A new AMG body kit is now available for the Mercedes A-Class

A while back, Mercedes-AMG released a body kit for the C-Class that brought a new front spoiler, side skirts, and rear diffuser, among other things. Due to the overwhelming success of the offering, Mercedes-AMG as decided to expand its offering to the A-Class – specifically the A 250 Sport 4MATIC and other A-Class models equipped with AMG-Line.

These new panels are designed by AMG to offer a unique and individual look for the little hatch and are now available for purchase and installation at all Mercedes dealerships. Due to the overall design of the body kit, installation is very simple, thus, less time consuming. Because of how they are made, they come from the factory with a gloss-black finish and don’t require any painting. There are five parts available in total, all available for individual purchase depending on customer interest.

The body kit offering will eventually extend to other Mercedes models like the C-Class Cabriolet and the CLA saloon sometime in the middle of this year. Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, though, let’s take a look at the A-Class with the full body kit installed and talk a little about what it offers in terms of uniqueness and individuality.

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What makes the Mercedes A-Class With AMG Body Kit special

The images provided by Mercedes shows an A-Class with all available body kits applied, and right away, I must say that it does give the A-Class a look that stands out. Up front, the small spoiler sits just below the front fascia, with the outside edges rising slightly to provide an even appearance with the side skirts. The spoiler doesn’t look large enough to provide any significant downforce on the front end, but it certainly gives the car a more aggressive look.

2016 Mercedes-Benz A-Class With AMG Body Kit High Resolution Exterior
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To the sides, there is a stylish stripe that runs from the rearmost point of the headlight and across both doors. Down below, the side skirts that have been applied look to feature a small flattened edge, much like the front spoiler but looks to be primarily smooth. The biggest thing you notice is the black coloration against the red finish of the car. All told, the new stripe on the side of the body and the side skirt work well together. To be honest, the car may look weird with just one or the other.

To the rear, we see the addition of the new rear diffuser and the additions side flics. The upper flics extend the overhang of the hatch farther down the glass, the second set is installed in the corner vents of the rear fascia. Down below, that rear diffuser isn’t as aggressive as it is stylish, and the chrome exhaust tips really stand out against that black coloration of the diffuser. To be quite honest, these components remind me of modifications that have been available in video games like Grand Theft Auto and the Need for Speed franchise for years.

2016 Mercedes-Benz A-Class With AMG Body Kit High Resolution Exterior
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As far as the kit goes, I think it is a fine addition to the vehicle, but when it comes to choosing which parts to go with, you might as well go for all of them. Choosing one of the lower body upgrades, but not the rest will probably look awkward. You might be able to pull off just having the rear flics or the stripe on the side of the body alone, but that’s as far as I would go choosing individual pieces for installation. If nothing else, I would have to go for all four lower body piece kits and leave out the rear flics and stripe on the side.

The entire kit will set you back €2,115, or $2,331 at current exchange rates. The rear flics, as little as they are, command €185 ($204) and the Stripe on the side goes for €200 ($220). The rear diffuser hits the pocket book for €470 ($518), both sides skirts as a pair retail for €790 ($871), and the front spoiler is priced at €470 ($518). What would you pick and choose to put on your A-Class? Let us know in the comments below.

Mercedes A-Class

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Mercedes has produced the A-Class since 1997 and, so far, it has seen a total of two generational changes. The first came in 2004, seven years after the A-Class was first introduced. A facelift was released in 2008, and the third generation came to be with the 2012 model year. By the time the second generation debuted, more than one million models had been sold. The third generation was actually based on the 2011 Mercedes Concept A-Class that was shown in Geneva in 2012. With this design, the A-Class became larger for the third generation and was finally considered a “family car.”

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Press Release

Mercedes-AMG is gradually expanding its accessories program: similar to the successful offer for the C-Class, Mercedes-AMG based in Affalterbach, Germany, now offers an exclusive body kit for the A-Class. With these new AMG accessories, sporty ambitions and individual appearance can become reality on the A 250 Sport (4MATIC) as well as A-Class models equipped with AMG-Line. These exterior add-on body parts in striking AMG Design are now available at all Mercedes-Benz dealers.
Mercedes-AMG GmbH creates dynamics and rejuvenates models with particularly sporty products and thus for many years supports the fascination that comes with the brand with the star. With this new offering, the dynamic look of the A 250 Sport (4MATIC) and all A-Class models equipped with AMG Line is enhanced.
The exclusive AMG body kit for the Sport and high-performance models of the A-Class comprise of four attachment parts for the bodywork and sporty side strips, which are attached as a foliation below the dropping line of the vehicle. These add-on parts are produced through thermoforming technology and come in standard glossy black – which is ideal for a real sporty look. The high-quality surface finish also eliminates need for a paint coating. Furthermore, during the development of these AMG accessories, great emphasis was placed on short assembly times due to easy handling, thus the attachments can be fitted without any major effort.
Here is a list of the individual parts:

AMG Front splitter: € 470[1]
AMG Side-sill extension (2 pcs): € 7901[2]
AMG Rear apron trim with Diffusor-look: € 4701
AMG Additional rear flics: € 18512
AMG Sports strip: € 20012

The AMG accessories programme continue to expand: starting June 2016 a similar body kit will be offered for the C-Class Cabriolet as well as for the face-lift version of the CLA saloon.

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Press release
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