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2017 MG GS

2017 MG GS

A Chinese crossover with a British badge

The MG marque has been around for a very long time, first seeing use in the ‘20s. Throughout the course of its history, a variety of owners have come and gone, with the latest being the Shanghai-based SAIC Motor Corporation. And while most associate the brand with sports cars like the MGB, lately the automaker has focused on creating models that are a little more capable when it comes to padding the bottom line. In the U.K., that means hatchbacks (the MG 3) and sedans (the MG 6), and now, there’s a third body style coming down the pipeline – a compact crossover. It’s called the MG GS, and although the brand is calling it new, it looks more or less unaltered from the MG GS currently sold in China.

We first saw the MG GS in concept form at the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show. Back then, it was called the MG CS, and it showed a ton of promise, at least aesthetically speaking. Two years later, MG dropped a production variant at the very same show, consequently offering it as an exclusive product for the Chinese market. Now, it’s coming to the U.K., following a debut at the London Motor Show.

In addition to a highly affordable price tag and the availability of a new double-clutch transmission, the automaker is proud to advertise the MG GS as its first-ever SUV, undoubtedly piggybacking off the trend set by high-end makes like Bentley and Jaguar. And while the market is certainly eager when it comes to crossovers, it’s questionable whether or not the MG GS will have what it takes in a segment already overflowing with competition.

Official specs are scarce, but given the MG GS’ current availability in China, I feel confident about filling in the gaps. Read on for details.

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