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Having a Mercedes puts owners in a fairly elite group, but having a Mercedes G63 AMG 6X6 puts owners in a group so elite they might as well have their own island. However, for those Mercedes 6X6 owners who feel the island might be too crowded, vehicle tuner Mansory has a solution.

Starting with a “stock” G63 AMG 6X6, the company goes to work customizing the exterior, interior, and adding gobs of power under the hood. Starting on the outside, the front grille gets the usual Mansory touch, with the large M badge. Upgraded headlights help light the way while a full carbon-fiber hood covers the engine.

Speaking of which, Mansory takes the 5.5-liter, twin-turbo V-8 down to the bare block, rebuilding it with race-ready components such as new pistons, connecting rods, the crankshaft, and cylinder heads. The mechanical transformation takes the AMG engine from 536 horsepower to a mind-blowing 829 horsepower and 738 pound-feet of torque. Then again, the G63 6X6 is a lot of truck to move.

The upgrades continue with new side vents for the engine bay and new front and rear air deflectors made from composite materials. Inside, the cabin is dressed to impress with even more carbon-fiber bits, custom leather seating, and upgraded Alcantara and wood accents.

Needless to say, the dolled-up Mansory G63 6X6 will cost quite a bit more than the standard truck’s asking price of roughly $600,000. With all the performance add-ons and visual upgrades, we wouldn’t be surprised to see another $150,000 tacked onto that price.

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Mercedes AMG G63 6x6

2014 Mercedes AMG G63 6x6 By Mansory Exterior
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The Mercedes-Benz AMG G63 6X6 is one manly beast. It combines the iconic G-Wagen SUV with the earth-moving abilities of a three-axled, twin-turbo-powered truck with ground clearance for days. Is it practical? No, but so what. The 6X6 is designed for those looking to have the biggest toy on the block while having the ability to traverse the unfriendliness terrain.

Power comes from a 5.5-liter V-8 with two turbos making 536 horsepower and 561 pound-feet of torque. That force is sent through a seven-speed automatic transmission to all three portal axles. Each center differential is lockable so a constant flow of power is sent to all six wheels regardless of terrain.

Inside the G63 6X6 is basically the same interior found within the standard G-Wagen SUV, but with some added levels of luxury. The starting price begins around $600,000 and is currently on sale around the world.

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In 2013, Mercedes Benz surprised the whole off-road scene with the AMG G63 6x6. At the product presentation, an off-road vehicle with these dimensions and a purchase price of Euro 379,000 nett seemed almost unsaleable. However, its success showed that the Stuttgart car company had got it right: In particular, oligarchs, oil sheiks and wealthy Chinese order the G special model offered by AMG in order to expand their fleet of exclusive vehicles. Even in the case of the 6x6, this elite clientele demand extensive customization and have their extreme off-road vehicles upgraded according to their personal taste.

2014 Mercedes AMG G63 6x6 By Mansory Exterior
- image 552612

The specialist for this is the company MANSORY Design & Holding GmbH, located in Bavaria. MANSORY uses its own range of upgrade products for the G63/G65 and supplements this with exclusive new developments. In addition to the body parts made of visible carbon and extensive interior modifications, MANSORY also offers a generous increase in power output up to 840 PS. To this end, MANSORY has completely reworked the AMG 8 cylinder twin turbo and installed genuine racing components. The pistons, connecting rods, big end bearings, crankshaft, cylinder head and many other parts now meet the high requirements of the company founder, Kourosh Mansory. Together with the newly designed exhaust system, from the manifold to the stainless steel double end pipes, outstanding performance data is achieved. Instead of 544 PS (400 kW), the MANSORY modified version achieves an
impressive 840 PS (618 kW), while the maximum torque rises to an electronically limited 1,000 Newton metres.

However, it is not just the engine performance which gets a significant upgrade. The optics of the 6x6 also receive a distinctive revision by MANSORY: New main headlights are the centrepiece of the new MANSORY light elements design. In combination with the new grille and bonnet, the front end is given a typical MANSORY look. Only the finest visible carbon, baked in the in-house autoclaves, is used and supplements the series-produced components made of carbon fibre: MANSORY also manufactures the mirror housings, the engine side ventilators, rear skirt as well as the air guide elements of the front skirt out of ultra light composite material.

MANSORY can also additionally upgrade the interior as well with carbon parts. In cooperation with the design department, our in house upholstery shop has implemented a carbon design with contrasting elements, which transfers the concept of the exterior to the interior of the vehicle. Once more, the team has shown that MANSORY only uses the best, perfect leather, the highest quality Alcantra, flawless fine woods and of course only perfectly produced carbon.

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