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The Mini Cooper SE Wasn't the First All-Electric Mini After All

The Mini Cooper SE Wasn’t the First All-Electric Mini After All

Those Mini Coopers In "The Italian Job" Had To Be Electric Because California

The crew that filmed 2003’s The Italian Job had to overcome a couple of obstacles and one of them was that they weren’t allowed to drive combustion-engine cars inside Los Angeles’ subway tunnels. So, they switched to electricity.

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Video: MINI promotes 2012 London Olympics with the "Britalian Job"

Video: MINI promotes 2012 London Olympics with the "Britalian Job"

The 2012 London Olympics is a little over a month away so it’s hardly surprising that we’re seeing a lot of promo videos coming out hyping up the quadrennial sporting spectacle.

One automaker that has taken this route is MINI and their recently unveiled video called the "Britalian Job."

Produced in the same vein as the 1969 classic "The Italian Job," the video features a number of MINIs trying to chase after a thief who stole gold. Well, if you’ve ever seen the Italian Job, you’ll know how the video ends. The special edition MINIs chase after the thief and relive some of the more iconic scenes from the movie, particularly driving down the Duke of York Steps off the Mall, chasing through through Leadenhall market, and the cars coming out of the same Park Lane basement as the movie. The video even has a couple of British Olympic legends in it, including Daley Thompson and Matthew Pinset, as well as racer and model Jodie Kidd.

"It was great fun making this film and London makes such a brilliant setting for an action sequence like this," said James Cracknell, British rowing champion and double Olympic gold medalist.

Check out the video and see exactly what Mr. Cracknell is talking about.

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