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After a series of leaked images published online, Mercedes has decided to finally take the wrap off their new flagship luxury coupe. While the official launch is still almost a month away at the Geneva Motor Show we sure aren’t complaining the early showcase.

The new model which will replace the CL at the top shelf of the German automaker’s shelf to streamline the manufacturer’s product range will be the first S-Class Coupé in almost 15 years with the last one belonging to the W140 series produced back in the 90s.

Based on the S-Class Coupé Concept which was showcased last year in IAA, Frankfurt, the production version retains the sensual design of the concept. Expected to reach dealerships in the second half of this year, the new car will showcase the best design, technology and luxury features the German marquee has to offer.

Updated 12/09/2015: Mercedes added a new entry level model to its S-Class Coupe lineup. The new S400 4MATIC Coupe is powered by a new V-6 engine and start from under ‎€100,000 in Europe.

But will that be enough to fend off the competition? Read our full analysis to find out.

  • 2015 Mercedes S-Class Coupe
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    4.7 L
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    4.6 sec. (Est.)
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    155 mph (Est.)
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Rendering Vs. Reality

2015 Mercedes S-Class Coupe Exterior
- image 541806


2015 Mercedes S-Class Coupe High Resolution Exterior
- image 541732
"To put the S-Class Coupe in one word: "gorgeous."

To put the S-Class Coupe in one word: "gorgeous." There have been numerous occasions where we have seen manufacturers showcase gorgeous concepts, which would cause most gearheads to fantasize about it, only to be followed by a super-toned-down version that looks as boring as James May.

Thankfully we are seeing a shift here, as new cars look more and more as the original concepts. The gorgeous BMW i8 was one of the first and we are happy to say the new Merc too follows the same trend.

With only slight restrains in the front, most of the elements of the original concept’s design are intact.The low greenhouse and absence of B-pillars along with the swooping beltline sure do add to the futuristic feel of the car. The large wheels along with the broad shoulders add a muscular, although slightly bulky look.

2015 Mercedes S-Class Coupe High Resolution Exterior
- image 541729

The headlamps are filled with LEDs — a feature initially seen in the S-Class — with an option to add 47 Swarovski crystals in case the exclusivity of the standard LEDs just don’t cut it for you. On the top, the panoramic glass roof covers nearly two-thirds of the total roof area with the Magic Sky Control option offering varying levels of transparency.

2015 Mercedes S-Class Coupe - Exterior Dimensions:

Wheelbase 115.9 in.
Length 197.9 in.
Width 74.7 in.
Height 55.5 in.


2015 Mercedes S-Class Coupe High Resolution Interior
- image 541731

This being an S-Class the material quality and finish isn’t something you should be worried if you plan on buying one. So the only question is whether it’s interesting enough?

The new car features a two sections with the top wrap-around dashboard and lower floating section contrasting each other. The unique positioning of the front passenger side airbag along with the twin section dash allows a new ultra-wide display to be placed in a hovering position in the dashboard.

So the interior certainly is in no way boring, but it is one of the areas where we feel it would have been better if Mercedes adapted a bit more from the original concept. We don’t care if the interior of the concept was impractical, we just want it. For the same reason why most of us would go for an F-Type rather than a Range Rover Sport.


2015 Mercedes S-Class Coupe High Resolution Drivetrain
- image 541730

In the U.S., the S-Class Coupé is powered by a 4.7-liter V-8 biturbo. In the S550 Coupe, the only non-AMG version at launch, it produces 449 horsepower.

That number may not seem like a lot, considering some sports car these days put out over 600 horses to the ground, but this is a luxury coupé, which means what really matters is the torque. As an old teacher of mine once explained to me: "horsepower is how hard you hit a wall, but torque is how far you take the wall with you." The S-Class Coupé, ladies and gentlemen, has 516 pound-feet of torque. Trust us when we say that it’s enough to move mountains.

With that much torque at its disposal, the S-Class Coupe needs only 4.5 seconds to hit 60 mph from a standing start. As usual, top speed is electronically limited at 155 mph.

For 2016, Mercedes-Benz launched a new entry-level model powered by a V-6 mill.

