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Only one day after BMW announced the official details on the new generation 1-Series, Mini has also joined in on the party by releasing details of their own for their much anticipated Mini Coupe . Last seen at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009 as a mere concept, the first two-seater in the company’s lineup will make its world debut at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show with sales to begin shortly after. Prices will be announced at a later date.

The new Mini Coupe will come sporting an entire lineup of four cylinder engines ranging from the base Coupe with 121 HP up to the John Cooper Works Coupe with 208 HP. It will also be the fastest-accelerating MINI ever with the highest top speed. The JCW Coupe, for example, will sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 6.1 seconds and will be capable of a top speed of 149 mph.

UPDATE 06/21/2011: Mini has revealed the official images for their latest model in the line-up, as well as pricing details for the American market. The base model will go on sale at a starting price of $22,000, while the S variant will cost $25,300 and the JCW will be priced at $31,900.

UPDATE 08/09/11: Want to play around and build your own MINI Coupe? Well, now you can get that opportunity! The German automaker has officially unveiled the online configurator for the car, which you can use to make your very own virtual MINI Coupe. Who knows, you might end up liking your work that you buy one for yourself.

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  • 2012 Mini Coupe
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Torque @ RPM:
  • Displacement:
    1.6 L
  • 0-60 time:
    6.1 sec.
  • Top Speed:
    149 mph
  • body style:

Exterior and Interior

2012 Mini Coupe Exterior Spyshots
- image 404968

Take on look at this Coupe and there’s no denying it is definitely a Mini. The proportions are kept about the same with the Coupe measuring in at 3,728 mm in length, 2,467 mm for the wheelbase, 1,459 mm for the front track, and 1,467 mm for the rear-axle track. The same jutted front end is seen with the standard Mini headlights and grille, but the company has changed the overall structure a bit by adopting a three-box body: engine compartment, passenger compartment, and boot. This change allows for a more Gran Turismo-style rear end. The Mini Coupe also gets a distinctive "helmet roof" form, optimized aerodynamic properties, a wide-opening tailgate, and a large, variable-use luggage area.

A new feature unique to a Mini model is the active rear spoiler. This spoiler pops up automatically when the MINI Coupe reaches a speed of 50 mph. When the speed drops below 37 mph again, a four-part control mechanism returns the spoiler to its rest position.


2012 Mini Coupe Drivetrain
- image 404956

The new Mini Coupe will be offered with the latest generation of four-cylinder engines fitted on three different models: MINI Cooper Coupe, MINI Cooper S Coupe, and MINI John Cooper Works Coupe. Europeans will also receive the MINI Cooper SD Coupe powered by a 2.0 liter diesel power plant that delivers 141 HP and 225 lb-ft of torque.

The base Coupe model is powered by a 1.6 liter four-cylinder petrol engine that delivers a total of 121 HP at 6,000 rpm and a peak torque of 118 lb-ft at 4,250 rpm. This model will sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 8.3 seconds, while top speed sits at 127 mph.

The next model, the S Coupe, is powered by the same 1.6-liter engine, but delivers more power thanks to a combination of turbocharging, direct injection, and variable valve management. These features get the engine pumping with 181 HP at 5,500 rpm and a peak torque of 177 lb-ft at 1,600 rpm. The 0-60 mph sprint can then be made in 6.5 seconds and its top speed stands at 142 mph.

2012 Mini Coupe Exterior Spyshots
- image 404948

The most powerful model is of course the John Cooper Works Coupe. It is powered by a 1.6 liter four-cylinder engine with a twin-scroll turbocharger and direct injection that delivers 208 HP and a peak torque of 192 lb-ft at 6000 rpm. Take advantage of the Overboost function and that torque can be increased to 207 lb-ft for a short time. The MINI John Cooper Works Coupe will rocket from a standstill to 60 mph in 6.1 seconds on the way to a top speed of 149 mph.

The transmission options for the full lineup of Mini Coupes will include a six-speed manual gearbox fitted as standard and an optional six-speed automatic will also be available for the MINI Cooper S Coupe and MINI Cooper Coupe.


2012 Mini Coupe Exterior Spyshots
- image 404958

The new Mini Coupe is set to make its world debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show with sales to begin shortly after. Prices will be announced at a later date.


2012 Mini Coupe Exterior
- image 405084

The new Mini Coupe will go on sale around the same time Fiat sends the 500 to the US market in both coupe and cabrio version, making it the Mini Coupe’s natural competitor. Right off the bat, the Mini Coupe has the advantage over the Fiat 500 because of its engine options. The Fiat 500 only comes with one engine option: an all-new 1.4-liter, in-line four-cylinder engine with state-of-the-art MultiAir technology that delivers 101 HP at 6,500 rpm and 98 lb.-ft. of torque at 4,000 rpm.

