Could the Cyberster be foreshadowing the return of exciting MG sports cars?

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Nowadays, due to the economic boom in some countries, as well as the popularization of electric vehicles, we see a lot of start-up manufacturers. What we also see are old names coming back from retirement. MG is one such name. After nearly 40 years of sitting on the side bench, the MG name is back. Sadly, their current model line-up consists of bland affordable crossovers and SUVs. However, the marque might be looking to regain its former glory by introducing a bonkers new model in the form of the MG Cyberster, which will debut at the Shanghai Auto Show later this month.


2021 MG Cyberster Concept - A 500-Mile Sporty EV
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Although the current crossover line-up of the newly-reformed British carmaker is still struggling to find its identity, their sports cars have always been easy to distinguish from the rest. The rounded forms and streamlined design, familiar from models like the MGB and the more recent MG TF, have been reinterpreted in the Cyberster concept in a more aggressive and supercar-like manner.

2021 MG Cyberster Concept - A 500-Mile Sporty EV
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We have MG’s Advanced Design Studio in London to thanks for this stunning creation.

The concept manages to blend the signature round headlights, now LED, with a slim grille design, similar to that of some modern Ferrari and McLaren models.

It also has the interactive “Magic eye” headlights, which open when switched on. The most notable feature on the side is the “Laser belt”, which extends from the front wheel arch and spans throughout most of the door. The MG Cyberster’s design is finished by a Kamm end, featuring an LED taillight spanning the entire rear, which drops down towards what seems to be LED strips resembling parts of the British flag. It’s a futuristic concept, true to its roots.

2021 MG Cyberster Concept - A 500-Mile Sporty EV
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The interior shots reveal a minimalistic but driver-focused interior, featuring a steering wheel coming straight from Motorsports, a digital instrument cluster, and a thin center console twisted towards the driver. Among the car’s features will be an intelligent electrical architecture allowing for 5G interconnectivity.

Drivetrain & Performance

2021 MG Cyberster Concept - A 500-Mile Sporty EV
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Although most of the juicy details regarding the car’s capabilities are still a mystery, we do have some of the figures. The MG Cyberster is said to be capable of covering the 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) discipline in less than 3.0 seconds. We also know it’s going to be an EV, although we still don’t know how many electric motors or if both axles will be driven. What we do know is that the Cyberster promises a range of 500 miles (800 km) on a single charge, which is more than any other EV, currently on sale. That said, if the car’s electric range is measured according to the EPA’s methodology, the figure might be slightly lower.


2021 MG Cyberster Concept - A 500-Mile Sporty EV
- image 980670

What we know so far sounds very good, but will the Cyberster make it to production? According to the latest intel, MG is indeed planning to launch a sports model this year, but it is said to be a coupe. Could the Cyberster foreshadow a roadster version as well? With the financial might of SAIC Motor - MG’s Chinese parent company - the old British marque has suddenly found itself in a pleasant position. With this in mind, we are certain the Chinese investors would surely be keen on bringing back some of the excitement we know from old MG sports cars.

What Is MG Hinting At With This Cyberster Concept Rendering?

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