Those looking for more oomph can choose between the S63 and S65 AMG models. The former features a 5.5-liter V-8 rated at 577 horsepower, while the latter uses a 6.0-liter V-12 that cranks out 621 ponies.

For 2016, Mercedes-Benz launched a new entry-level model powered by a V-6 mill. The unit displaces 3.0 liters and cranks out 367 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and 369 pound-feet (500 Nm) of twist from 1,800 rpm. Sprinting from 0 to 62 mph takes 4.6 seconds, wile top speed is limited at the familiar 155-mph rating. For the time being, the V-6 will only be offered in Europe.

2015 Mercedes S-Class Coupe - S550 - Engine Specifications:

Capacity 4663 cc. biturbo
Layout V Shaped
No. of cylinders 8
Power Output 449 HP (335 kW)
Peak Torque 516 LB-FT (700 Nm)
S 400 4MATIC
Number of cylinders/arrangement 6/V
Displacement (cc) 2,996
Rated output 367 HP @ 5,500-6,000 RPM
Rated torque (Nm at rpm) 500 at 1800-4500
Combined fuel consumption from (l/100 km) 8.3
Combined CO2 emissions from (g/km) 193
Acceleration 0-100 km/h 4.6 seconds
Top speed 250 KM/H (155 MPH)


2015 Mercedes S-Class Coupe Interior
- image 541800

Now normally we do not really stress about this section when writing about cars, but this is an S-Class, which means that most of the technology you will see in this will probably be standard in 10 to 20 years.

One of the most unique features of the Coupé is the Magic Body Control, which now comes with active tilting function.

Seen in the image is the optional touchpad, which will replace the standard selection knobs. Working in a similar way as smartphones, the touchpad relies on gestures of the finger for operation.

One of the most unique features of the Coupé is the Magic Body Control, which now comes with active tilting function. What this means is that when you go into turns the car leans into that side in a somewhat similar fashion to motorcyclists in turns. While the purpose, according to Mercedes, is purely for a comfortable, luxurious ride, we cannot help but wonder if it can be put into use for better handling in sports cars of the future.

Other standard gizmos include a heads-up display, Mercedes’ Magic Body control suspension system where the car continuously reads the surface via cameras and prepares the suspension accordingly. Also available is Mercedes’ pre-safe system for predicting and applying emergency brakes in case a stationary car is in the way.


Pricing for the sole S550 4Matic sold in the United States starts from $121,550. The Euro-spec V-6 model, marketed as the S400 4Matic, retails from €99,960 in Germany, which converts to around $109,600 as of December 2015. There’s no word as to whether the V-6 will be offered Stateside anytime soon, but if it crosses the pond, it’s likely to fetch around $96,000 before options.


Rolls Royce Wraith

2014 Rolls Royce Wraith High Resolution Exterior
- image 525860

Probably the epitome of luxury, the Wraith is the British manufacturer’s attempt at making a driver’s car. And they have succeeded. Powered by a 6.6 liter, twin-turbo, V-12 engine the Wraith can put most sports cars to shame. The Wraith is equally good at being a driver’s car as it is being a luxury car. Although the S-Coupe is expected to be much cheaper than the Wraith when it comes out, it will still be something that Merc should watch out for.

Read our full review on the Rolls Royce Wraith here.

Bentley Continental GT

2014 Bentley Continental GT V8 S High Resolution Exterior
- image 521089

While Bentleys are some of the finest cars to come out of Britain, the Continental GT is a bit old. Boring would probably a better word. Sure it sells in good numbers, is powered by an engine good enough to pull a truck and looks good, but it has been in production for the past 11 years and while there have been regular face-lifts it’s time that we saw something new from the British luxury carmaker. Similar to the situation with the Wraith, this too will probably be pricier than the S Coupe but then then you get a lot more for your money - A Bentley.

Read our full review on the Bentley Continental GT here.


2015 Mercedes S-Class Coupe High Resolution Exterior
- image 541741

The S-Class Coupe isn’t a car that will offer huge volumes and profits for Mercedes; it has the C-Class for that. It won’t be the most powerful either, as there is the SLS AMG. The forte of the S-Class has been showcasing the best of technology Mercedes-Benz has to offer, and it does that job very well. but more significantly it’s a showcase of one of the most beautiful designs to come into production in a while.