It has been rumored that Fiat will end up producing an Abarth version of its 500 for the States, so if that happens, maybe the JCW Coupe will have something to contend with. If not, Mini has this thing beat by a landslide.

2012 Mini Coupe Exterior Spyshots
- image 404961
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  (427) posted on 12.28.2011

It has a fresh a good-looking appearance for a Mini Coupe. I just don’t appreciates the design on its back. But anyway, when will it be released? What’s the price?

  (1211) posted on 12.26.2011

It has a fresh a good-looking appearance for a Mini Coupe. I just don’t appreciates the design on its back. However, anyway, when will it be released? What’s the price?

  (577) posted on 12.16.2011

And here I was, laughing at the idea of a Mini SUV. However, when I saw this one, and the Mini Roadster that they planned to release soon, I think that the SUV would actually not be a far-fetched idea after all.

  (526) posted on 12.14.2011

I love the graphic design on this coupe, and I think that is the reason, why they say that it looks like a Ford Mustang. Anyway, 208 hp is definitely not good enough for a race car like this.

  (238) posted on 12.8.2011

Yeah! It really looks like the small version of Ford Mustang, and I can say that it truly looks so cute on that! Moreover, I noticed that its maximum speed is already impressive for a little vehicle like with this Mini.

  (415) posted on 11.22.2011

I’m really so impressed with its technology features which I truly didn’t expect for a small vehicle like this. smiley Anyway, I must say that I love also the cuteness of its platform.

  (530) posted on 11.21.2011

Yeah right! A baby Mustang from Mini, awesome! smiley Kidding aside, I must say that I’m so impressed with its technology feature, which is really very striking for a small vehicle like this.

  (472) posted on 11.20.2011

Yeah! I have to agree with that! It really looks like the cute small version of Mustang vehicle! smiley Well, I will surely wait for the debut of this Cooper! Anyway, I’m already quite satisfied with its engine.

  (382) posted on 11.13.2011

It looks like the small version of Ford Mustang! hehehehe Seriously, Mini truly looks so cute and fabulous on its platform and to its other detailing, and I must say that it is another success of them.

  (231) posted on 11.3.2011

This Mini coupe is still looking so cute on its platform, and if I’m not mistaken it is a race car, right? Well, the aesthetic design of it is kind of impressive but what I’ve I really love the most here are its technology features! smiley

  (197) posted on 09.8.2011

Just like the previous model, the styling of the vehicle remains the same. The exterior is kind of bloat loaded. However,I’m so impressed with the speed performance of the car. I wonder if we can see this vehicle in the Frankfurt?

  (449) posted on 09.8.2011

The good thing about the Mini is that they know on how to listen. I was impressed on the modification of its styling, it look so modern now. And its awesome as well that the have boost the speed performance of the car.

  (595) posted on 08.10.2011

Mini will offer a three model and for me, it’s a good idea to give us choices. The features of the car is impressive, especially the interior. On the other hand, the exterior styling is still not final. Hopefully, they can now make a final design because the Frankfurt Auto Show is near. I’m also looking for the pricing of the car.

  (580) posted on 08.10.2011

Yeah, I was asking on what of the car is great. Anyways, I’m really impressed with the high technology for this vehicle. BTW, the new version of the MINI have offered a variety of options.

  (412) posted on 08.10.2011

I’m really disappointed on the styling of the MINI for I thought they haven’t change since the first it was debuted! I would love to see an enhance and modernize platform for this vehicle.

  (287) posted on 08.9.2011

I wonder on why they need to hide the face of the car behind the camouflage? For sure the styling of the car would be still outdated. BTW, the figure performance of this small car is quiet remarkable.

  (398) posted on 08.9.2011

Wow! It seems that the variety of option for a car would be a great selling deal! The technology feature here is kind of modern and reliable!

  (797) posted on 07.25.2011

Comparing the MINI to Fiat, I would say that I will go with the Fiat 500 although there’s a newer high technology features in the car. I guess camouflage has no use for this car.

  (580) posted on 07.25.2011

I don’t think that the Mini have a sporty look and I only know them for making a small car. I didn’t know that they are making coupe version as well. The speed performance of the car is kind of disappointing and it seems that they are using an outdated engine for the car.

  (410) posted on 06.24.2011

Good thing that this one doesn’t have that much competitors, it will really stand out on its own. But the Fiat 500 is also starting to be a looker with that coupe version of theirs.

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