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The GLC Coupe is a baby in Mercedes’ lineup, featuring a hatchback body with raised suspension to go with a 241-horsepower engine and all the luxury features one has come to expect from German vehicles. The GLC Coupe has barely started gracing showrooms, but the lineup is now complete with the GCL43 Coupe and the newly announced GLC63 and GLC63 S Coupe. Powered by an AMG, 4.0-liter V-8, you can stare down the competition with either 476 horsepower in standard form or 510 horsepower in S form. Keep in mind that this is the same engine used in the AMG GT family as is that prominent Panamericana grille that graces the nose of the beast. Add the motivation together with the grille and the more aggressive fascias, and you’ve got yourself the perfect mix of power, style, space, comfort, and agility all in one Germanly sexy package.

If there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that humans, as a species, are never happy with what they have and always want more. It’s the same reason brands like Microsoft and Sony can get away with producing a gaming system, then producing a “slimmer” model just a few years later. It’s also one of the reasons why your cell phone is outdated just a few months after you buy it – manufacturers know that you’ll be willing to pay again to get the next big thing.

Getting back on topic, that’s also why the world now has a handful of coupes that ride on SUV suspensions like the Mercedes GLC Coupe, the F-Pace, and the Porsche Macan – the latter of which both compete with the GLC Coupe in one way or another. And, despite there being a limited number of these coupe crossovers on the market, the competition is actually pretty stiff between the models that are available.

The Mercedes-AMG GLC63 is a pretty wild ride in its own regard, but the GLC63 Coupe pushes that performance and styling to a whole new level – one that’s synonymous with the other “63” models from the AMG world. So, let’s dive on in a take a look at AMG’s latest and greatest.

Continue reading to learn more about the Mercedes-AMG GLC63 Coupe.


2018 Mercedes-AMG GLC63 Coupe High Resolution Exterior
- image 712140

As is the usual case with

branded models, the body shell itself is identical to that of the standard GLC Coupe. That means you get the same hood with mild lines, mediumly aggressive bodylines along the side profile, and the exorbitant roof that provides SUV proportions up front and coupe-like proportions in the rear. The doors are rather tall with short glass up top to keep things proportionate while the rear end looks like that of a blown-up sedan that sits just a little too tall for a car vehicle with a such a small rear hatch. It almost reminds me of the old Civic CRX or the new Civic Hatchback. So, what separates the AMG-branded GLC Coupe from the standard offering?

2018 Mercedes-AMG GLC63 Coupe High Resolution Exterior
- image 712142
2018 Mercedes-AMG GLC63 Coupe High Resolution Exterior
- image 712144
2018 Mercedes-AMG GLC63 Coupe High Resolution Exterior
- image 712137
2018 Mercedes-AMG GLC63 Coupe High Resolution Exterior
- image 712143
As is the usual case with AMG-branded models, the body shell itself is identical to that of the standard GLC Coupe.

Well, let’s take another look at the front end again. First off, the most noticeable thing is the Panamericana grille up front that takes the place of the standard AMG grille. Previously reserved for the AMG GT line of whips, the vertical and chrome slats accent the Mercedes emblem nicely and add to the overall look of height that Mercedes was going for with this overgrown and jacked up coupe. You get the same headlight lenses as you do with the non-AMG model, but down below a new fascia gives the GLC63 its own unique look. Instead of having an insert that surrounds the air dam and a standalone vent in each corner, an insert in the fascia that looks something like a moustache with curved tips carves out a slightly larger air dam and more upright vents. Those corner vents are linked together thanks to the design of the insert. The lip down below adds just a little more character.

When it comes to the side profile, you won’t find a lot of change, however, the GLC63 does get a new set of side skirts to match that front lip. It also comes standard with 19-inch, light alloy, 10-spoke wheels as standard equipment. These wheels come finished in titanium gray and measure eight-inches wide in the front and nine-inches wide in the rear. The GLC63 S gets 20-inch, five-spoke units that are finished in titanium gray and measure 9.5-inches in the front and 10-inches in the rear. You can also opt for the optional 21-inch wheels on both GLC63 models, but that’ll surely set you back a few extra grand.

2018 Mercedes-AMG GLC63 Coupe High Resolution Exterior
- image 712141
The most noticeable thing is the Panamericana grille up front that takes the place of the standard AMG grille.

Around back, the most dominating feature is that new diffuser unit with twin, dual exhaust outlets finished in chrome and the light chrome strip in between. The rear fascia itself is identical to that of the standard GLC Coupe, but the taillights get a clear lens, and the rear hatch gets a new lip that’s finished in the same black as the front lip and side skirts. If you can get past the awkwardness of the tall rear end and short rear glass, the GLC63 and GLC63 S really are an attractive pair.

