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First All-Electric Mini Set For 2019 Arrival; BMW X3 EV To Follow In 2020

First All-Electric Mini Set For 2019 Arrival; BMW X3 EV To Follow In 2020

BMW has made a lot of gains in electrification, but the competition is coming up too

With rival automakers continuing to push for the development of autonomous driving technology, BMW is ramping up its own efforts and it’s not limiting itself to just the main brand. Speaking with Bloomberg, BMW CEO Harald Krueger confirmed that the German automaker is preparing the first battery-powered model under the Mini brand with a target to get it out on the market by 2019.

Details about the model have yet to be disclosed, but Krueger said that it would be competitive in the critical aspects of the market, including range and price. The announcement doesn’t come as a surprise as the landscape of the industry continues to shift towards an electrified future. Mini’s rivals, including Opel and Renault, were actively present at the 2016 Paris Motor Show to tout their new electric models. Renault, in particular, presented an EV version of the Zoe that promised an NED cycle-certified range of 250 miles.

It’s not yet known if that number is going to be the new standard in the industry, but expect the Mini EV to have similar credentials on the back of advancements made by BMW in electrification. The German automaker has, after all, pushed for hybrid and EV developments earlier than most companies, having done so as early as the turn of the decade, culminating in the creation of the “i” subbrand and the release of the i3 hatchback in 2013 and the i8 sports coupe in 2014. Expect the upcoming Mini EV to benefit from BMW’s headstart in this field.

In related news, Krueger also announced that a battery-powered version of the X3 SUV is also in the pipeline, albeit with a later release date (2020) compared to the Mini EV. The same strategy is expected to be deployed for the SUV as the German automaker looks to bolster its lineup of electric vehicles ahead of the impending onslaught of EV models to hit the market from its competitors.

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PSA Tie-In With GM will Likely End Part of its Relationship With BMW

The web tying varying automakers to one another is a very complex, yet delicate thing. One strand heading the wrong direction can cause an automaker to break off another connection, and we see it every day. One prime example was when AMG hacked off its advertising ties with Ducati just because Audi bought the company. Really, what do motorcycles have to do with your competing with Audi in the automobile realm?

Well, we have another bit of info to pass on in regards to one partnership killing another. Recently PSA, the parent company of Peugeot and Citroen, increased its stake in a partnership with GM affiliate, Opel, to develop four vehicle platforms together. This leads BMW to believe that PSA will not have the ability to fulfill its partnership duties in reference to BMW’s developing Hybrid platform.

A BMW spokesperson said “We are discussing conditions for the exit of PSA but we will not make any payments,” in an interview with Reuters. In addition, PSA has accepted the fact that this new relationship with GM will force it to “change the conditions” in its partnership with BMW. This likely means that BMW will buy-out PSAs share of the investment in the project and take development into its own hands.

This will not, however, affect the other relationships that BMW and PSA have going on. The largest of these relationships is the partnership between the two to build the MINI Cooper’s engine.

We’ll keep an eye on what’s going on with this development and let you know if anything else pops up. For now, this seems like a pretty open-and-shut case.

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2011 MINI Cooper S "Inspired by Goodwood" by Rolls-Royce

2011 MINI Cooper S "Inspired by Goodwood" by Rolls-Royce

Seeing as both brands fall under the BMW umbrella, it wasn’t really a far-fetched idea to have British luxury automaker, Rolls Royce, and German carmaker, MINI, tie up for a special edition project. The question wasn’t so much if these two highly regarded brands could collaborate, but more of when they would do it.

Apparently, that question has finally been answered.

At the Shanghai Auto Show, MINI and Rolls Royce will introduce a limited production Cooper S model called the “MINI Inspired by Goodwood’, a direct homage to the latter’s base of operations in Goodwood, England.

The car was developed with the help of the Rolls Royce design team and, together with the folks from MINI, they created a car that will be produced in only 1,000 units. The “MINI Inspired by Goodwood” is decked out with the kind of exclusive and luxury amenities that only Rolls Royce can be known for.

It’s been a long time in the making, but hey, at the very least we finally get to see the car in full production guise. Let’s just all hope that this car won’t cost as much as a Ghost or a Phantom.

UPDATE 08/19/2011:: The whispers of Mini sending some of this special edition MINI’s 1,000 units over to the US were correct, but we don’t have to pay the converted price of $68,000. Nope, official pricing for the Mini GoodWood sits at $52,000, according to reports. This new, lower price still makes the MINI Cooper S "Inspired by Goodwood" the most expensive small premium car. Hey, Rolls Royce inspiration doesn’t come cheap, especially considering the Mini Cooper models in the States cost between $19K and $28K, depending on the model. All in all, Mini will be sending 140 units over to our side of the pond. Orders will begin next month and the first deliveries will be made in the second quarter of 2012. (MotoringFile)

More details on the MINI Cooper S "Inspired by Goodwood" by Rolls-Royce after the jump.

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American Icon: a Mini Cooper with one-million Swarvoski crystals

American Icon: a Mini Cooper with one-million Swarvoski crystals

"American Icon", is the first creation of CrystalArt Inc., formed to combine the skills and talents of Ken and Annie Burkitt, pioneers in the artistic usage of crystals and the forward thinking of David Moyal, president of 1-800 Postcards Inc, one of New York’s largest print imagery companies.
CrystalArt Inc’s “American Icon” car features over one-million Swarvoski® crystals in 50 different shades of color to represent the 50 states. Handcrafted, each stone was meticulously placed by four (...)

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