exclusivity and refinement at the very highest level. With the CLS, Mercedes-Benz paved the way for four-door coupés. The trend-setting model from Stuttgartinspires coupé enthusiasts with its exciting and muscular styling.

  (289) posted on 06.22.2009

CLS Grand Edition is a fashion car, its classy and if you don’t have such taste you would call it redundant. But in fact, the new Mercedes-Benz CLSGrand Edition catches the eye straight away. A unique “designo magno platinum” matt paint finish brings the lines and contours of the premium Coupé fully to the fore and emphasises its multi-award-winning design. As well as being an eye-catching feature, the matt paint finish is highly scratch- and dirt-resistant. In keeping with the avant-garde paintwork, the radiator grille louvres are also painted in “designo magno platinum”.

  (314) posted on 06.22.2009

Many would consider this one as pure marketing, nothing is really new, just some better paint to choose from, some better engines to run with, some better interior to brag about, not really new at all in most aspect, its more like a repackage to me.

  (318) posted on 06.22.2009

I love this car, it’s beautiful inside and out. Just look at the pics guys, its so classy.. I think recently Germans lost a bit of the wood type classiness.. and this interior brings that back.. I also like the leather.. Im usually all about black leather.. but this is pure class.

  (421) posted on 06.22.2009

To my opinion. It’s like the Lexus Pebble Beach Edition cars. It has a nice interior....but that is one ugly front end.....I’d prefer a regular E-class, with more headroom, lower interior noise, doors with frames around the windows, and a lower sticker price.

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