The Mini Clubman is undoubtedly a fun-to-drive model, but Mac Audio has found a solution to make it even more so. Clearly, from the name of the tuner, we can venture a guess that the Clubman has received an impressive audio system, but it has also received exterior and interior updates and an extra 55 HP.

The Mini Clubman is painted in a new matte white special color and sits on a new set of 15-inch Oxigin rims, 8’ x 18’ wheels (also painted in white with use of special coating). For the extra power, the tuner has added adjusted the engine electronic system, a modified exhaust system, and optimized air intake pipes.

The interior is where Mac Audio truly shined with a Mac Audio Star X 2.16 front and rear loudspeakers system. The whole interior was then wrapped in 12m2 of Dynamat Xtreme insulating material in order to eliminate vibration and rattling. An Audiovox VME 9325BTA Head was also installed and enables the user to control navigation using iPod, iPhone, USB, DVB-T, and Bluetooth by touchscreen.


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  (401) posted on 12.8.2011

It looks so cool on its graphic design, and I noticed that its optimized air intake pipes only adds an aggressive look on it. Moreover, I don’t like the fact that they adjust more the engine electronic system of it.

  (449) posted on 11.8.2011

Is it, a race car or a minivan? Anyway, I can say that I’m glad to see another model of the Mini Clubman. smiley However, I’m so disappointed to know that it is on an engine electronic system.

  (317) posted on 11.1.2011

Wow! A new Mini! smiley Well, I bet that this Clubman of them is also a big success for them! Anyway, if I’m not mistaken it is a race car, right? Well, I hope that they will use an impressive engine for this one.

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