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Update History

Updated 10/01/2014: Mercedes announced that the all-new S-Class Coupe will be priced from $119,900 when it will be put on sale in December on the U.S. market.

Updated 2/11/2014: Mercedes has revealed images and information on the S-Class.

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Press Release

Stylistically self-assured presence, exclusive appointments and refined sportiness – the new S-Class Coupe from Mercedes-Benz combines the classic proportions of a large, sporty coupe with modern luxury and state-of-the art technology. As a world premiere, the breathtaking two-door coupe includes a touchpad as standard and can be optionally equipped with a head-up display. Available expressive headlamps, each featuring 47 Swarovski crystals, produce a uniquely striking appearance.

2015 Mercedes S-Class Coupe High Resolution Exterior
- image 541780

"As exclusive as it gets – the ultimate in aesthetic sportiness", stresses Ola Källenius, Member of the Board of Management, Sales and Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars. "The breathtaking design of the Concept S-Class Coupe marked by sporty-classic proportions and sensual purity is transferred to the series-production S-Class Coupe virtually unaltered. The large coupe has always been the supreme pinnacle of our model range and that’s why it’s now called the ’S-Class’ again."

"The world premiere of the active curve tilting function demonstrates the possibilities offered by Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive," notes Prof Dr Thomas Weber, member of the board of management of Daimler AG with responsibility for corporate research and Mercedes-Benz Cars development. "The vehicle leans into bends much like a motorcyclist, thereby reducing the lateral acceleration acting on the vehicle’s occupants. On country roads in particular, this means greater driving pleasure and ride comfort for our customers." The new S-Class Coupe will have its world premiere at the Geneva International Motor Show (March 6 – 16, 2014) with U.S. dealer deliveries scheduled to begin in the fall of 2014. The two-door S550 Coupe will be available in the U.S. as a 4MATIC only with a 4.7L V8 biturbo engine. The S550 Coupe has an output of 449 hp and its torque level peaks at 516 lb-ft. The sporty driving experience is significantly enhanced by the emotional sound produced by the exhaust system.

2015 Mercedes S-Class Coupe High Resolution Exterior
- image 541781

With the curve tilting function the Coupe introduces a further world first for series-production cars: The Coupe leans into bends in a manner similar to a motorcyclist or skier. The lateral acceleration acting upon occupants is reduced in a way akin to when driving in a steep curve, and passengers sit more firmly. On country roads in particular, the new curve tilting function enhances driving enjoyment and comfort.

Like the S-Class Sedan, the new Coupe is available with numerous new assistance systems that make driving even more comfortable and safer. The "Intelligent Drive" systems include, among other things the PRE-SAFE® brake with pedestrian detection, DISTRONIC PLUS with Steering Assist, BAS PLUS with Cross-Traffic Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist, Adaptive High-beam Assist and Night View Assist Plus. COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS features an additional function apart from the adaptive brake assistant, which provides collision protection from a speed of 4 mph: if there remains a danger of collision and the driver fails to respond, the system can carry out an autonomous braking maneuver at speeds of up to 65 mph, thereby reducing the severity of collisions with slower or stopping vehicles. The system also brakes in response to stationary vehicles at a speed of up to 31 mph, and is able to prevent rear-end collisions at up to 25 mph.

As in the sedan, the PRE-SAFE® preventive occupant protection system has been expanded through the inclusion of PRE-SAFE® PLUS. PRE-SAFE® PLUS can recognize an imminent rear-end collision. If the danger of a collision persists, the system can also firmly apply the parking brake on the vehicle stationary and thus minimize the risk of whiplash injuries by reducing the forward jolt caused by an impact from the rear.

2015 Mercedes S-Class Coupe High Resolution Exterior
- image 541782

Numerous standard equipment features are available to make the interior of the S-Class Coupe exceptionally luxurious and comfortable. For example, the AIR-BALANCE package including the components "fragrancing" and "ionization" is available. Optional equipment includes an electric armrest heating as a component of the Warmth Comfort package.

