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2013 Mini Countryman ALL4 Camp

2013 Mini Countryman ALL4 Camp

With the introduction of the Mini Countryman ALL4, the number of four-wheel-drive models in the automaker’s lineup increases, giving us more choices on which of these models will suit our four-wheel-drive fancy.

Apparently, MINI has something in store for the Countryman ALL4 and it involves having a tricked-out tent on its roof. Camping season is upon us, and Mini’s got the perfect outdoor companion in the form of the Countryman ALL4 Camp.

As the name suggests, the Countryman ALL4 Camp is a mobile camping machine in the sense that you can literally move your camp around without having to worry about packing it up and stuffing it into the cargo hull. That’s because the camp is already set up...on the roof!

All you have to do is use a ladder to head upstairs into the tent, fold out the upper half of the tent out of its storage box, fluff up the pillows and you’re ready to get that much-needed snooze time. Once you’re up and about, you can enjoy the spectacular view that the Countryman’s higher ride height provides.

When you’re ready to head out for more adventure, you can stow away the tent into its box, climb down the ladder, and ride your mountain bike that’s stowed on the specially-fitted bicycle rack.

The Mini Countryman ALL4 Camp is the suitable partner for all those weekend camping trips, which at this time of the year, will undoubtedly pick up in volume.

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Video: Mini Attempts the World's First Unassisted 360-Degree Backflip

Video: Mini Attempts the World’s First Unassisted 360-Degree Backflip

It looks like 2013 started pretty crazy for Mini. The company attempted the world’s first unassisted 360-degree backflip in an automobile. Using a specially modified John Cooper Works Countryman and with French daredevil Guerlain Chicherit behind the wheel, Mini proved that the gravity can be defeated.

The Countryman JCW managed to hit a height of about 39 feet, but unfortunately the video does not reveal the landing. However, we do hope it was a successful one. We’re sure the complete video will be launched soon.

As a reminder, the Countryman JCW is powered by a turbocharged 1.6-liter engine that delivers a total of 218 horsepower and up to 221 pound-feet of torque. The car will sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 7 seconds and is capable of hitting a top speed of 140 mph.

Our advice to you is don’t try this at home! You will learn everything there is to know about this attempt pretty soon when Mini will release the full details.

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Next-Gen X1 Will Go Front-Wheel Drive and Share Mini Driveline Components

While we are all anxiously awaiting the debut of the X1 in the U.S., which is set to happen this fall, BMW is hard at work piecing together the next-generation model. According to Autocar, this work involves figuring out how to fit Mini Countryman drivetrain components under the next-gen X1. This combination of the Mini and BMW lineup is expected to help reduce production costs and hopefully reduce its cost to the buyer.

In addition to sharing underpinnings with the Mini Countryman, the next-generation X1, which is expected to debut in 2015, will come standard with front-wheel drive, as opposed to the standard rear-wheel drive that the 2013 X1 will bear. It will, however, retain its optional all-wheel drive. This new chassis, dubbed the Unter Klasse (UKL), will also eliminate the possibility of a 6-cylinder option for the next-gen X1, as BMW has no plans to transversely mount a 6-pot in any of its cars.

In reality, there are chances of the X1 getting an even smaller engine, as BMW is supposedly considering dropping the petite 1.5-liter 3-cylinder engine in the 2015 X1. This all comes as a huge surprise to us, as the X1 is just now making its way to the States, and BMW is already planning on pretty much scrapping the entire thing. Plus, to start throwing Countryman parts onto this crossover SUV is just going to make it that much more irrelevant to buyers that may need to haul anything more than the kids and luggage around.

We guess we’ll just have to wait and see exactly how BMW plans to set this whole system up, as one of the key components to a crossover SUV is its ability to haul light cargo. The Countryman’s 860-pound max payload capacity doesn’t quite fit the bill. We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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