Before we move on, though, let’s talk a bit more about options. AMG’s Performance Studio offers plenty of extras if you really want to make your GLC63 standout in the crowd. First off is the AMG Night Package which adds on a bunch of black trim elements as shown in the pictures above. It’s a nice addition, and it includes tinted windows in the rear to go with those chrome exhaust outlets and chrome trim strip on the diffuser. You can also opt for the Exterior Carbon Fiber Package that includes a few Carbon fiber trim pieces, your choice of 20 and 21-inch light-alloy or forged wheels with two different color choices and some extra additions to the interior that we’ll talk about more a little later.

Exterior Options

AMG Night Package AMG Exterior Carbon Fiber Package
Front splitter in high-gloss black Carbon fiber mirrors
Gloss black side skirts Carbon fiber spoiler lip
Gloss black mirrors 20-inch light-alloy wheels
Gloss black window trim 21-inch light-alloy wheels
Matt black roof rails 21-inch forged wheels
Tinted rear glass
Chrome exhaust tips

The Competition

2018 Jaguar F-Pace R
- image 689011
2015 - 2017 Porsche Macan
- image 697863

When it comes to competition, there aren’t too many coupe-like vehicles rolling on SUV suspension. But, there are a few, and a couple of the most prominent ones are the Jaguar F-Pace and the Porsche Macan Turbo. When it comes to the F-Pace, the real competition for the GLC63 Coupe will be the Jaguar F-Pace R. It, like the GLC63 Coupe has only been seen in prototype form, rocking a ton of camo. It will have larger corner air intakes and an R-Badge. Around back it should get a sportier roof spoiler to go with a mildly revised lower fascia to promote better aerodynamics. R-specific wheels should round out the exterior package.

Then you’ve got the Porsche Macan. Unlike the GLC Coupe and the F-Pace, there isn’t word on a more extreme version of the Macan as of yet. That means the best you can get is the Macan Turbo with some 400 horsepower on tap. But, as far as the exterior goes, there’s nothing special about the Macan Turbo of the entry-level model or the Macan S. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t a sporty proposition, though, as it does have its own unique styling to it. Up front, it has a no-nonsense grille to go with a wide air dam and small fog lights mounted in the corners. The side profile is quite sporty, with a sculpted body line down below that matches the contour of the front fascia. The rear windows come darkly tinted from the factory. Around back, the Macan is unmistakable as a Porsche. It features traditional Porsche taillights and a small overhang atop the angled rear glass. The lower portion of the fascia is a massive insert that houses the two rectangular exhaust outlets and has a diffuser-like appearance to it.

Of course, the GLC63 won’t be much more extreme than the GLC43, so models like the F-Pace R and the Macan Turbo should stack up fairly well against the final product.

Jaguar F-Pace Porsche Macan Turbo Mercedes GLC Coupe
Wheelbase (inches) 113.2 110.51 111.4
Overall length (inches) 186.3 185.00 186.2
Overall width (inches) 81.5 82.6 74.4
Overall height (inches) 65.0 63.94 63.0


2018 Mercedes-AMG GLC63 Coupe High Resolution Interior
- image 712146

Like the standard GLC Coupe, the interior mimics the hell out of the GT R Coupe on the inside, albeit with a center console that isn’t quite as wide, three central HVAC vents, and an unobstructed infotainment display. As such, the GLC63 doesn’t have the large panels of buttons on each side of the console, and instead has a cleaner switch layout that hugs the touchpad and AMG Dynamic Select switch. It’s a cleaner look, really and beneficial for the GLC has far as interior space goes. Sports seats come as standard equipment in the GLC63 and offer outstanding support. Like the dash, the seats are wrapped in ARTICO man-made leather but also feature DINAMICA microfiber inserts which adds a little extra style. Like the seats, the dash gets white contrast stitching. Meanwhile, the trim inserts on the dash and door trim panels are replaced by aluminum trim for a more upscale but industrial look that somehow works really well inside this cabin.

2018 Mercedes-AMG GLC63 Coupe High Resolution Interior
- image 712145
The interior mimics the hell out of the GT R Coupe on the inside, albeit with a center console that isn’t quite as wide, three central HVAC vents, and an unobstructed infotainment display.

If you opt for the GLC63 S Coupe, you’ll get a performance steering wheel that’s wrapped in Nappa leather, AMG badges on the front head restraints with leather accents and an AMG instrument cluster that features red backlighting. Outside of these few things, there’s nothing else that separates the GLC63 Coupe from the standard model, but if you dive into the options pool, you can customize the interior a bit more if it really suits your personality. The AMG Night Package doesn’t offer much for the interior, but going with the AMG Performance Studio Interior will get you a number of interior extras that include carbon fiber trim, more ARTICO leather, and a two-tone interior layout, among other things.

