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Mirrow Provocator

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2016 Mirrow Provocator

2016 Mirrow Provocator

A cool little concept that could change the world of city cars forever.

Russia has been the source of creation for a number of rather odd vehicles. Vehicles like the GAZ M-20 Pobeda-Sport, the ZIS-112, or the Torpedo-GAS from the early 1950s are just a few examples of some pretty bizarre Russian engineering. But now there is a new concept coming out of Russia that might give the term “Russian engineering” a whole new twist. The concept is called the Mirrow Provocator and it’s a “revolutionary car” that is the length of a Smart ForTwo but capable of hauling up to four people and their luggage.

The Mirrow has the same width and height as an SUV, but the length of a microcar. Be that as it may, Mirrow claims that inside the car “feels like a minivan” and could be “classified as a business car.” Regardless of whether or not that is really the case, the Provocator looks to be extremely versatile, with the ability to be equipped a number of different drivetrains and a number of different interior setups that can transform the vehicle into more than just a people mover.

Truth be told, the Provocator is probably the boxiest thing on wheels that we’ve seen since the first-generation Honda Element or Scion Xb, but it’s got some pretty cool things going on for it. That said, we decided to take a closer look at this Russian concept to see what it’s all about.

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