Station wagons will never be as sexy as coupes, but that doesn’t mean that the former can’t carry an extra slice of attitude. This is especially true since we’re talking about a car like the Mercedes C63 AMG Estate and a tuner like Wimmer RS.

The German sports wagon was given an impressive program by the German tuner, highlighted by a mighty impressive performance modification that you wouldn’t normally get on a sports wagon. In tuning the C63 AMG Estate, Wimmer made some modifications on the car’s cylinder heads and the throttle body. On top of that, Wimmer also added a pair of new sport cam shafts, optimized the air filter and intake manifolds, tweaked the stainless steel exhaust system with HJS high-flow sport catalysts, and reprogrammed the ECU unit. With all these improvements in tow, the German tuner managed to increase the C63 AMG Wagon’s output from 457 horsepower all the way to 615 horsepower.

While the highlight of the package is undoubtedly the engine program, it’s also worth pointing out that Wimmer dressed up the C63 AMG Estate in their standard outlandish garb, which in this case they’re calling an "Electric Yellow" wrap. Rounding out the program, of course, are a new set of 19" BBS CH Black Edition alloy wheels, H&R spacers, and a new KW Clubsport coilover suspension kit.


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  (378) posted on 08.5.2012

Ah, the visualization keeps changing! It doesn’t matter to me anyway. I’m sure that it will be greatly innovative on its style. I mean. For now, I’m loving the details they stated on its performance.

  (257) posted on 08.3.2012

I suggest when you improve this car, add some parts or some color on it. And focus also on the exterior design.

  (613) posted on 08.1.2012

With its mighty impressive performance modification, you wouldn’t have it normally on a sports wagon.

  (347) posted on 08.1.2012

This wagon can capture all hearts of men with its lovely and super sporty exterior. They have just focused on its appearance.

  (365) posted on 07.31.2012

It can be one of the fanciest wagons on Earth. Wimmer gave it a different definition.

  (247) posted on 07.30.2012

This Mercedes-Benz by Wimmer is not really good. It’s just ordinary outer design, which is one of the components of buying cars. Even though it’s exterior design is not that good, I think they make the engine more powerful.

  (372) posted on 07.29.2012

I’m also delighted in the Shooting Brake more than this Wimmer.

  (600) posted on 07.26.2012

Shooting Brake is another topic and this AMG by Wimmer, and this newly designed C63 AMG shows its future reigning as one of the most beautiful wagons.

  (314) posted on 07.26.2012

Since the station wagon is exactly gorgeous on its yellow exterior paint, it became popular just like the Shooting Brake.

  (453) posted on 07.24.2012

It’s new coil over suspension kit might be its strength along with its gorgeous interior.

  (683) posted on 07.23.2012

You can be contended with the ponies it has than the ordinary station wagon.

  (517) posted on 07.20.2012

It’s better than the Shooting Brake because it looks sporty and alive.

  (831) posted on 07.19.2012

This car is simple, but elegant because of some parts of the car. However, if you improve this car much better and added some designs, it could be pleasing and more presentable.

  (600) posted on 07.18.2012

Winmer just proved once again that this station wagon can still gain strength to become powerful like sedans and SUV. Its former output was on 457HP, but with their magic, it increases 158HP for a new horsepower of 615.

  (596) posted on 07.17.2012

Well, this station wagon impressed me a lot. Its appearance is great and added parts makes it more sportier than its former state.

  (683) posted on 07.16.2012

I’m delighted with the new C63 AMG. It’s better than the Shooting Brake. I simply love it.

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