Mini is an iconic British brand that produces small city cars, convertibles, and city SUVs with a clear sporty edge. Since Mini is owned by BMW, all Mini cars heavily rely on technology conceived by BMW engineers. Mini cars also cherish a rich history and heritage that shaped the British automotive landscape in the second half of the 20th century. When Sir Alec Issigonis proposed a design for a small people’s car to the British Motor Corporation in the late fifties, he started an automotive revolution on a worldwide scale. Turning the engine layout from longitudinal to transverse position, installing a small gearbox next to it and linking it to front wheels freed up a whole lot of space in the back. This layout provided a perfect platform for the creation of the small family car that later becomes the Mini.
In the Nineties, BMW bought the company and started working on the production version of a new Mini in 1998. Since it took over the company, it introduced several cars under the Mini brand name including the One and the Cooper, as well as crossovers such as Paceman and Countryman.