In cooperation with high-end audio specialists Burmester, two especially highvalue audio systems have been developed: the Burmester® surround sound system and the Burmester® High-End 3D surround sound system.

Design: sensual purity at its most beguiling

Sensual purity as an expression of modern luxury – this was the focus for the designers, and is the design philosophy of Mercedes-Benz. The aim is to create clear contours and smooth surfaces that showcase high tech while radiating emotional appeal. The sensual purity is reflected in the core design values of tradition, emotion and progressivism. These make up the guiding star, and are accentuated differently depending on the model. Mercedes-Benz creates a bridge between modernity and the avant-garde, between tradition and progressivism. Each model series has an assigned role and a very specific character, depending on the attributes on which the design focuses. And yet a Mercedes-Benz is always recognizable as a Mercedes-Benz. Because in addition to incorporating new stylistic developments, and in the interests of keeping tradition alive, the designers draw from a gene-pool of styling features typical of the brand.

"Our new S-Class Coupe is one of the most gorgeous coupes of all time, representing the most radical aesthetic departure from its predecessor," says Gorden Wagener, Vice President Daimler AG. "The sensuous flowing silhouette in interplay with the clear progressive design language forms a perfect symbiosis and expresses our philosophy of sensual purity with pithy precision."

The exterior: flowing profile of perfect proportions

The flowing profile of the S-Class Coupe embodies sensual purity in a modern way and is emphasized by the hallmark Mercedes dropping line. The long hood with pronounced lines and powerdomes, the low greenhouse with high beltline, the accentuated wheel arches as well as the large wheels (18- to 20-inch) and the broad visual effect created by the rear reinforce the S-Class Coupe’s aspirations as a masterpiece of automotive refinement. With a wheelbase of 116 inches, the Coupe is 198 inches long, with a width of 75 inches and a height of 56 inches.

Its convex and concave modeled surfaces lend the S-Class Coupe a sensuous character. The sculpted appearance lends it classic elegance that forms a perfect symbiosis with the modern-progressive design idiom.

2015 Mercedes S-Class Coupe High Resolution Exterior
- image 541783

The view from the side is marked by the dropping line in keeping with the emotional character of the vehicle. It underscores the brand-typical proportions like a signature. The lines are deliberately reduced to the basics. This creates a sensual, timeless purity.

The creative interaction of diverse design elements lends the S-Class Coupe a superior, self-confident front: in the center of the vehicle front end is the further-evolved three-dimensional diamond radiator grille, whose structure is defined by rectangular, chrome-plated elements. It incorporates the central Mercedes three-pointed star and one louvre.

The full-LED headlamps with their iconic eyebrows as daytime running lamps lend it an extremely self-assured and distinctive gaze. On the S-Class Coupe the eyebrows have been further refined with a semi-circular counter-curve. In combination with the standard LED Intelligent Light System, the Edition 1 S550 special edition vehicle will also feature unique headlamps with no less than 47 Swarovski crystals. 17 angular crystals form the flare-shaped daytime running lamps, with 30 round-shaped crystals making up the turn indicator lamps.

The side profile is defined by the dome-shaped stretched roof line and the frameless doors. An elegant 3D continuous chrome frame surrounds the glass areas that are uninterrupted by B-pillars. This underscores the Mercedestypical coupe look.

A muscle above the rear axle extending from the side wall generates a sense of lightness and dynamic spirit even at a standstill. The positively arched surfaces and lines of the side walls flow into the rear end with a dramatic tapered effect.

The rear end with its surfaces, broad shoulders and distinctive character lines rounds off the emotive overall appearance. Moving the license plate mounting to the lower part of the rear bumper is a particularly striking modification. It allows the trunk lid to be made especially sleek in this area. The three-pointed star is, so to say, free-standing and can thus be made more prominent for greater effect. In addition it pivots outwards in order to locate the rearview camera and the surround view camera in an elegantly functional manner.

The arrangement of the LEDs in two horizontal rows in the two-piece tail lamps reveals cutting-edge technology and underscores the sporty character of the vehicle rear, careful attention to detail and the car’s premium value. Form and function fuse into a perfect unity. Part of the light functions is located in the wings, the other in the trunk lid. This characteristic arrangement makes the vehicle highly recognizable by night, too.