AMG Performance Studio Interior
Black ARTICO leather on upper dash and waistline
Two-tone Nappa leather in red pepper/ lack or platinum white/black or perforated black Nappa Leather
Designo Nappa leather in platinum white/black with diamond design
Designo Nappa Leather in black with diamond design
Carbon fiber and bright aluminum trim with longitudinal gain
AMG Performance front seats with enhanced support
AMG badging for rear seat backrests

Competing Designs

2017 - 2019 Jaguar F-Pace
- image 697864
2015 - 2017 Porsche Macan
- image 697865

The F-Pace R should feature a more upscale cabin compared to the standard model but will maintain a lot of the basic design features – including the weird wall that pretty much blocks the passenger from accessing the infotainment system. Then again, some would argue that you never play with another man’s radio, so maybe it’s not that bad. Upgrades to the F-Pace R’s interior should include performance seats with extra support that are wrapped in premium leather. The headrests should get “R” logos, while the seat bolsters will likely be inflatable for adjustable support. The seats and steering wheel should get built-in heating as standard equipment, while all of that leather will be held together by contrast stitching in Ivory, Red, or Firesand. We also expect the interior to feature R-specific graphics for the infotainment system and a 770-watt sound system from Meridian. An updated instrument cluster isn’t out of the question, but that may be a bit of a reach at this point.

If you’re considering the Macan Turbo, it might not have that AMG or “R” twist to it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not noteworthy. See, Porsche actually nailed the cabin in the Macan, and it’s really a nice place to be. First off you can have an all-black interior or a two-tone interior. My personal favorite is black and red, but there’s also black and white which provides an oddly pleasing contrast. The steering wheel is comparable to that of the 918 Spider and is primarily carbon fiber with a little bit of leather. There’s a 4.8-inch color display inside the instrument cluster to go with the Porsche Communication Management system that is slightly recessed into the center stack. The Macan comes standard with a 300-watt, 16-speaker, Burmester sound system with a class-D amplifier, but a Bose system with 545 watts and 14 speakers is also available.

Jaguar F-Pace Porsche Macan Turbo Mercedes GLC Coupe
Headroom front/rear (inches) 37.8/37.5 41.9/39.6
Legroom front/rear (inches) 40.27/37.16
Shoulder room front/rear (inches) 57.7/37.4
Cargo volume, seats up 33.5 17.7 17.65


2018 Mercedes-AMG GLC63 Coupe High Resolution Drivetrain
- image 712147

In standard from, the GLC Coupe comes with a 2.0-liter four-banger that’s good for 241 horsepower, 273 pound-feet of torque, and a 6.4-second sprint to 60 mph. Meanwhile, the Mercedes-AMG GLC43 gets an AMG-enhanced 3.0-liter V-6 that’s good for 362 ponies, 384 pound-feet, and a 4.8-second sprint to 60 mph. Even that 3.0-liter isn’t enough for the GLC63, though, so AMG decided to go with the same 4.0-liter, Biturbo, V-8 that’s found in the AMG GT lineup. In the case of the GLC63, however, it delivers 476 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque and can get the non-S model up to 60 mph in four seconds flat. If you go with the GLC63 S, you’ll get the same engine, but it’s tuned to deliver 510 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque – enough to get the S up to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds. Both models top out at 155 mph, which as you probably already know, is an electronically limited top speed.

2018 Mercedes-AMG GLC63 Coupe High Resolution Exterior
- image 712148

Both models come standard with the same transmission that debuted in the Mercedes-AMG E63 4Matic+, an AMG nine-speed with a wet clutch coupling mechanism that helps save weight and provides better response overall. AMG 4Matic+ all-wheel drive is standard equipment and offers up variable torque distribution for the best possible handling on just about any road condition. AMG Dynamic Select is available with the usual driving modes, but the GLC63 S also gets a “Race” setting to tunes everything for the absolute best performance.

Under the body, you’ll find a new AMG suspension system with a four-link design up front and a multi-link setup in the rear. The three-chamber air suspension system offers up continuously variable damping and can bring a bit of smoothness to rough roads or keep things chilled out when cornering hard. The system is adjusted automatically based on what drive mode is selected and will automatically harden up to cut down body roll under heavy pitch changes. All told, the GLC63 offers up a combined fuel consumption of as much as 22.84 mpg while the GLC63 S offers up 21.98 mpg.

