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The G63 looks pretty cool in this green vinyl wrap

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Brabus is known to customize and give the vehicles it works on a unique twist. Its favorite bunny, the Mercedes-AMG G63, has been transformed into many different iterations. One of them is the Brabus 700. The aftermarket company later tweaked it again with a small performance boost and some exterior upgrades that resulted in the 700 Widestar. Now, another German company called Fostla.de has laid its hands on the Brabus 700 Widestar to give it its own twist. This pattern will make Christopher Nolan proud.

Fostla.de Has Taken The Aesthetics Up A Notch

2020 Mercedes-AMG G63 Brabus 700 By Fostla.de Exterior
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Fostla.de has made quite a few conversions inside out. The Hanover-based company has applied a special PWF Tactical-Green shade vinyl wrap on the body, which it calls the “army-look”. The 700 Widestar is further equipped with a lot of Brabus stuff, like the carbon fiber hood attachment and a rear spoiler.

Fostla.de has even lowered the body by 1.2 inches. The SUV rides on Brabus’ 24-inch Monobloc Z wheels, but Fostla has wrapped them in new tires.. It comes with low-section 295/35 tires on the front and 355/25 tires in the back. It also comes equipped with Brabus brake calipers. The spare wheel cover has a large Brabus script on it.

2020 Mercedes-AMG G63 Brabus 700 By Fostla.de Exterior
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On the inside, there’s generous use of carbon fiber elements on the steering wheel.

Alcantara is used on the center console lid and is also blended with the leather seats. The headrests have the Brabus logo stitched onto them. The highlight is the starry headliner which seems inspired by the Rolls-Royce. There are individual LEDs placed all around to give you a starry sky feel. It gels quite well with the ambient lighting on the dashboard and the door panels.

2020 Mercedes-AMG G63 Brabus 700 By Fostla.de Exterior
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Powering the SUV is a 4.0-liter, V-8 engine that churns out 691 horses and 701 pound-feet of torque.

It takes just 4.3 seconds to sprint to 62 miles an hour and tops out at 149 mph. It comes equipped with a Brabus Performance kit. It also features a sports exhaust system.

2020 Mercedes-AMG G63 Brabus 700 By Fostla.de Exterior
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Overall, this Brabus 500 Widestar by Fostla.de looks even sweeter and the vinyl wrap certainly suits it. Let us know what you feel about this SUV in the comments section below.

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Modifications to the Mercedes G63 AMG abound. Nevertheless, the crew members of fostla.de concepts from Hanover were once again the first ones who applied an army-look to the above-mentioned subject. Numerous examples from the past show that the proactive Hanoverians - as always under the leadership of Darius WALLAT - are spot on.

As fostla.de concepts is known to be a BRABUS gold partner, the Lower Saxony professional team took advantage of the opportunity, or in other words made extensive use of the BRABUS product range. First there is the conversion to BRABUS Widestar. The engine was upgraded to considerable 700 HP (= 515 kW) by using the BRABUS PowerXtra B40-700 performance kit and additionally equipped with a BRABUS BoostXtra blow-off valve.

Beside a BRABUS flap sports exhaust system, the team from fostla.de concepts also installed a BRABUS hood attachment, a rear spoiler and the RGB door sills. The eye-catching wheel-tire combination consists of forged BRABUS monobloc Z 24-inch rims of the Platinum Edition category in powder-coated glossy black with 295/35 ZR24 tires on the front and 355/25 ZR24 on the rear axle. The red brake calipers are clearly visible. As a precaution, the vehicle was also lowered by 30 mm.

Finally, fostla.de concepts applied the full vinyl wrapping to the G63 AMG in the special PWF color Badass-Brewster CC4906, also called Tactical-Green. And thats how the long list of one-off automotive items got enriched by another one. Additional information about the "Mercedes for the dirt roads" is available directly from

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