Wheelsandmore is known for adding a bit of brawn to vehicles with owners looking to brighten up their day with a little custom to their car. The tuner doesn’t really add any exterior or interior changes other than the obvious addition of new wheels, but then again, this tuner doesn’t necessarily tune vehicles that need any extra help in the looks department. A couple of months ago they fixed up the Mercedes SL65 AMG with a boost and some new wheels and now they are revealing a package for the Mercedes SLS AMG. The kit for this sports car adds the usual engine mods and wheels, but it also includes some other minor additions.

For the engine the tuner is offering an optimized control electronics and a hand-made exhaust system with manifolds and sport catalysts. The result is an increase of 39 HP to a total of 610 HP if you opt only for the ECU update or 624 HP and 685 lb-ft of torque with the addition of the new exhaust system. Top speed is electronically limited it to 325 km/h (201 mph).

The tuning package also includes a new set of handmade 20 inch milled and forged alloys wrapped in Dunlop Sport Maxx tires size 265/30/20 at the front and 285/30/20 at the rear and a Level Control System. This system includes superlight full race coilovers that feature adjustable compression and rebound which can lift the front and rear axle up to 30 mm.

Press release

As soon as the first models of the new SLS were delivered, wheelsandmore presents his performance upgrades for the sporty gran-turismo-coupe.

571hp out of 6.2 liters of displacement, no compressor, no bells and no whistles, top speed 197 mph and breathtakingly beautiful. Nevertheless, the tuner found out potential to advance settings of already awarded perfection (SLS = Super Sport Light) to improve performance and more convinced with fine optical modifications.

2010 Mercedes SLS AMG by Wheelsandmore Exterior
- image 385812

The serial output increases wheelsandmore in 2 steps, either through optimized control electronics up to powerful 610hp (+39hp) and 685 lb-ft (+35 lb-ft) or combined with a high-end, hand-made exhaust system, contending manifolds, sport catalysts and volume optimized mufflers with digitally programmable exhaust valves, improving standard 571 horsepower up to heavenly 624hp and 690lb of torque. Top speed is electronically limited at 202 mph.

Since time immemorial, the refiner is not only known to confer with perfectly designed 3-piece forged wheels, giving sports- and supersportcars a distinctive look. By reducing the wheel load fluctuations a perfect balance between suspension and unsprung mass produce and thus improve the performance of the AMG-racer also. Wheelsandmore produces their wheel model 6Sporz for the SLS currently in sizes 9.0 and 11.0 x 20 inches for tire sizes 265/30/20 (front) and 285/30/20 (rear).

2010 Mercedes SLS AMG by Wheelsandmore Exterior
- image 385813

From March 2011 this wheel model will be available also in 21 inch size, developed especially for the rear axle of the SLS.

In the case of the full race coilovers from the wheelsandmore Mercedes SLS portfolio, customers can choose between ultra-lightweight aluminum alloy design and a hydraulically adjustable luxury version LCS (Level control system) able to lift up axles on the front and rear around 30mm. Both suspension nsystems are infinitely adjustable compression and rebound, making it ideal tuned to the needs.

Individual requests, regarding interior and carbon body refining, are also pleased by the in-house design studio and saddlery of wheelsandmore.

Source: Wheelsandmore

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  (473) posted on 02.29.2012

Good thing I landed on this page. I noticed that this car has existed in the auto world. This is more sportier than the Chevrolet Camaro.

  (347) posted on 08.22.2011

I was impressed with the figure performance of the car. The increase in the performance of the vehicle is kind of great.

  (517) posted on 08.22.2011

The speed performance of the car and the styling were great! The black and red theme look so awesome on the vehicle.

  (528) posted on 03.30.2011

Wow! I think this is the coolest coupe that I ever seen! I like everything about this car especially the wheels! However, the lines on the bonnet reminds me of Chevrolet.

  (211) posted on 03.25.2011

Every time I saw this kind of styling it reminds me of the muscle car Dodege Camaro. However, I find its design kind of aggressive and sporty plus those wheels. I think it gorgeous. 

  (410) posted on 03.18.2011

This SLS looks like a Camaro! Though i have to say that the overall design is quite impressive and those lines make it more aggressive. However, I think this car weight too much and the speed performance would probably be affected.

  (401) posted on 02.3.2011

How about Mercedes Benz S63 SLS-GTR AMG GT3 Black Series Type-R Group A Homologation Special? or is that too short and simple to justify the price tag.

  (458) posted on 02.3.2011

Car deal of the century. Sell your house to buy one because this is going to end up being a classic that will command premiums far higher than any of the current crop of supercars when it hits auctions thirty years from now

  (808) posted on 12.14.2010

agree they focused more on the performance rather than the Killer looks, oh well i guess this is another super car that will end up in auctions or sell up in ebay...

  (806) posted on 12.14.2010

Hot on the heels of modifying the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, tuning spe t Wheelsandmore have next focused their resources on developing a kit for modifying your Mercedes SLR McLaren.

  (506) posted on 12.12.2010

all made of carbon fiber is composed of a front spoiler, rear spoiler and rear spoiler. It continues with a more sculpted rocker panels and BRABUS air vents on the wings, and a set of forged wheels in size 9.5Jx20 on the front and rear 11Jx21

  (798) posted on 12.9.2010

they offer a number of different wheels in any size and color you like. And they all look good, specially with the coilover suspension, also including lift system, which drops the car at front and rear making it look cooler!

  (460) posted on 12.9.2010

nice, it looks classy and elegant inside and sporty and aggressive outside. that concept is great because a sports car with a touch of luxury is kinda unique.

  (69) posted on 12.9.2010

For sure not a car for tuning. You cannot make it more beautiful than it already is. The series model is just a beauty. Why paint it in more colors and add various stuff when the original is insanely cool!?

  (151) posted on 12.9.2010

Lovely piece of art! And the black & red combo is one of the coolest in a car. Splash it with a bit of yellow and you got the Ferrari success color combination.

  (111) posted on 12.9.2010

Today probably it’s the day when I release myself of the boredom and sickness of german cars and expensive cars. Who in the world in healthy mind would pay $200.000 on a car when 80% of the population of the world is poor!

If you have too much money DUDE, you should try to improve life of other people. you are already there! Now it’s time to think of others!

In the end probably any selfish act is an act against yourself in the long term.

  (73) posted on 12.9.2010

Don’t want to disappoint you but this car paintjob does not look that good. The color is great, but possibly due lightning the back looks blind and is getting me the feeling that in there they painted the car with a bucket of paint! SLS remains probably the coolest Mercedes ever!

  (433) posted on 12.8.2010

the German tuner, released a range of modifications for the Mercedes SLS AMG. This being WHEELSandmore, they offer a number of different wheels in any size and color you like. And they all look good, specially with the coilover suspension, also including lift system, which drops the car at front and rear making it look cooler!

  (702) posted on 12.8.2010

waht a lovely paint job specially the black racing stripes on it.and the wheels is kinda sexy for this baby. how about the suspension? are they tweek it also?

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