2021 Posaidon RS 830+
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2021 Posaidon RS 830+

585 horsepower is great, but 880 horsepower sounds even better!

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Posaidon has produced a number of RS 830+ packages. The first ones were based on the AMG S63 and the AMG GT 4-Door, and the newest one is based on the AMG GT R Roadster. In standard form, the AMG GT R Roadster delivers a total of 585 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque, but Posaidon found a solution to further increase the final output of the V-8 engine.

The tuner added two completely new, ball-bearing, high-performance turbochargers, forged high-performance pistons, a sports air filter, improved fuel pumps, and high-performance spark plugs. As a result the engine now delivers a total of 880 horsepower and 737 pound-feet of torque! Thanks to the extra 295 horsepower and all the updates the 0 to 60 mph sprint is now made in 2.9 seconds.

Top speed also goes up to an impressive 223 mph. And, if 880 horsepower is a little bit too much for you, Posaidon has two more options for you. The first one is called RS 830 - and it only delivers 830 horsepower and 700 pound-feet of torque. There is also an entry-level version that delivers 780 horsepower and 626 pound-feet of torque

And finally, there is a version that only includes software optimization and delivers 670 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque, which is still a very nice improvement over the factory numbers.

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Open-air super sports car: AMG GT R Roadster with up to 880 hp

Mercedes presented the glorious culmination of the AMG GT model range last year with its Black Series version, whose four-liter, twin turbo V8 produces a whopping 730 PS and 800 Nm thanks to a number of enhancements. But anyone looking for not just copious power but also the joy of driving “topless” will be disappointed; the top model only comes as a coupé. Which means that the pinnacle of the roadster program is the AMG GT R, with a limited number of only 750 cars of the soft top variant. For POSAIDON, however, the 585 hp and 700 Nm of the most powerful roadster only served as the starting point for much higher power outputs.

The M178 engine in this model that has been enhanced by the specialists from Mülheim-Kärlich into the RS 830+ now packs 880 hp and a maximum torque (electronically limited) of 1,000 Nm, so that it clearly outpaces the Black Series. This huger increase in power has been achieved with two completely new, ball-bearing, high-performance turbochargers, forged high-performance pistons, a sports air filter, improved fuel pumps and high-performance spark plugs. The combustion gases that are produced leave the engine via new manifolds and downpipes with sports catalytic converters. In addition, the engine control software has of course been meticulously fine-tuned to the new hardware. It only takes the POSAIDON RS 830+ 2.9 seconds to sprint up to 100 km/h, and because the maximum speed limit has been lifted in the central powertrain control unit, the top speed is 360 km/h! AMG SPEEDSHIFT 7-speed dual-clutch transmission still takes care of the transmission of power and has also been enhanced and optimized on in terms of both its software and hardware.

Alongside the top tuning version that is described here, POSAIDON also offers two other, less aggressive hardware-based alternatives for the AMG GT R Roadster: the RS 830 in principle uses the same components as the RS 830+, but “only” has 830 hp and 950 Nm.
Nevertheless, POSAIDON’s entry-level version, which upgrades the original turbocharger of the M178, adds downpipes with sports catalytic converters and an optimized air intake, already produces 780 hp and 850 Nm. This package also includes the reinforced transmission hardware.

Last but by no means least, POSAIDON rounds off its offer with a purely software optimization: in this case, the sports car from Affalterbach is upgraded to 670 hp and 800 Nm. By the way, these performance enhancements do not necessarily have to be based on the AMG GT R; POSAIDON can also offer them in this or a similar form for the less powerful GT, GT S and GT C works models. The removal of top speed limitation is available for all AMG and Mercedes models.

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