The Black Series program created by Mercedes is very well-known on standout models like the SLS AMG and the C63 AMG, but Prior Design is giving the second string of Mercedes models a little attention as well. The German tuner has opted to provide the CL-Class C216 with a Black Series dress-up of their own making.

The new program is called the CL C216 Black Edition and includes a very impressive aerodynamic package that will make the car look more muscular. The body kit includes new front mud wings, widened rear body and side skirts, and a decent roof scoop in addition to new front and rear bumpers. The model was also equipped with a new set of 20" light alloy rims. If the customer opts for the available gorgeous black exterior paint finish, then they will definitely get the perfect sports car.

The package was inspired by the previous SL R230 Black Edition by Prior Design that ended up being quite a hit among their customers.


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  (517) posted on 03.5.2012

Black is beautiful. I believe this will look stunningly gorgeous running on its full speed courtesy of its superior features.

  (378) posted on 03.1.2012

I think this car will bring tragedy and miserable life. If you’ll ask me, this CL is unstoppable and very tempting. Its capacity on maximum speed is one of the greatest temptations in life. Even the simplest person which given the chance to drive this, will be interested and curious about its speed that eventually leads to an accident.

  (473) posted on 02.29.2012

Maybe the new color of luxury is black. Mercedes introduced it wearing black paint. The elegance and glamorous appearance never fade with this Black Edition. 

  (473) posted on 02.29.2012

Black is good, especially on Mercedes. This is proven many times, and I have to admit that luxury is not always in white or cream tones. It’s with the company and the logo. smiley

  (594) posted on 02.28.2012

You’ll love it too. This black edition is merely one-of-a-kind luxury cars by Mercedes and with the masculine looks that this Black Edition bear, absolutely a lot of car enthusiasts will be longing to have this like me. 

  (3) posted on 02.27.2012

I believe Prior Design has accomplished something astounding here. At first glance I mistakenly took the CL C216 as the SL Amg Black. I’ve never liked the way the CL looked in the first place, especially the coupe however the Black Edition for this CL is very striking and muscular. I wonder however, how I would drive this CL Black down any public road in, Michigan for instance.

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