2015 Mercedes S-Class Coupe High Resolution Exterior
- image 541784

The two-part rear bumper underscores the sportiness indicated by the front design. The diffusor, painted in high-sheen black, meets in equal measure the requirements made by aerodynamics and by design. Below it there is, as in the front bumper, a horizontal wing in silver look. Integrated in the diffusor are the premium-quality tailpipes.

The S-Class Coupe features a standard panorama roof extending over twothirds of the entire vehicle roof; with a surface area of around 1.32 m2, it appears almost 150 percent larger than on the predecessor model. MAGIC SKY CONTROL makes it possible to switch the transparency of the roof at the push of a button, from light to dark. When light, the roof is almost completely transparent and allows an open-air experience, even in the coldest weather. When dark, light transmission i.e. the proportion of outside light that is allowed through into the interior, is reduced to less than 1% and thus effectively diminishes heating up of the vehicle. In addition, it is possible to shade the interior completely by means of a roller blind.

The interior: modern luxury as avant-garde design

The interior design of the new S-Class Coupe is an expression of the Mercedes-Benz design idiom – sensual purity. An enthralling combination of sculptural sensuous volume elements and components, and the clear geometry of its basic architecture create an avant-garde design idiom. A high class appeal, quality workmanship and exceptional touch and feel are a treat for the passengers’ senses, so that the car’s interior represents the highest level of "modern luxury".

The S-Class Coupe’s dashboard fascinates with its spectacular architecture, giving rise to a vehicle of unique character in the upper coupe segment. The dashboard is divided into a very clear top-layer section with an expansive "wrap-around" effect extending to the doors, and an extremely low, sculptural "floating" lower section. This striking architecture was made possible by repositioning the airbag to a completely new low location. This concept enables the large, two-part wide-screen format TFT display to be placed in a prominent "hovering" position in front of this trim surface. In addition, it is stylishly highlighted with an ambience lighting corona. Under the display, the sporty elevated center console extends to the vehicle rear. All lids and armrests are lavishly covered in leather.

2015 Mercedes S-Class Coupe High Resolution Exterior
- image 541785

The use of the finest materials, surfaces, color combinations and seam designs contributes towards achieving a truly exclusive car interior. Air vents, switches, belt extender rosette and trim elements are in electroplated "Silver Shadow". This gives the trim elements a particularly high value appeal and enhances the three-dimensional effect of their surfaces.

In front of the armrest the standard touchpad can be found, with its black highsheen surface and chrome-look surround. As on a smartphone, the touchpad allows all the head-unit functions to be operated using finger gestures. The touchpad also permits letters, numbers and special characters to be entered in handwriting - in any of the head unit’s languages. Diverse controls, e.g. for the multi-media system, are arrayed as keys in a semicircle in front of the central control element.

Both the front and the rear seats have a pronounced sporty character, the two rear seats are designed as individual seats. The Exclusive upholsteries optionally includes seats in Exclusive nappa designo leather with a striking diamond backstitching pattern on backrests and seating surfaces. The frontseat seatbelts are integrated in the rear side panelling without interrupting the waistline with windows open; seatbelt extenders make them easily accessible for the seat occupants.

There is a fluid transition between the doors and the rear side panelling, emphasizing the vehicle’s well-being quality. Here too, surfaces and controls are masterfully executed in top-quality materials; the configuration with the standard Burmester® surround sound system and the optional Burmester® High-End 3D surround sound system offers a special highlight in form and function.

New interior colors such as Bengal red, saddle brown and porcelain allow individualization of the interior. The standard ambient lighting with several lighting moods provides the corresponding wellness character. The customer can choose from seven lighting moods.

Less distraction: head-up display

2015 Mercedes S-Class Coupe High Resolution Exterior
- image 541786

The optional head-up display brings important information directly into the driver’s field of vision, presenting it on the windscreen to ensure less distraction from the traffic situation. The system informs about vehicle speed, navigation instructions and driving assistance system messages.

