With so many auto brands going the way of producing art cars over the years, it certainly doesn’t surprise us that somebody would do something with a MINI. So when the German automaker decided to commission renowned artist, Magda Sayegis, to put her talents to good use on a MINI Countryman, we weren’t exactly shocked.

As part of the company’s ‘Wanderlust’ campaign, MINI enlisted the services of Sayegis, a noted artist that became famous for wrapping public spaces around the world with custom yarn knitting. This time around, her subject isn’t a public park or the outside of a museum, but a live MINI Countryman.

Jim McDowell, Vice President MINI USA, said in a statement: "The MINI Countryman embodies the Wanderlust feeling like no other MINI model and the company is launching this interactive campaign to demonstrate how anyone, not just MINI Marketing, can take part in the fun and express what Wanderlust means to them."

Mayegis yarned up the Countryman pretty good at her Wanderlust-inspired event in Austin, Texas. After finishing up the final touches of the yarn-bombed Countryman, Sayegis and her friends celebrated the occasion with a picnic where the car was officially displayed for all the participants to see.

  • 2011 MINI Countryman ’Wanderlust’ by Magda Sayegis
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  (382) posted on 04.25.2012

It is obviously very surprising. It looks like a rainbow being nicely customized like that.

  (570) posted on 12.8.2011

It is absolutely very shocking! Well, it is really so noticeable on that and lovely either. I just wonder if Magda Sayegis also update and make some changes on the interior of this Countryman?

  (504) posted on 09.28.2011

Nice customized and well inspired car. I like the weird look it made it very expressive car of the owner, putting so much touch and self expression. Very mean car.

  (238) posted on 09.14.2011

Looks like a candy toy car for me, but very forcible of customizing the exterior of the MINI Countryman. Not bad at all.

  (453) posted on 05.6.2011

2011 Mini Countryman looks so inspiring type of model because of its artistic and fashionable stylish design it appears to be a very cool features. It actually had appealing outlooks that makes it popular in the public.

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