AMG GLC 63 4MATIC+ Coupé AMG GLC 63 S 4MATIC+ Coupé
Engine 4.0-litre V8 with direct injection and twin turbochargers 4.0-litre V8 with direct injection and twin turbochargers
Displacement 3982 cc 3982 cc
Output 476 HP @ 5,500-6,250 RPM 510 HP @ 5,500-6,250 RPM
Max. torque 479 LB-FT @ 1,750-4,500 RPM 516 LB-FT @ 1,750-4,500 RPM
Drive system AMG Performance 4MATIC+ permanent all-wheel drive with variable torque distribution AMG Performance 4MATIC+ permanent all-wheel drive with variable torque distribution
Transmission AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 9-speed sports transmission AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 9‑speed sports transmission
Combined fuel consumption 10.7–10.3 l/100 km 10.7 l/100 km
Combined CO2 emissions 244-234 g/km 244 g/km
Efficiency class E F
Weight (DIN/EC) 4,265/4,431 Lbs 4,287/4,453 Lbs
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (62 mph) 4.0 s 3.8 s
Top speed 155 mph 155 mph

Competing Performance

2015 - 2017 Porsche Macan Drivetrain AutoShow
- image 533187

Macan engine.

Making things even more interesting is what the competition brings to the table. Starting off with the least-powerful in the mix, the Porsche Macan Turbo is worthy of consideration but doesn’t quite float the bill if your primary concern is power. The Macan Turbo makes use of a 3.6-liter V-6 that has a pair of turbochargers and direct fuel injection. Power output is limited to just 400 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque. It does have all-wheel drive as standard equipment which helps it to his 60 mph in 4.6 seconds. Opting for the Sport Chrono package will get you to the same benchmark in 4.4 seconds. Top speed is said to be 164 mph, and shifting duties are handled by a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. This isn’t that bad at all, but it’s not quite up to par with what we expect from the GLC63 coupe.

Moving over to the F-Pace R, we have no idea what will really be stashed under the hood, but Jag could go with a supercharged 3.0-liter V-6 or a slightly detuned version of the 5.0-liter V-8. In current form that V-8 offers some 550 horsepower and 502 pound-feet of torque, so this engine could be reserved for the F-Pace SVR, which would be an excellent competitor for the GLC63 S Coupe. Either way, we expect the F-Pace Type R to produce somewhere in the neighborhood of 460 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque when it makes its debut, but Jag could really push the envelope and go closer to 500, still leaving a decent gap between the R and the SVR. The F-Pace R could hit the 60-mph sprint in anywhere between 4.1 and 4.6 seconds with top speed electronically locked at 155 mph. Either way, that’s a lot of power and a quick burst of speed for something that doesn’t linger an inch or two above the ground.

The Macan might not be quite as powerful, and the F-Pace R could decimate even the GLC63 Coupe if done correctly, but for now, the only model actually in production is the Macan Turbo. So, if you don’t want to wait, the Macan Turbo is your best bet for now. The F-Pace R should be unleashed for the 2018 model as will the GLC63 Coupe.

Jaguar F-Pace R Porsche Macan Turbo Mercedes-AMG GLC63 Coupe
Engine 5.0-liter V-8 (est.) 3.6-liter V-6 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8
Horsepower 460 HP (est.) 400 HP 476 HP
Torque 420 LB-FT (est.) 406 LB-FT 479 LB-FT
0 to 60 mph 4.1 seconds (est.) 4.6 seconds 4.0 seconds
Top Speed 155 mph 164 mph 155 mph
Weight TBA 4,244 Lbs 4,431 Lbs


2018 Mercedes-AMG GLC63 Coupe High Resolution Exterior
- image 712130

At this point, the pricing for the GLC63 Coupe is a complete mystery. We do know that the GLC43 carries an MSRP of $59,650 for the 2017 model year, so expect to pay at least $80,000 for the GLC63 Coupe and even more if Merc comes out with the GLC63 S. For reference the F-Pace R is expected to retail for around $75,500 and the Macan Turbo can be had for $76,000 in base form or $86,445 with the performance package. Mercedes-AMG will start taking orders starting in June of 2017 and will initiate market launch in September of 2017. Official pricing will be announced when the order books open, so check back soon for updates.