The technical basis for this system is a specular optics system and a full-color display module with a resolution of 480 x 240 pixels, operating with high-power LEDs. They project the virtual image, which measures around 8 x 3 inches, into the driver’s field of vision where it appears to float around two meters away above the hood. The resolution of more than 60 pixels per degree of viewing angle ensures a needle-sharp image. A special light sensor located near the top edge of the roof automatically adjusts the brightness of the head-up display to the exterior lighting conditions.

Lower transversal forces: active curve tilting function

With the curve tilting function the Coupe introduces a further world first for series-production cars: The curve tilting function makes the Coupe lean into bends in a manner similar to a motorcyclist or skier. The lateral acceleration acting upon occupants is reduced in a way akin to when driving in a steep curve, and passengers sit more firmly. On country roads in particular, the new curve tilting function enhances motoring enjoyment and comfort. The object is not to reach higher speeds, but to produce a more pleasant motoring experience.

With Active Body Control the suspension struts are equipped with hydraulic cylinders (so-called plungers), in order to adjust the force in each strut individually. Depending on the curve driven, the curve tilting function shifts the base point of each individual strut. This allows the vehicle to incline automatically and continuously in fractions of a second and to angles of up to 2.5 degrees in curves – depending on the road angle and vehicle speed. The innovative suspension system detects curves using both a stereo camera behind the windscreen, registering the curvature of the road up to 49 feet ahead, and an additional transversal acceleration sensor. The curve tilting function can be selected as one of three drive modes using the ABC switch; it is active in the speed range from 19 to 112 mph.

2015 Mercedes S-Class Coupe High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
- image 541787

Emotive-sporty sound: exhaust system with flaps

The emotive sound of the exhaust system makes a decisive contribution to the sporty driving experience. The deeper sound components ensure a fuller, sportier sound. In the transversally positioned rear silencer of the twin-pipe exhaust system there are two flaps that can be opened and closed pneumatically depending on the engine speed.

When the flaps are open the exhaust gases are conducted through the rear silencer along a different path so that the vehicle sound becomes more powerful. The switching point of the flaps depends upon the drive program selected – in the S program the flaps open earlier than in the E program. As soon as the S-Class Coupe engine starts, the power of its sound can be heard.

A long tradition: large coupes from Mercedes-Benz

The history of the large post-war Mercedes coupes dates back to the year 1952, when Mercedes-Benz launched the legendary 300 S Coupe - a "car for the world’s elite" as the automotive press of the time judged. It was followed in 1956 by the 220 S Coupe of model series W 180, which created a sensation in particular due to its self-supporting pontoon body. From 1961 to 1971 the long-drawn out elegant Coupe of model series W111/W112 enthralled no less than 29,918 highly discerning customers, who were able to choose between the Type 220 SEb Coupe six-cylinder models and the Type 280 SE 3.5 Coupe eight-cylinder models.

The SEC coupes of model series C 126, which remained in the program of the Stuttgart-based automotive brand for ten years and of which over 74,000 were sold, were based on the S-Class of 1981. In 1992 the successor model (model series C 140) was presented at the Geneva Motor Show, also featuring for the first time as a S600 Coupe with a 389 hp twelve-cylinder engine. It was to be the car in which the Electronic Stability Program ESP® had its world premiere in 1995. Later on this coupe was renamed "CL-Class". Another forefather of the new S-Class Coupe celebrated its world première under this name in March 1999. With pioneering innovations such as active ABC suspension (Active Body Control) and bi-xenon headlamps this two-door car set new standards.

2015 Mercedes S-Class Coupe High Resolution Exterior
- image 541788

Supreme exclusivity and sophisticated design combined with trend-setting state-of-the-art technology were combined in the last CL-Class (2006). This luxury coupe opened up a new dimension of vehicle safety with the introduction of the PRE-SAFE® brake. Beyond this, Mercedes innovations such as the Intelligent Light System with five light functions and PRE-SAFE® preventive occupant safety were also part of the vehicle’s standard equipment.

The new S-Class Coupe and its innovations seamlessly continue the tradition of large coupes into the future and will launch in the U.S. this fall with the S550 4MATIC.

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