The guys over MEC Design already used us with some very impressive tuning packages for most of the recently announced Mercedes models. And of course that the new 2013 Mercedes SL550 could have been no exception. Their package is currently updating just the look of the car, but the German tuner has promised that an engine update will follow shortly.

Launched back in April, the new generation Mercedes SL-Class has made quite a sensation. But MEC Design managed to make it look even more impressive. For this the tuners has added AMG-inspired front and rear bumpers, plus a new four-tailpipe exhaust system. This one can be ordered in two different sound types: "Daytona" and "Earthquake," depending of course on the customer’s wishes.

The last piece of the tuning package is an electric lowering module which can be used to reduce the car’s height by up to 55mm). A new set of 20-inch "MecxtremeI" wheels with a satin finish completes the picture.


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  (484) posted on 09.16.2012

MEC design is really good. Not only it can make a car look cool but also classy. MEC should do more design for the Mercedes!.

  (410) posted on 09.13.2012

Right and not only the wheels, but also the exterior upgrades it has received. Good thing they made the right choice for SL.

  (287) posted on 09.12.2012

New set of wheels by MEC makes this SL-Class more adorable.

  (384) posted on 09.11.2012

Those are the beauty produced by the MEC. Just like what they inherit from Audi, the LED lights came into operational with the S-class.

  (762) posted on 09.10.2012

They made it more impressive into other Mercedes and that’s what I like about the SL-Class.

  (460) posted on 09.6.2012

SL-Class can be ordered in two different sound types such as Daytona and Earthquake, depending on the customers.

  (666) posted on 09.6.2012

It’s exterior s new front and rear lights with LED technology—new front running lights. I like the the first model.

  (306) posted on 09.5.2012

It’s last piece of the package has an electric lowering module that can be used to decrease the car’s height. They has a new set of wheels measuring 20-inch "MecxtremeI" with a satin finish.

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