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Mercedes has released details on new body accessories for the 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and they look to add C63-style visual flair to the 2016 Mercedes-Benz C450 AMG Sport 4MATIC and AMG Line models with six new exterior parts. The visual garnish will be sold on the German market, and there are currently no details on availability outside Germany.

AMG is Mercedes’ racing tuning division, so the new pieces appropriately add a good deal of performance intent to the already sporty luxury four-door. The new kit was created specifically for those looking for a model that looks quicker than the regular C-Class, but is still a bit tamer to drive than the big-power 2015 Mercedes-AMG C63. A poser, basically.

Essentially, these accessories are AMG’s answer to BMW’s M Performance line and Audi’s S line.

The parts only affect the way the C-Class looks, leaving good enough alone in the cabin space and drivetrain. But the real question is – does it work?

Continue reading to learn more about the Mercedes C-Class With AMG Accessories.

  • 2015 Mercedes C-Class With AMG Accessories
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  • 0-60 time:
    6 sec. (Est.)
  • Top Speed:
    155 mph (Est.)
  • Price:
    47500 (Est.)
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2015 Mercedes C-Class With AMG Accessories High Resolution Exterior
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In its most basic form, the C-Class is a solid mix of sportiness and refinement. Up front is a prominent three-pointed-star badge set in a large central grille, below which smaller air intakes are stylized to appear aggressive. The long hood line angles steeply into the windshield, while the flanks show two creases, one high and one low, that lead the eyes toward the front fender. The roofline falls into the short rear end gradually, insinuating

like proportions. The view from the back is high and taut, with rounded lines that make the overhang appear short. Large wheels fill the fender wells.

It’s a look that suggests sporting intent without shouting it. It’s exciting, but comfortable as a four-door package without going full-on luxury barge like larger Mercedes models.

It’s a look that suggests sporting intent without shouting it. It’s exciting, but comfortable as a four-door package without going full-on luxury barge like larger Mercedes models. It appears to strike a balance between performance and ease, offering the best of both worlds.

Equipped with AMG accessories, this look is clearly shoved off the fence and into the land of the checkered flag. Starting things off is the black AMG front splitter, which strengthens the car’s already sharp chin. Moving to the sides, we see sill-extenders that seem the underline the profile like smeared anti-glare grease under the eyes of a football player. There is also an AMG tear-off edge, plus additional AMG rear flics in the corners of the rear bumper. The backside is finished with an AMG rear apron with a diffuser-type look framing the twin polished exhaust tips.

If you really want to go full starting grid, you can also add a wedge-shaped AMG sport strip decal that starts at the headlights and runs down the sides below the door handles.

Each part is created using thermoforming technology (basically high-end plastic production) and finished in high-gloss black. The finish means no further painting is required, and the parts were designed for quick and easy installation.


While the AMG accessories are relegated to just the exterior of the car, the interior of the C-Class is still nicely appointed with a mix of sportiness and luxury. The seats are highly bolstered, but come covered in a mix of Artico man-made leather and an Alcantara-like microfiber called Dinamica. The stitching is in an offset red coloring. The three-spoke steering wheel has a flat bottom and gets wrapped in Nappa leather. A color display sits high on the center dash.

It’s a lot of what you’d get on the over-the-top C63, but in a mid-tier package that hasn’t crossed fully into the realm of four-door axe murderer.


2015 Mercedes C-Class With AMG Accessories Exterior
- image 637719

The drivetrain is also untouched with this package. Under the hood of the C450 AMG 4MATIC is a 3.0-liter V-6 powerplant with two turbochargers that pumps out a total of 367 horsepower and 384 pound-feet of torque. Channeling the power is a seven-speed automatic transmission equipped with multiple drive settings. A permanent AWD system comes standard, with up to 67 percent of torque sent to the rear wheels. Properly motivated, the car can hit 60 mph in just under 5 seconds, while top speed is limited to 155 mph.

Meanwhile, the AMG Line models take the standard C-Class and throws on a new bodykit and larger wheels, allowing it to properly show off the featured AMG accessories.


2015 Mercedes C-Class With AMG Accessories Exterior
- image 637716

The AMG accessories are priced individually, allowing customers to pick and choose which parts to install: the front splitter is 560 euros ($613), the side-sill extensions are 790 euros ($865), the tear-off edge is 350 euros ($383), the rear apron trim is 560 euros ($613), the additional rear flics are 220 euros ($241), and the sport strip decal is 200 euros ($219). Get the whole shebang and you’re looking at a 2,680-euro ($2,934) body kit.

Interested buyers can check with local dealers to get theirs. Thanks to the components’ simple design, Mercedes says certified dealers need only 90 minutes to install the front splitter, rear apron trim, side sills and rear flics.

Mercedes also says a corresponding offer will be available for the C-Class station wagon and coupe by the end of the year, with additional offers scheduled for more body styles following in 2016. You can check out all the new AMG accessories on a touch screen monitor at the Mercedes booth at the upcoming International Motor Show in Frankfurt (September 15th through 27th).


