About a year ago, noted tuning firm, Hamann, took the task of tuning up a Mercedes SLS AMG. This was no small feat considering the car is probably one of the finest that Mercedes has come out with in recent times. The work done on Hamann’s first tuning package of the SLS AMG caught a lot of people’s attention, but if you really want a showstopping work by Hamann, their second go-around knocks the first one on its butt.

Called the "Hamann Hawk", Hamann’s latest upgrade of the SLS AMG is nothing short of stunning. The car looks a lot fresher yet is more aggressively detailed, looking the part of a golden thoroughbred from Stuttgart, Germany. Even better than that is the fact that there’s plenty of carbon fiber treatment given to the SLS AMG, and when you combine that with the eye-catching "Everose Gold" exterior finish, then the Hamann Hawk is poised to strike some serious attention at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

Love the work, Hamann!

Details on the Mercedes SLS AMG "Hamann Hawk" by Hamann after the jump.

  • 2011 Mercedes SLS AMG "Hamann Hawk" by Hamann
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    6.3-liter V8 engine
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    636 horsepower
  • Torque @ RPM:
    680 Nm of torque
  • 0-60 time:
    3.6 sec.
  • Top Speed:
    199 mph
  • car segment:

Exterior and Interior

2011 Mercedes SLS AMG "Hamann Hawk" by Hamann Exterior
- image 393995

Dressed in an Everose Gold exterior finish, the ‘Hawk’ SLS AMG has a number of new aerodynamic details, including a completely new front apron with bigger air inlets and a set of new LED headlights. The inlets were made bigger so as to provide easier access for fresh air to come into the engine. There’s also a new bonnet that’s made from carbon fiber, new and imposing wheel arches, side skirts, a checkered flag carbon rear wing similar to the material used on the bonnet, a new rear apron that houses the car’s diffuser and the quad tail-pipe exhaust system, and a set of single-part light-forged “Unique Forged Anodized 21” wheels that are fitted with 245/30 ZR 21 tires on the front and 345/25/ZR 1 tires at the back.

2011 Mercedes SLS AMG "Hamann Hawk" by Hamann Interior
- image 393999

As for the interior, Hamann’s ‘Hawk’ SLS AMG comes in a combination of leather and ultra-suede, which have been applied and embroidered on various sections of the car’s interior. Besides the posh leather and suede materials, Hamann also docked the interior with the same checkered flag carbon material found on the bonnet and the rear wing. Inside the SLS AMG, the carbon material is used on the air inlets, door-sill protectors, and the center console. Finally, the car’s pedals are made from black anodized aluminum with an equally new steering wheel finish that comes with plenty of added touches.


2011 Mercedes SLS AMG "Hamann Hawk" by Hamann Exterior
- image 393996

The standard SLS AMG comes with a 6.3-liter V8 engine with 571 horsepower and 650 Nm of torque and mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. Working on this powertrain, Hamann upgraded the supercar’s ECU, bumping up the output to 636 horsepower and a maximum torque of 680 Nm of torque. Other items that were critical to the performance modifications include new manifolds, a new titanium exhaust system, sports catalysts, and a sports air filter. All told, the ‘Hawk’ SLS AMG runs a 0-6- mph time of just 3.6 seconds with a top speed of 199 mph.


2011 Mercedes SLS AMG "Hamann Hawk" by Hamann Exterior
- image 393997

Hamann hasn’t released any pricing details on their latest project for the SLS AMG so if you want to scoop one up, you might need to give these folks a ring. Having said that, you can at least base the price on what the standard SLS AMG sells for - $183,000 – and go from there. Chances are, it’s going to b somewhere around north of $200,000.


2011 Mercedes SLS AMG "Hamann Hawk" by Hamann Exterior
- image 394035

It would seem pretty simple to just compare the Hamman Hawk SLS AMG to what Hamann did the previous year to a similar SLS AMG supercar. Unfortunately, that comparison doesn’t work because the work they did before is nothing compared to what they have in store for the Geneva Motor Show. If there’s a tuned-up SLS AMG that can hold its own against this golden gazelle, it’s the one created by Kicherer

Aesthetically speaking, the Hawk’s Everose Gold exterior finish looks stunning, especially the way it complements the carbon hood and the black set of wheels. On the flip side, the work done by Kircherer - a matte black finish - on the SLS AMG is nothing to sleep on either. It’s a tough choice to make, but we’re going to give the slight nod to Hamann for being a little more out-of-the-box with their body color of choice.

In term of performance, Hamann’s work on the SLS AMG’s ECU system nets it an output of 636 horsepower, compared to the work done by Kicherer to improve the Mercedes super car’s powertrain from 571 horsepower to 620 horsepower. That’s not a lot of difference between the two models, especially when you take into account that, at the end of the day, choosing between the two is actually irrelevant because both models are as desirable as any tuned-up SLS AMG seen since the car debuted back in 2009.

2011 Mercedes SLS AMG "Hamann Hawk" by Hamann Exterior
- image 394000
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  (453) posted on 03.7.2011

Well, the engine’s output alone is certainly going to make this baby worth its cost. And all the other features are certainly a great addition.

  (531) posted on 03.4.2011

The SLS AMG looks cool to me no matter what color it is. But I do agree that the card really does look more like a stand out with that color scheme. Add to that the increased performance.

  (647) posted on 03.3.2011

I really like the color on this one. It is kinda uncommon for us to see earth colors on a tuner car, since most folks want more flashy ones. Kinda makes it more fierce looking.

  (398) posted on 02.28.2011

is this the race ready version of SLS? And is this the car that will be used to run over the ceiling of the Tunnel on the MB commercial?

  (402) posted on 02.28.2011

It doesn’t look "evil". It’s too ugly that you cannot determine whether its good or no . It’s just a poorly designed car, much like most of the current Mercedes line of vehicles. The proportions of the gullwing are amateur leaving the only thing of any interest under its skin being the engine.

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