Audi SQ5

2017 Audi SQ5 High Resolution Exterior
- image 700480
2017 Audi SQ5 High Resolution Exterior
- image 700478

The reason I haven’t discussed the SQ5 up until this point is because it is dramatically underpowered compared to the GLC63 and the other models we’ve discussed. To be more specific, the SQ5 can only be had with a 3.0-liter V-6 that delivers 354 horsepower and 346 pound-feet of torque. It takes 5.1 seconds to hit 60 mph with top speed limited to 155 mph. It does offer decent amenities, however, including things like a panoramic sunroof, keyless start, dynamic steering, Audi Connect, and a Bang & Olufsen sound system with 14 speakers and 505 watts of power on tap. Pricing for the 2017 SQ5 starts out at $53,300 for the Premium Plus trim with the Prestige trim commanding $60,800. With that said, it’s obviously not as powerful as the other models we’ve discussed here, but it also comes at a significantly lower price.

Read more about the Audi SQ5 here.


2018 Mercedes-AMG GLC63 Coupe High Resolution Exterior
- image 712132

The GLC63 Coupe will surely be a big hit among AMG fans, and now that Merc is about to unleash the GLC63 and GLC 63 S Coupes, it will be the icing on top of the cake. Sure, the models will be expensive and aren’t for everybody, but the GLC63 will offer a lot more oomph and get-up that the GLC43, which is exactly what we all want. I still wish that AMG would do more, maybe add more a more aggressive spoiler and a better-looking body kit. Even a slightly more aggressive hood would display the car’s performance prowess. Compared to models like the F-Pace R and the Macan Turbo, the GLC63 just might have its work cut out for it in one way or another. What do you think?

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As early as 1999 Mercedes-AMG set a milestone with the ML 55 – not only in its own 50‑year history. For the combination of high-performance engine in the skin of an SUV opened up an entirely new market segment. The performance and sports car brand now occupies a unique position in the competition again as it presents its new mid-size performance SUV at the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS), the Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 4MATIC+ SUV and Coupé (fuel consumption combined: 10.7-10.3 l/100 km; CO2 emissions, combined: 244-234 g/km) plus the Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S 4MATIC+ SUV and Coupé (fuel consumption combined: 10.7 l/100 km; CO2 emissions (combined): 244 g/km). For the first time, a mid-size SUV is now also available with the powerful eight-cylinder biturbo in two output variants. The basis for this is provided by the AMG 4.0‑litre V8 engine with 350 kW (476 hp) or 375 kW (510 hp) in the GLC 63 S and GLC 63 S Coupé variants. Acceleration from 0‑100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds also impressively demonstrates: the new SUVs hold a special position in their market segment. The Performance SUVs also feature air spring suspension with adaptive adjustable damping, AMG Performance 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive with fully variable torque distribution, a rear-axle limited-slip differential and a high-performance braking system. As a visual indication of their links with Mercedes-AMG sports cars, the new models sport the AMG Panamericana grille, which was previously reserved for the AMG GT family. In addition, the new models offer all the advantages of a Mercedes-SUV: ample room for passengers and luggage, comprehensive array of safety equipment and superior traction, also in the wet or in wintry road conditions.

The new Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 4MATIC+ and Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 4MATIC+ Coupé occupy exceptional positions in their respective markets on every front. They are the only vehicles in their segment to be powered by an eight-cylinder biturbo engine. Mercedes-AMG thus meets the wishes of those customers who, also in a mid-size Performance SUV, are looking for a combination of superior power delivery along with a highly emotive, unmistakable engine sound.

"For us, the new GLC 63 4MATIC+ is a quite special vehicle. It is no easy job designing an SUV to be highly sporty and dynamic while at the same time offering inherent extreme driving stability. This required us to put our heart and soul, along with our many years of SUV expertise, into the development of this vehicle. The result is an SUV that can be driven with high precision and agility and which, if required, is equally at home on a high-speed lap of the race track. With our V8 biturbo engine, we hold a decisive USP in the Performance market. What is more, with SUV and Coupé, we offer the widest choice in the segment. Also, the technical closeness to our sports cars is visually underlined by the Panamericana grille, which was previously reserved for our AMG GT models," says Tobias Moers, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

2018 Mercedes-AMG GLC63 Coupe High Resolution Exterior
- image 712127

Unique offering in the segment with V8 biturbo engine

SUV and Coupé are available as basic and S-model variants: the proven AMG 4.0-litre V8 biturbo engine puts out 350 kW (476 hp) or 375 kW (510 hp) with a max. torque of 650 or 700 Nm. Acceleration from zero to 100 km/h is completed by the GLC 63 S 4MATIC+ in just 3.8 seconds, while the GLC 63 4MATIC+ takes 4.0 seconds. The top speed is 250 km/h (electronically limited).

V8 biturbo closely related to engine in the Mercedes-AMG GT

The 4.0-litre eight-cylinder biturbo engine is already used in numerous AMG Performance vehicles. It is also installed in the AMG GT sports car with dry sump lubrication. A characteristic feature is that the two turbochargers are positioned not on the outside of the cylinder banks, but inside the cylinder "V". The main advantages of this design are the compact engine construction, optimal response and low exhaust gas emissions. One mechanic assembles each engine in the engine shop in Affalterbach according to the "one man – one engine" principle.

