Aftermarket companies have waited a long time for the Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster. If for nothing else, they just couldn’t wait to get their hands on one to see what kind of tuning program they could make.

At least one tuning company will agree to this because we already have the first tuning program for the SLS Roadster courtesy of Kicherer.

In building the program for the supercar, Kicherer paid careful attention in not completely changing the overall essence of the car, although they did add a few carbon dress-ups to make it stand out as a Kicherer project. The most noticeable is the hand-made GT front grille, but many other fancy parts got added, including a new front spoiler, new side skirts, aerodynamic fins that were added onto the bonnet and on the wings, and a set of three-part, double-spoke 20" RS-1 lightweight wheels.

Kicherer also installed a new coilover "Front Up" suspension system that improves the car’s handling and a stainless steel exhaust with four oval end pipes with an integrated valve control, giving the driver free reign to choose the kind of exhaust tone he prefers.

Without leaving anything behind, Kicherer also took the time to tweak the SLS AMG Roadster’s powertrain with their own sports air filter, taking the Merc supercar’s 6.3-liter V8 engine and increasing its output from the standard 571 horsepower all the way to 630 horsepower. If that isn’t powerful enough, Kicherer is also offering a second performance tweak that includes an exhaust manifold system and a sports catalysor, further bumping up the output to 650 horsepower.

Take all these improvements in and you have a supercar that can accelerate from 0-62 mph in 3.5 seconds with a new top speed of 199 mph. Fantastic.

  • 2011 Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster by Kicherer
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    V8 engine
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Displacement:
    6300 L
  • Top Speed:
    199 mph
  • 0-100 time:
    3.5 sec.
  • car segment:


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  (728) posted on 12.18.2011

It looks very elegant on its aesthetic design and good thing that they lessen the air intake on its body. smiley Anyway, it’s is great that they maintain it to have an awesome engine specification.

  (613) posted on 12.15.2011

I like this Mercedes car for it has a very neat and hygienic body paint, which only adds more beauty on it. Well, I would truly want to see this car in live performance or in video.

  (410) posted on 12.15.2011

It looks so perfect with its body paint, front grill and with its exhaust system! smiley It’s a good thing as well that it has a very efficient engine which could truly give a nice and awesome speed on it.

  (347) posted on 12.13.2011

I’m so impressed with the aggressiveness of this roadster! smiley Well, Mercedes really never disappoint me in this kind of vehicle! Moreover, I’m glad that it still has an impressive engine.

  (397) posted on 12.11.2011

I love the angst of this roadster! smiley Well, I have to agree either that it already looks very cool and attractive on its body paint even on its aesthetic design. However, I wonder if what its interior will look like?

  (517) posted on 12.2.2011

Its engine is really so great for a roadster like this, and I could also use it on a race because on its speed performance. Anyway, I love the simplicity of it. It looks very appealing on that.

  (579) posted on 12.1.2011

It looks more so impressive than with the aggressive version of this roadster! smiley Well, simplicity is really a beauty, and this vehicle can truly prove that. Anyway, I’m glad that it also has an impressive engine.

  (619) posted on 10.24.2011

Just like them, I am also so fond with the decency and hygienic looks of this one and even on its powerful and cool engine performance. I wonder if it is already on the market?

  (570) posted on 10.14.2011

Yeah! I have to agree that the decency of this Mercedes convertible car is really so attractive, and I’m impressed with the decency of this one even the engine performance is quite good enough for it.

  (570) posted on 09.28.2011

This car really good for investment, I been waited for this model car. Everything here are completely astonishing. Very eye catching roadster car. Very improved and appealing too.

  (474) posted on 09.28.2011

I must say that Mercedes and Porsche would be a good competitor on each other, well there really had an angst and very sophisticated that the dealer would always love. Anyway, this Mercedes SLS AMG is very irresistible on its decent appearance.

  (798) posted on 09.27.2011

This mercedes car is one of the best car ever. The style of this car is really great and the style of the rims of this car looks good. The edge of the bumper is great and the head lights are also great.

  (532) posted on 09.23.2011

SLS AMG roadster is my bet car in brand of Mercedes. However, I don’t like color white for this car. I think red or black is the best for this car. I want to see color red and black of this car.

  (528) posted on 09.22.2011

Though the platform and the style that this SLS AMG Roadster had is looks so ordinary, I’m still impressed with its decent appearance and the engine of it is quite powerful and dangerous for a convertible car.

  (382) posted on 09.21.2011

Mercedes never really want to left behind the other car manufacturers, the beauty of this car is you can use it as a sports car while having a turbo engine in one

  (488) posted on 09.21.2011

2011 Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster has great features, adding their convertible make this car look so amazing. I love the white color of these cars which reflects of being clean and strong.

  (553) posted on 09.20.2011

Really impressive car. I like the style of the car without a roof like this. Because the roof of this car is leather and if raining on the sounds of rain hear inside the car.

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