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Indigen Armor releases the armor-encased Non-Standard Tactical Truck

The latest in military auto technology has arrived, or, as a better description, has rolled out into the battlefield. Indigen Armor, makers of armored vehicles known for their stout sturdiness, recently unveiled their latest masterpiece, the Non-Standard Tactical Truck, or NSTT, for short.

Described by Indigen Armor as an "ideal, lightweight alternative to heavy legacy vehicles," the armor-encased NSTT comes with four-wheel drive, scalable armor packages as well as a monster 6.0-liter turbo-diesel engine. These features make it an ideal vehicle to use in those high-hostility areas of conflict like urban streets, deserts, woodlands, jungles, and, if the situation calls for it, mountains and arctic terrains.

Indigen Armor left a lot of the specifications of the NSTT under wraps, only leaving us with this pretty cool video of the car being tested. That will probably be the only time we’d be psyched about getting into a car while an AK-47 tries to gun us down.

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