2018 Mercedes-AMG GLC63 Coupe High Resolution Exterior
- image 712135

Short shift times, high efficiency: the AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 9-speed transmission

The new GLC 63 4MATIC+ and GLC 63 S 4MATIC+ feature the AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 9-speed transmission, which made its debut in the Mercedes-AMG E 63 4MATIC+. The driver benefits from extremely short shift/response times. Fast multiple downshifts and the double-declutching function make for a highly emotive gearshift experience. A start-off wet clutch replaces the torque converter. This saves weight and optimises the response to the driver’s accelerator pedal input, particularly on acceleration and during load changes.

AMG Performance 4MATIC+ variable all-wheel drive

After the E-Class from Mercedes-AMG, the GLC, too, now comes with AMG Performance 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive. This intelligent system unites the advantages of different drive concepts: the fully variable torque distribution to the front and rear axles ensures optimal traction right up to the physical limit. The driver is also able to rely on high driving stability and handling safety under all conditions, both in the dry and in the wet or in snow. The transition from rear-wheel to all-wheel drive and vice versa is seamless, because intelligent control is integrated into the overall vehicle system architecture.

An electromechanically controlled clutch connects the permanently driven rear axle fully variably to the front axle. The best possible torque distribution is continuously computed according to the driving conditions and driver’s input. Transitions are seamless and based on a sophisticated matrix. Alongside traction and lateral dynamics, the all-wheel drive also improves the longitudinal dynamics for even more powerful acceleration.

2018 Mercedes-AMG GLC63 Coupe High Resolution Exterior
- image 712131

For a personalised experience: AMG DYNAMIC SELECT drive programs

The four AMG DYNAMIC SELECT drive programs "Comfort", "Sport", "Sport Plus" and "Individual" allow the driver to extensively influence the characteristics of the GLC E 63 4MATIC+. This modifies key parameters, such as the response of engine, transmission, suspension, steering, ESP® and all-wheel drive. Independently of the DYNAMIC SELECT drive programs, the driver has the option of pressing the "M" button to switch directly to manual mode, in which gearshifts are executed exclusively using the shift paddles on the steering wheel. The suspension settings can also be specially selected if required.

"Comfort" is the balanced drive program with a comfort-oriented suspension and steering set-up as well as a fuel-efficient powertrain configuration with early upshifts – including smooth gearshifts and a restrained engine sound. The ECO start/stop function and coasting function are activated. This is how it works: When the driver releases the accelerator in a speed range between 60 and 160 km/h, the clutch of the MCT transmission opens and the engine is decoupled from the powertrain. The electronics lower the engine speed to idle and driving resistance is reduced by the compression and friction forces of the engine on overrun.

The DYNAMIC SELECT "Sport" and "Sport Plus" drive programs are designed for high driving dynamics. This results from an agile accelerator pedal characteristic with direct set-up and emotively appealing gearshifts with shorter shift times and double-clutching function on downshifts. The increased idle speed in "Sport Plus" also enables especially fast pull-away and acceleration from rest.

The GLC 63 S 4MATIC+ has an additional "RACE" drive program, in which all the parameters are configured for maximum performance. With a total of five drive programs, the Performance SUV once again offers the widest choice in the segment.

Exhaust system with flap technology for variable engine sound

The as-standard typical V8 engine sound comes courtesy of an exhaust system with flap technology. It is controlled by a map and automatically operated depending on the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT drive program, the power demanded by the driver and the engine speed. Optionally available is the Performance exhaust system, which allows the sound to be modulated at the press of a button. In any case, the exhaust systems are so designed that all noise limits are complied with irrespective of the flap position.

2018 Mercedes-AMG GLC63 Coupe High Resolution Exterior
- image 712141

Specific suspension for maximum lateral and longitudinal dynamics

The agility, highly dynamic lateral acceleration and maximum grip of the new models are also thanks to the new AMG suspension with fully supporting multi-chamber air suspension, which ensures exceptionally high levels of camber stability, driving dynamics and steering precision.

The front axle features a four-link design with special steering knuckles, optimised elastokinematics and radial brake connections. Independent wheel control and wheel suspension elements enable higher lateral acceleration with minimal torque steer.

