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Mercedes Is Giving Away An AMG C43 Coupe During The Super Bowl

Mercedes Is Giving Away An AMG C43 Coupe During The Super Bowl

Are you the next winner winner, chicken dinner?

Do you have a smartphone, a finger, and an astounding amount of free time? Then you could very well win a pumped-up German luxury two-door in Mercedes’ latest promotion.

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Mercedes Won't Have Any Commercials In Super Bowl 50

Mercedes Won’t Have Any Commercials In Super Bowl 50

German automaker says that it will take a different marketing approach this year

Mercedes is typically a strong presence during the Super Bowl. Just last year, it ran a one-minute commercial called “Fable”, advertising the Mercedes-AMG GT. That ad reportedly cost Mercedes $9 million. It had its desired effect as, according to AutoTrade, online searches for the AMG GT increased by an incredible 3,107 percent after the commercial aired during the game, making it the biggest search increase by any of the brands that aired a commercial during the Super Bowl.

With the success it received from its ads last year, it seemed like a certainty that Mercedes would once again have a presence in Super Bowl 50, right? Well, as it turns out, the German automaker is doing the exact opposite after announcing that it would not air any commercials during the Super Bowl. The company said that it plans to run “more targeted campaigns” for new models like the E-Class and the SLC and the cost of running a one-minute ad in Super Bowl 50 - $10 million - could instead be used to achieve these objectives. Obviously, the cost of paying that much for a 60-second commercial isn’t really a problem for Mercedes. It’s just that the automaker believes that it could spread out that money to achieve better results.

So, when you’re watching Super Bowl 50 on February 7, 2016, don’t expect Mercedes to be a part of it. All’s not lost, though, since other car brands have already confirmed their plans to run commercials during the big game. As of today, Acura, Audi, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, and Mini are already lined up with more automakers scheduled to follow in the coming weeks. Don’t count on Mercedes changing its mind though.

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