Priced at over a quarter of a Million dollars, if you are part of the crowd that can afford the new AMG SLS then you are part of an elite group of gull wing enthusiasts that will go from 0 to 60 MPH in 3.8 seconds and hit a top speed of 196 MPH thanks to a very special version of the AMG hand built 6.2 Liter V8. In order to further separate your new super car from the rest of the SLS owner’s registry an owner could leave the amazing German engineered internals alone and focus on the new retro Benz’s appearance. How would a modern day Gullwing with even more styling cues from the original sound. If that sounds like your cup of tea then you might be interested in knowing about the automotive re stylers Gullwing-America.

2009 Mercedes SLS Panamericana body kit
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Their latest creation is called the SLS Panamerica, a seven piece body kit made from Hybrid Aluminum and carbon fiber that emphasizes the classic car’s signature side vents with a wider stance and include a few chrome details emphasizing accents like the grill frame. The new Gullwing rides on a set of staggered wheels measuring 19 inches up front and 20 inches out back. On the inside, Gullwing-America added Alcantara inserts into the sport buckets that resembles the original car’s plaid upholstery which is offset by modern touches like a set of illuminated brushed Aluminum door sills. What would be better than pulling up to a Silver Arrow car show in a truly retro 2010 Gullwing.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

After the release of the Mercedes Benz SLS in Frankfurt, the team of Gullwing-America started working on their design of a body package to make the car look retro like of the amazing Gullwing 300SL.

2009 Mercedes SLS Panamericana body kit
- image 331001

Arturo Alonso, GWA chief engineer went back to the board and came out with this amazing idea, to make this outstanding car which is the flagship of Mercedes technology into a 300SL from the 21 century, taking things, like the clean grille, the ribs on the hood and fenders and other details that make the original Gullwing an unforgettable car

Named like their 300SL, the very detailed "Panamericana" conversion kit will consist of seven body parts, made from Hybrid Aluminum and carbon fiber, two side vents, a set of chrome details which includes a grille frame, new oval dual Xenon headlights, their set of GWA wheels which come staggered in 19 and 20 and a sport tuned muffler system, and other pieces

2009 Mercedes SLS Panamericana body kit
- image 331002

The interior is left almost original, only for the options of an Alcantara center piece insert for the seats with special contrast stitching to resemble a plaid design of the past, and a set of illuminated brushed Aluminum door sills that light up with the engraving Panamericana logo, as you open the doors.

They also have the option for the legendary racing stripes on the front fenders, in any combination that you desire

2009 Mercedes SLS Panamericana body kit
- image 331000

The very detailed life like renders show Alonso’s favorite combination, white with red stripes and red interior, a classic he says. The parts will be distributed only by GWA and they will be made in Germany, prices and availabilitywill be released later at their web site

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  (808) posted on 01.6.2010

Yeah, quarter a million. I never thought that this Mercedes deals that much. In fairness to this car, it has the "it" factor to become a legacy of Mercedes because of the intricate style that is different from AMG series cars. Also it’s common for a AMG to have a sprint time less than 4 seconds but what’s more interesting on this one, it has a little touch of a classic Mercedes.

Uncia  (868) posted on 11.2.2009

And we thought this thing couldn’t get any uglier...

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