North American sales of the next-generation Mercedes-Benz C-Class haven’t even started yet, but it’s been on sale in Europe since March, which means that even though we just saw it for the first time at the North American International Auto Show at the beginning of this year, tuners are already beginning to get to work. Carlsson, the noted tuner of everything Mercedes-Benz and smart has no intention of being left out, and it’s just released its own interpretation of the C-Class.

Engine tuning is in the works and is sure to add a good bit of extra punch to the stock engines, but for now, we’ll have to make do with a host of visual, aerodynamic, suspension, exhaust, and wheel options. Also known for its interior work, Carlsson offers its full host of tailoring options in the C-Class, allowing buyers to customize nearly every surface with everything from upgraded leather to carbon-fiber and wood inserts.

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    7 sec. (Est.)
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Mercedes C-Class By Carlsson in detail

2014 Mercedes C-Class By Carlsson High Resolution Exterior
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Carlsson’s motto is, "The best in a different way," and its take on the C-Class is certainly different. They’ve gone about changing the front fascia by removing the stock grille and adding their own, a chrome, horizontal bar grille that features a large, very prominent Carlsson logo at the center. Further changes are made to the front bumper as well, including redesigned, larger air intakes with borders that are painted the same contrasting color as the front spoiler. The front spoiler can also be ordered in carbon fiber, if the buyer so desires. Completing the new look up front are contoured headlamps that add a more aggressive look to the C-Class.

2014 Mercedes C-Class By Carlsson High Resolution Exterior
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You also get fake air intakes on the side sills that Carlsson claims visually tie the changes on the front bumper to the changes on the rear bumper. Out back, you get a two-piece rear apron with a diffuser insert that the tuner can paint two-tone if that’s what you really want. The tailpipes also get stylized "surrounds" to give them a more integrated look, and there’s a trunklid spoiler. Carlsson claims that all of its aerodynamic components are manufactured to OEM standards of fit and quality, and the front bumper doesn’t require any modification of the original attachment points.

2014 Mercedes C-Class By Carlsson High Resolution Exterior
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A tuned suspension is also available, lowering the car 30 mm (1.2 inches). The springs have been uprated, but Carlsson retains the stock dampers, which should improve handling. For drivers looking to take their C-Class to the track, a more advanced and presumably more expensive coilover kit is still in development. A variety of different wheels are offered as well in 18-inch, 19-inch, or 20-inch varieties.

2014 Mercedes C-Class By Carlsson Interior
- image 556686
2014 Mercedes C-Class By Carlsson Interior
- image 556687
2014 Mercedes C-Class By Carlsson Interior
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With all that money spent on the rest of the vehicle, it would be a shame to retain a stock interior, and Carlsson will just as gladly help you out there. Buyers can order leather in a variety of types and colors, and you can trade out stock inserts for wood or carbon fiber. If you’re the type who has a family crest or personal logo, adding either is simply a matter of asking nicely. To finish out the interior, Carlsson offers a set of velour floor mats with its logo on them, door sill scuffs with its logo featured, and an aluminum pedal set.

Mercedes C-Class

2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class High Resolution Exterior
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2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class High Resolution Exterior
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2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class High Resolution Exterior
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Introduced in 1993, the C-Class is Mercedes-Benz’s compact sports sedan. Currently in its fourth generation and designated the W205, the C-Class is on sale in Europe but won’t be for sale in the United States until September. Styling has clearly been heavily influenced by the top-of-the-line S-Class, and while that can sometimes lead to awkwardly designed vehicles, the execution here is very good. It might not be more attractive than the 3 Series, but it’s definitely a very attractive sedan.

Extensive use of aluminum has led to several hundred pounds of weight savings, as well as a chassis that Mercedes claims is stiffer than every other vehicle in its class. The entry-level model will be the C300 with a turbocharged four-cylinder making an estimated 241 horsepower and 272 pound-feet of torque, while the C400 will be available with a V-6 that makes 329 horsepower and 354 pound-feet of torque. Both models will launch with 4MATIC all-wheel drive, but a rear-wheel-drive option is expected to come soon. A hybrid and diesel option should eventually be available as well.

