The Mercedes SLS AMG was designed as a response to McLaren’s MP4-12C, but while Mercedes is still deciding on whether or not to build a Black Series version that will come closer to the horsepower provided by the MP4-12C, German tuner Kicherer is busy creating an even faster version of the Mercedes supercar. The Mercedes SLS 63 Supersport was developed in cooperation with KW Automotive and improves both the car’s aerodynamics and performance.

While a standard SLS AMG develops a total of 571 HP, the 63 Supersport package goes up to an impressive 610 HP and 670Nm of torque. The increase was obtained thanks to a stainless steel sports exhaust system and a performance optimization package. Aside from the sweet increase in power, the SLS AMG also receives a new lift-up threaded sports chassis that allows for up to 30mm of increased height, a feature that facilitates driving over those nasty speed bumps. On the other hand, this same sports chassis can be lowered with a touch of a button to maneuver itself easily through parking garages.

The aerodynamic package includes a front spoiler lip in carbon and read diffuser fins in carbon. The package is finished by RS-1 multi-part forged wheels and a series of interior decorative parts in carbon.


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  (273) posted on 02.21.2011

It’s as if whenever you matte off a car, it suddenly because just another matte car rather than a matte black (exotic of your choice). It loses everything the original car had special and just becomes another "tuner car".

  (613) posted on 02.21.2011

I’ll admit this is a rather subtle conversion, especially compared to Mansory, but even when the power figures are sky-high, these cars never impress me.

  (692) posted on 01.31.2011

gag me. stainless?At this range nothing but Ti will do. Unless most, I’m actually a fan of this car so thumbs up from here.

  (201) posted on 01.31.2011

Looks alright. Rather have the stock multi-spoke rims and silver paint job. I wouldn’t mind the hp upgrades but cosmetically I would just tint the rear lights all red.

  (1211) posted on 12.6.2010

I believe that this is the only automobile that Clarkson’s now fat-ass can fit in. The interior is worthy, but the exterior requires blinders to aid getting past as it is so damn ugly.

  (221) posted on 12.3.2010

On the engine front, the Mercedes SLS AMG has received a re-mapped ECU that is good for around 602 hp and 494 lb-ft of torque, which is 39 hp and 20 lb-ft more than the original.

  (201) posted on 12.2.2010

A beautiful car and obviously beautiful girl both made to look incredibly unflattering.

  (1023) posted on 12.1.2010

wow the SLS is one hell of a serious racer, can you imagine how much power those 510 ponies can give to the wheels?

  (831) posted on 11.30.2010

The total look of the car reminds me of the retro. And every time I look at it gives me a ’wow’ reaction..smiley If i have a money I will try this

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