The concept for the rear axle was carried over from the E 63 4MATIC+ and specially matched to the requirements of the GLC. The model-specific multi-link concept impresses with highly precise wheel control and increased stiffness. The AMG-specific rear axle carrier makes the wider track possible in comparison with the GLC from Mercedes-Benz, while the contact surfaces of the wheel bearings have also been moved further outwards. Other measures include AMG-specific wheel carriers, stiffer elastokinematic tuning and higher negative camber.

Individual driving experience thanks to three-chamber air suspension system

Thanks to a sporty spring and damper set-up and continuously variable damping, the new three-chamber air suspension system combines exemplary driving dynamics with excellent road roar and tyre vibration characteristics. The stiffness of the air springs can be adjusted over a wide range by activating or deactivating individual air chambers, making for perceptibly enhanced comfort and handling.

There are three degrees of spring tuning, depending on the selected drive program and current driving status. The spring rate is hardened automatically in the event of sudden load changes, fast cornering, heavy acceleration or heavy braking, this effectively reducing roll and pitch while stabilising the Performance SUV.

The adaptive damping can be set in three stages – "Comfort", "Sport" and "Sport Plus" – to choose between relaxed comfort on long journeys and maximum sportiness. The rebound and compression levels are adjusted independently of each other, and the freely programmable maps permit a wide spread between minimum and maximum damper force. The difference between the comfortable and sporty suspension settings is made more refined and is clearly perceptible – depending on driving style.

The GLC 63 4MATIC+ is shod as standard with 10-spoke light-alloy wheels 8.0 J x 19 (front) and 9.0 J x 19 (rear) painted in titanium grey with a high-sheen finish and with tyres of size 235/55 R 19 (front) and 255/50 R 19 (rear). The dimensions for the GLC 63 S 4MATIC+ are 265/45 R 20 (front) and 295/40 R 20 (rear) on 5-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels painted in titanium grey with a high-sheen finish in 9.5 J x 20 (front) and 10.0 J x 20 (rear). There are other, optional wheel/tyre combinations as well as forged wheels, up to sizes of 265/40 R 21 on 9.5 J x 21 on the front axle and 295/35 R 21 on 10.0 J x 21 wheels on the rear axle.

2018 Mercedes-AMG GLC63 Coupe High Resolution Exterior
- image 712143

Rear-axle limited-slip differential: optimal traction under all conditions

For improved traction and driving dynamics, the GLC 63 4MATIC+ comes with a mechanical rear-axle limited-slip differential, while the GLC 63 S 4MATIC+ uses an electronic rear-axle limited-slip differential. Both differentials reduce the slip on the inside wheel when cornering, without control interventions by the brakes. The result: allows the driver to accelerate out of corners earlier thanks to the improved traction. The vehicle remains more stable when braking from high speed, while the limited-slip differential also improves traction from rest. Overall, the rear axle has been specially matched to the higher driving dynamics of the new Performance SUVs.

The greatest benefit of the electronic rear-axle limited-slip differential is the even more sensitive and faster control, which pushes the critical threshold higher, making it even easier to drive at the vehicle’s limits. The three-stage ESP® with "ESP ON", "ESP SPORT Handling Mode" and "ESP OFF" settings works in perfect unison with the rear-axle limited-slip differential and is optimally tuned to the outstanding dynamics.

Precise, agile handling: speed-sensitive sports steering

The electromechanical, speed-sensitive sports steering makes for precise, agile handling with authentic feedback. The driver benefits from the variable steering ratio and optimised response.

The steering also features variable power assistance with the two modes "Comfort" and "Sport". The power steering is dependent not only on the vehicle’s speed, but also on the instantaneous lateral acceleration, selected AMG DYNAMIC SELECT drive program and setting of the adjustable damping.

With 390-millimetre perforated and internally ventilated brake discs at front and rear, the compound braking system on the GLC 63 4MATIC+ ensures short stopping distances along with excellently controllable braking force.

Expressive front end with Panamericana grille

A striking characteristic of the exterior design is the expressive front end: the new GLC 63 4MATIC+ is the first Mercedes-AMG Performance vehicle to feature the Panamericana grille, which was previously reserved for the AMG GT family of sports cars. This design statement affirms the consistently dynamic design of the new Performance SUV and Coupé. A wide front apron inspired by the design of a jet wing, with a large front splitter, impressively embodies the power of the new models. By dispensing with a fine-meshed grille, it gives a view of the cooling technology – a typical attribute from the world of motor sport and a further differentiation from the other GLC models. Wider wheel arch claddings at front and rear lend emphasis to the muscular looks.