Pricing for the C300 is expected to start at $30,425.

Press Release

Sporty, elegant and aesthetically pleasing, the new C-Class Saloon (W205) is a paradigm of the organic design language that characterises the current Mercedes-Benz range.

2014 Mercedes C-Class By Carlsson High Resolution Exterior
- image 556688

Carlsson, the premium Mercedes-Benz and smart tuner, proudly presents their interpretation of the new C-Class saloon. In addition to aerodynamic components, suspension upgrades, and a range of alloy wheels, numerous interior refinement options are on offer, and a comprehensive tuning programme for all engine variants is in the works.

Distinctively contoured headlamps and large air intakes give the new C-Class a strong and distinctive face. The Carlsson aerodynamic styling kit picks up on the salient features of this fresh design, creating a more sporting look without disrupting the serene lines of the vehicle.

The two air intakes flanking the larger central one in the new front bumper are framed by borders painted in the same contrasting colour as the Carlsson RS front spoiler lip. The RS spoiler lip is optionally available in carbon-fibre.

The new face of the C-Class is set off with the more sporting Carlsson grille, which features a single chrome horizontal bar and matching Carlsson logo in place of the standard two bars and three-pointed star. The Carlsson front grille and the lower intakes can also be ordered with an electro-polished stainless steel mesh background.

2014 Mercedes C-Class By Carlsson High Resolution Exterior
- image 556689

More imitation air intakes applied to the side sill panels visually link the Carlsson modifications for the front and rear bumpers. The latter features a two-piece RS rear apron with diffuser insert that can be painted two-tone on request.

A highlight of the revised rear end is the stylised chrome tailpipe surrounds integrated into the rear valance that pick up the design theme started by the front bumper intake frames. The Carlsson bootlid spoiler is unusual in that while its main body lies flush with the bootlid, the edges cantilever over the rear light assemblies.

All aerodynamic components are manufactured from PU-RIM to OE standards of quality and fit. The front bumper uses the original attachment points, and the rear wing is suitable for use with all the factory and Carlsson styling packages. The sill panels and rear apron components are not suitable for cars equipped with the AMG-Line aero package, but Carlsson has compatible parts under development.

2014 Mercedes C-Class By Carlsson Exterior
- image 556690

The uprated suspension options start with the classic solution of 30mm lower uprated sport springs calibrated to work with the standard dampers. Apart from giving the car a more purposeful stance, this basic set-up improves the cars cornering agility.

More hard-core drivers, especially those who might do trackdays, will appreciate the ride height, bounce and rebound adjustability offered by the more sophisticated coil-over suspension kit currently under development.

Carlsson’s motto is "The best in a different way!" And true to this way of thinking the alloy wheels for new C-Class stand out for their elegant and sporting design and finish.

The Carlsson 1/10 wheel is available in both Brilliant and Titanium Editions in 18, 19 and 20-inch diameter, while the 1/10 Graphite Edition can be ordered in 19 and 20 inch sizes. The alternative 1/16 RS design comes in Diamond and Titanium Editions, with 18, 19 and 20-inch sizes.

The bespoke element of the Carlsson C-Class tuning programme is most strongly manifest with the interior trim options. Here, as with haute couture tailoring, individuality is the watchword, with the only limit being the client’s imagination.

2014 Mercedes C-Class By Carlsson High Resolution Exterior
- image 556691

Carlsson’s in-house saddler specialises in exclusive interiors individually created by traditional craftsmen steeped in years of experience. The Carlsson Signature Line offers a plethora of leather types and colours, and you can even have your family crest or personal logo engraved or printed in the leather or in the bespoke wood or carbon-fibre trim inserts.

Door entry sill scuff plates featuring an illuminated Carlsson logo, aluminium door-lock pins, and alloy pedal set are normal finishing touches on every Carlsson car.

So is the four-piece floor mat set made from high-quality velour, with the Carlsson logo embroidered on the front pair. More exclusive is a special set of mats with an illuminated white Carlsson logo.

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