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Mini just introduced the Cooper Oxford Edition. It is a special edition Cooper intended for full- or part-time students, postgraduates or those who graduated in the past year. Albeit being the cheapest Cooper on offer right now, the car actually packs more gear than the entry-level Cooper Classic. Small fun hatch is available in three-door and in five-door form with the prices starting at $19,750 (destination charge excluded). The five-door is a $1,000 more expensive.


2019 Mini Cooper Oxford Edition Exterior
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Of course, one cannot expect any major cosmetic changes compared with the regular Mini Cooper, but the Oxford Edition did gain 17-inch wheels and an option for six different paint hues.

Interestingly enough, you can choose any of those six colors totally free of charge.

Usually, Mini charges $500 for some of these options. Two of those cool color options include British Racing Green and Starlight Blue.

As a final touch, Mini integrated a panoramic roof. This is usually $1,000 optional gear for the upper trims of the Cooper, but Mini offers it as a part of the Oxford Edition model. As for the name, I have to say that Mini did not refer to the Oxford University with it, but their headquarters in Oxford. Although, I am sure that on the “let’s-pick-a-name” meeting, the Oxford Edition was chosen partly because of Oxford University’s popularity.


2014 Mini Cooper Interior
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Moving to the cabin, you may find heated front seats, a dark headliner (for the hardtop as well), and manual transmission. The automatic is available but for a premium of $1,250.

Standard equipment also includes Leatherette upholstery, an infotainment system with 6.5-inch screen, a rearview camera, a central armrest, and improved Bluetooth capabilities.

After all, Mini knows students will hook up their Cooper with all sorts of garbage. It has to work.


2019 Mini Cooper Oxford Edition Exterior
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The 1.5-liter, turbocharged, three-cylinder engine is the only option for the 2019 Mini Cooper Oxford Edition.

While you may link it with the manual, or the automatic, the engine develops 134 horsepower and 162 pound-feet of torque.

Not exactly a powerhouse, but definitely enough powerful for student tasks. Despite sounding less than enthusiastic, the 134 horsepower can actually accelerate the small Cooper to 60 mph in 7.3 seconds. When equipped with the six-speed automatic, that is. The manual will do the same job in 7.4 seconds.


2019 Mini Cooper Oxford Edition Exterior
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It may be that the 2019 Mini Cooper Oxford Edition is the best value for money you can get with Mini.

In its least expensive form, the Mini Cooper Oxford Edition is actually a sub-$20,000 car (excluding $850 for destination).

Considering just how much added gear one gets, I would say that this is the best offer from Mini I have seen in a while. The only thing is that you cannot lease it. Only buy it as The Drive reports.

Furthermore, the Oxford Edition is actually a limited offering, but Mini officials refused to comment just how limited it is. Considering all the added equipment, Mini reckons one is saving more than $3,500 with opting for this model. Actually, some of the equipment integrated into the Oxford Edition isn’t even available as an option for the Mini Cooper Classic (the entry-level version).


2019 Mini Cooper Oxford Edition Exterior
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It may be tricky to get this car after all. Mini is quite strict with their rules about selling this car to graduates, students and the like. This is their comment:

“The MINI Oxford Edition represents a tremendous value for college students and recent graduates who are looking for a fun, stylish car that won’t break the bank,” said Randy Clements, Department Head, Product Planning & Aftersales, MINI USA. “Eligible students and graduates can save thousands on a well-equipped MINI that is ideal to get them to get to campus or their first job out of school in style.”

All in all, if you want possibly the best deal with a Mini, this is it.

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