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2005 - 2013 Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard by TOPCAR

2005 - 2013 Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard by TOPCAR

TOPCAR has popped back into the TopSpeed offices, straight out of Russia, with an all-new bespoke vehicle. Last time we caught up with our Russian custom car friends they were getting their Panamera Stingray 9/25 ready for the 2012 Moscow International Automobile Salon. Now they have delivered us a little more comfort and loads of safety with their Guard upgrade kit for the 2005 through 2013 Mercedes-Benz S600.

TOPCAR began by stripping this S600 down and adding in bullet-proof glass and paneling to keep its occupants safe. While the armoring is cool and likely costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, we are interested mostly in what the armor is protecting. No, not the occupants, we are talking about that gorgeous interior!

The entire interior covering has been removed and replaced from headliner to floor – yeah, we said the floor too – with an elegant blend of lozenge-textured crocodile, Nappa, and Alcantara leather. Sure, using crocodile leather isn’t the most PETA-friendly thing in the world, but when you have the roughly $100K that TOPCAR put into the interior, you can tell PETA to go save a squirrel. Plus, we’re pretty sure their presence in Russia is nearly non-existent.

The crocodile leather wraps up the seats, doors, dashboard, and floor. Gracing the luggage compartment is diamond-quilted Nappa leather, making a comfortable ride for your golf clubs or whatever else you like to stick in your trunk. With our contact at TOPCAR volunteering that sometimes the term “crazy Russian” is justified, we will leave the other trunk-dwelling objects to your imagination.

You also get a huge amount of custom Karelian birch wood trim to set off all of this beautifully crafted leather. To wrap up the package, TOPCAR replaced all of the Benz’s lowly chrome trim with gold-covered pieces. I mean, you can never rock crocodile leather with chrome trim after Labor Day, right?

“Wow” just about sums up this car. When it comes to tiptoeing the line between fantastically gorgeous and horrendously overdone, TOPCAR toed that line with the expertise we expected. Awesome job!

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Russian billionaire buys Adolf Hitler's customized Mercedes for an approximate $6-15 million

Russian billionaire buys Adolf Hitler’s customized Mercedes for an approximate $6-15 million

If you were a billionaire with too much money to last you a zillion lifetimes, would you spend approximately $6 to 15 million on a car that once belonged to the man responsible for the most destructive war in history?

Apparently for this Russian billionaire, the answer is yes.

The car is a customized blue Grosser Mercedes-Benz 770K, which – as a matter of fact – used to belong to no less than Adolf Hitler. Granted, this man has more money than a number of countries, but we figured that anything is off limits when it comes to Hitler himself.

Then again, we don’t have $15 million and this guy has them in his piggy bank so we really can’t tell him what to do.

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