Recently unveiled E-Class gets treated to a special edition first batch

Edition 1 models have become a tradition for Mercedes-Benz in recent years, so much so that when a new model bearing the Silver Arrows badge makes its debut, it won’t be long before an Edition 1 version is called into action. We’ve seen it a handful of times in recent years with the likes of the S-Class Edition 1, GLA-Class Edition 1, and CLA-Class Edition 1. Even AMG models like the AMG S63 and the AMG C63 Coupe have received Edition 1 treatments in the past. All of this is worth mentioning because Mercedes just unveiled the new E-Class Coupe, and like clockwork, that was soon followed by the debut of the E-Class Coupe Edition 1.

Like most versions of the Edition 1 kind, the E-Class Coupe Edition 1 comes bearing plenty of exclusive features that you won’t see as standard features on regular E-Class Coupe models. Likewise, it also gets packages from Mercedes’ own pantry of accessories and add-ons, also as standard features. The upgrades are mostly of cosmetic nature, similar to past Edition 1 models.

Speaking of similarities, quantity is also another shared characteristics of these models. Like its predecessors before it, the E-Class Coupe Edition 1 is reportedly limited to just 555 units, as per German blog Mercedes-Benz Passion. That’s actually a healthy total considering that past Edition 1 models came in lesser numbers.

Mercedes has made no mention on how much the E-Class Coupe Edition is going to cost. That’s not a surprise considering that even the new E-Class has no price yet either. That said, the current model retails anywhere from $54,000 to just north of $60,000 so expect the E-Class Edition 1 to fetch somewhere close to the $60,000 neighborhood.

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What makes the Mercedes E-Class Coupe Edition 1 so Special?

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Mercedes’ Edition 1 models are largely defined by features that “standard” models aren’t privy to. It could be a paint finish, interior amenities, or upgrades and packages from either Mercedes or its performance division, AMG.

The E-Class Coupe Edition 1 gets a mix of all three, starting with a body color that Mercedes describes as a “shade of matte white,” or as it’s formally known, Designo Magno Cashmere White. Granted, Mercedes has yet to announce the colors that will be available to the new E-Class Coupe, but the current model doesn’t have this particular finish as a choice, and that points to the possibility that the E-Class Edition 1 is getting this specific paint job as an exclusive.

In addition to the unique hue, the 555-piece special edition will also receive Mercedes’ Night Package and AMG Line upgrades. The former consists of components dressed in jet-black accents to make the coupe look sportier. The front apron cross trust and the air-intake fins, for instance, are recipients of these accents, as is the rear valance insert, which got a deep gloss black treatment. The chrome tailpipes do remain standard so it appears that the black chrome tailpipes included in Night Package wasn’t used. Then there’s the AMG line upgrade, a separate pack of exterior upgrades that include a new diamond grille that looks far more sophisticated than the E-Class’ standard grille. Black wing mirrors are also included in the pack, and of course, I can’t complete the list of exclusive features on the exterior of the E-Class Edition 1 without including the set of 20-inch AMG-branded wheels.

Move to the coupe’s interior and the AMG Line upgrades once again make an appearance in the form of ambient lighting, new floor mats, and interior surfaces that have been wrapped in Nappa leather and decorative piano black across the center console. Completing and validating the exclusive nature of the E-Class Edition 1 is an Edition 1 plaque that reminds everyone who sees it how exclusive and limited this particular version of the E-Class Coupe really is.

The list of upgrades included in the E-Class Edition 1 aren’t all that different from past Edition 1 models, although there are certain differences if a particular model is wearing an AMG badge. Take the CLA45 AMG Edition 1 for example. It’s not as premium a model as the E-Class Coupe but it did receive two standard paint options – Cirrus White and Night Black – and a number of at-cost optional paints, including Cosmos Black Metallic, Mountain Grey Metallic, Polar Silver Metallic, and Designo Polar Silver Magno. Some red accents on the exterior and AMG sports stripes in Matte Graphite Grey are also included in that package.

Even the interior of the CLA45 AMG Edition 1 gets plenty of features not seen on the E-Class Coupe Edition 1. Things like an AMG Performance Nappa leather-wrapped steering wheel is unique to the CLA45 AMG Edition, as are the AMG Performance seat and a dashboard that are wrapped in ARTICO man-made leather. Red contrast stitching is also a prominent feature of that cabin, helping break up the monotony of the black-dominated interior.

There are differences among all Edition 1 models and that’s a big reason why each of them is unique in its own right. The Mercedes E-Class Coupe Edition 1 follows in this tradition, setting up the new E-Class Coupe before the latter makes its official sales debut in 2017. It should only be a matter of time before Mercedes releases more information about the E-Class Coupe Edition 1, including price, availability, and potential allocation among the German automaker’s major markets.

That’s going to be crucial for would-be buyers in the U.S. because the current E-Class Coupe is not available in the U.S. – Merc’s listed E-Class variants in this region only include sedan models. Knowing that, I wouldn’t cross my fingers hoping for some kind of miracle. It’s unlikely that the E-Class Edition 1 will make its way in the U.S., which means that all 555 units of the special edition E-Class will be sold exclusively in other markets around the world.

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