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2011 Michel Gitano

2011 Michel Gitano

It’s not everyday that a hybrid sports car from the Philippines finds itself on the floor of one of the world’s biggest auto shows. Yet that’s where the Michel Gitano will find itself in a week’s time at the 2011 SEMA Auto Show.

As one of the relatively anonymous participants of the world’s biggest aftermarket auto show, the Gitano is hoping to catch some serious love and attention from the gathered crowd at SEMA in hopes of catching interest in being the first Filipino-made hybrid sports car.

Full details of the Michel Gitano have yet to be revealed, but word has it that the sports car will be able to produce in excess of 250 horsepower from its hybrid powerplant.

For now, the people from Michel Motors have released a couple of teasers of the Gitano ahead of its world debut at the 2011 SEMA Auto Show.

For a relatively anonymous manufacturer to come to SEMA is a big step in the direction of gaining recognition from its peers. Here’s to hoping that the Gitano lives up to all the hype of it being the very first Filipino-made hybrid sports car.

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UPDATE 11/07/2011: We have added live images from the SEMA Show. Find them in the picture gallery.

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