2016 BMW 340i M Performance

2016 BMW 3 Series High Resolution Exterior
- image 629346

The 340i M Performance sedan is expected to bring features that make it stand out from the entry-level 3 Series model, while not quite reaching the same heights as Bimmer’s fastest four-door, the 2016 BMW M3. To help it look the role of slotting between those two models, the 340i M Performance should come with 18-inch wheels as standard, plus a lowered stance and a more aggressive body kit. M badges will undoubtedly get placed on every surface, such as in the interior where the steering wheel, shift knob and floor mats will all get go-faster branding. A bit more power under the hood should see this BMW hit output similar to the C450 AMG 4MATIC.

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2014 Audi S4

2014 Audi S4 Exterior
- image 512408

When it comes to premium German performance sedans, Audi rounds out the big three with its S4. Under the hood is a supercharged V-6 that makes 333 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque. Routed through a seven-speed automatic (a six-speed manual is standard) and Audi’s quattro permanent AWD system, a sprint to 60 takes only 4.5 seconds. The upcoming model is expected to see even more power. Inside you’ll find all the amenities as the Merc and the Bimmer, plus enough options to spec it out to ultra-high levels if desired. Next to the Mercedes and BMW, the Audi is a bit more subdued, but put your foot down and it’ll have no trouble keeping pace.

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2015 Mercedes C-Class With AMG Accessories High Resolution Exterior
- image 637718

I know what Mercedes is doing here. Throw on a few plastic body kit trimmings, brand it with the company’s tuning division, and call it day. It’s worked before, so why wouldn’t it work again?

I can’t help but condemn this as yet another “all-show, no-go” poser package.

So many reasons. But the worst problem I have with these accessories is that they just don’t look very good. The parts make the C-Class look tacky, like an eBay special without the discount eBay price. The worst offenders are the side-sill extensions and that garish decal running down the flanks. In my opinion, the car looks much better in stock form, without the glue-on performance knick-knacks.

I could overlook these problems if there was a little something to back up the look. Maybe a new exhaust, sportier springs, stickier tires – hell, even better brake pads would go toward justifying what this kit does to the C-Class’ exterior. As is, I can’t help but condemn this as yet another “all-show, no-go” poser package.

Not that Mercedes is the only make that does this kind of thing. BMW is also guilty, known for throwing copious M badges on the open sheet metal of any model that might see full throttle once or twice in its lifetime.

The result is a watered-down perception of what letters like AMG and M actually mean, because in the end, these models are about looking fast, rather than actually going fast. But if looking “racy” is enough to prompt you to drop an extra $3K for your C-Class, then by all means – I’m sure you won’t be alone.

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Press Release

Mercedes-AMG is presenting new AMG accessories: with exclusive attachments and sporty side stripes, the dynamic look of the C 450 4MATIC AMG and the AMG Line models will be further increased. For the C-Class sedan, the exclusive AMG accessories are now available at all retailers. At years end, the corresponding offer will also be available for the C-Class station wagon. An additional program for further body versions and other series follows in 2016.

2015 Mercedes C-Class With AMG Accessories Exterior
- image 637715

Mercedes-AMG, the sports car and high-performance brand of Mercedes-Benz, stands for excellent driving dynamics and high emotional appeal. With the new AMG accessories, more sporting ambitions and personal appearance can now be added in the Aftermarket. The range currently includes five exterior add-on parts in a striking AMG design for the C 450 4MATIC AMG sedan and the AMG Line models. There are also sporting side strips, which are attached as foiling below the dropping line of the vehicle. All components are perfectly matched and available from the Mercedes-Benz dealers.

Here is a list of the individual parts:

AMG Front splitter: 560 € 1
AMG Side-sill extensions: 790 € 1,2
AMG Tear-off edge: 350 € 1, 3
AMG Rear apron trim with diffuser-look: 560 € 1
AMG Additional rear flics: 220 € 1,2
AMG Sport strip: 200 € 1, 2

2015 Mercedes C-Class With AMG Accessories Exterior
- image 637716

The add-on parts produced by thermoforming technology are supplied in high-gloss black - ideal for a sporty look. The high-quality surface finish eliminates painting, which means the attachments are mountable without any further effort - great emphasis was placed on simple handling and short installation times during the development of these unique AMG accessories. Only 1 ½ hours are required of the Mercedes-Benz dealers, for example, to assemble the four components AMG front splitter, AMG rear apron trim, AMG side sill set and AMG Additional rear flics.
Since a new solution comes into play as an excerpt from the EC type-approval, starting in 2016 the AMG accessories must not be registered in the vehicle documents. The Mercedes-Benz workshop only has to fill in the corresponding confirmation and deliver it to the customer.

The AMG accessories will be expanded successively: from the end of 2015 an offer for other body versions of the C-Class and other series is planned. At the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt (September 15 to 27) one can experience the new AMG accessories interactively on a touch screen monitor.

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