The new side sill panels make the SUV and Coupé appear to sit lower on the road while elongating the overall lines. On the S-model variant, matt iridium silver inserts make for a distinctive appearance. The muscular rear end is dominated by the wide rear apron and diffuser in grained black. The trim on the diffuser board of the S-model variant is in matt iridium silver. The SUV is for the first time provided with a spoiler lip on the roof, while the spoiler lip on the Coupé is familiar from the GLC 43 4MATIC. The exhaust system is terminated by two high-gloss chrome-plated twin tailpipe trims.

2018 Mercedes-AMG GLC63 Coupe High Resolution Interior
- image 712146

Interior also with a consistent focus on driving dynamics

The interior underscores the leadership ambition of the new mid-size Performance SUVs in terms of driving dynamics. Driver and front passenger are enclosed as standard in sports seats in ARTICO man-made leather, combined with DINAMICA microfibre, which unite excellent lateral support with functional ergonomics tailored to the job of driving.

The instrument panel is trimmed in black ARTICO man-made leather with contrasting topstitching. The high-grade look is underlined by aluminium trim. The touchpad is flanked by the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT switch and numerous AMG-specific controls, such as the button for the 3-stage AMG RIDE CONTROL suspension, 3-stage ESP® or optionally the button for the AMG Performance exhaust system with flap control.

The S-model variant comes with an even more extensive equipment package, including a Performance steering wheel in black nappa leather / DINAMICA microfibre, AMG badges in the front head restraints in combination with leather appointments and AMG instrument cluster with red highlights.

Exclusive optional extras

The AMG Performance Studio offers technical and design highlights to make the Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 4MATIC+ even sportier, more exclusive and more individual. The following provides just a selection:

AMG Performance exhaust system with flap control at the push of a button
Greater differentiation of the sound characteristics by two additional exhaust flaps
Sound characteristics dependent on selected drive program ‑ clear differentiation between a full sound in the C and S drive programs and a distinctly sporty sound in the S+ and RACE drive programs
Additional control of the sound characteristics via button on the centre control panel in the centre console
AMG Night package:
Front splitter of the AMG front apron in high-gloss black
Inserts in the AMG side sill panels in high-gloss black
Exterior mirror housings in high-gloss black
Waistline trim strip and window frame in high-gloss black
Roof rails (SUV only) matt black powdered
Heat-insulating, dark tinted glass from B-pillar
AMG sports exhaust system with two chrome-plated twin tailpipe tips
Trim strip on the diffuser board in high-gloss black (only in combination with S-model)

AMG Exterior Carbon Fibre package:
Exterior mirror housings in carbon fibre
Spoiler lip in carbon fibre
20-inch light-alloy wheels (two colour variants)
21-inch light-alloy wheels (two colour variants)
21-inch forged wheels (two colour variants)
AMG Performance Studio interior:
Upper section of instrument panel and waistlines in black nappa-look ARTICO man-made leather with contrasting topstitching in the appointments colour
Two-tone nappa leather in red pepper/black or platinum white/black, perforated
black nappa leather, perforated
designo nappa leather in platinum white/black with diamond design
designo nappa leather in black with diamond design
Trim in carbon-fibre/bright aluminium with longitudinal grain
AMG Performance seats for driver and front passenger with more heavily contoured seat shape for enhanced lateral support, with integral head restraints and "AMG" badge in the seat backrests

2018 Mercedes-AMG GLC63 Coupe High Resolution Drivetrain
- image 712147

Exclusive "Edition 1" special model at market launch

The SUV and Coupé variants of the Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 4MATIC+ and GLC 63 S 4MATIC+ are also available at launch as an "Edition 1" special model: the exclusive combination of equipment details turn the special model into the flagship of the range.

In both body variants, the Night package in high-gloss black enhances the racing-inspired looks. The sports stripes on the sides of the vehicle are in yellow or matt graphite grey, depending on the paint colour and model variant. The matt black 21-inch cross-spoke forged wheels are provided with highlights in the form of yellow or high-sheen rim flanges. The Aerodynamics package, too, draws its inspiration from the world of motor sport.

The racing feel is carried over into the interior. The sports seats are upholstered in black nappa leather and reprise the colour yellow in the contrasting topstitching of the specific diamond pattern. Black nappa leather with yellow contrasting topstitching also enhances the door centre panels, armrests and centre console. Further yellow highlights adorn the instrument cluster, floor mats and Performance steering wheel with flattened bottom section in DINAMICA microfibre with 12 o’clock marking. Added to this is AMG trim in matt carbon fibre / bright aluminium with longitudinal grain. Exclusive to the Edition 1 special model is the AMG Performance seat with diamond design and contrasting topstitching in yellow (standard in the S-Model with a corresponding exterior).

The new mid-size Performance SUVs celebrate their world premiere in April 2017. Start of sales is on 16 June 2017, while the market launch begins in September 2017.

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