MITSUBISHI Concept D:5 is a concept for a next-generation Delica model. To a go-anywhere-anytime, high-mobility, high-functionality new 4WDmono-box concept, it wraps together the classy living space and functionality sought by owners in today’s minivan and Delica’s legendary all-terrain capabilities deriving from its advanced 4WD system in a refined but rugged design that projects a reassuring sense of protective safety.

  • 2005 Mitsubishi Concept D:5
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Engine:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Torque @ RPM:
  • Displacement:
    2400 L
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To deliver maximum driving pleasure and in line with Mitsubishi’s All Wheel Control (AWC) philosophy, MITSUBISHI Concept D:5 employs the same electronically controlled four-wheel drive system as Outlander. The powertrain mates a new 2.4-liter MIVEC engine to a Sport Mode 6-speed CVT to deliver brawny all-surface go-anywhere performance. To bring a reassuring sense of safety that is more than skin deep, MITSUBISHI Concept D:5 incorporates active safety vehicle (ASV) technology that assists the driver in operating his vehicle safely and minimizes strain. MITSUBISHI Concept D:5 also brings new active and passive safety technologies to the minivan/SUV category.


The styling creates a wide-&-lifted mono-box architecture that is unmistakably Delica in taste. Pushing the "solid form" that symbolizes New Mitsubishi Motors Design, the styling threads and weaves handsome, purposeful lines into a functional-oriented appearance.

"Super-mobility" was the keyword driving design development: creating a vehicle that encourages driver and occupants to set off for any destination with a deeply reassuring sense of safety. This approach can trace its roots to the successive Delica series. In creating the basic form, the design team went for a mono-box architecture crafted from straight lines and with an understated nose. Minimizing design elements, the understated surface composition readily invokes the powerfully built lines of the Delica series while adding a fashionable tautness to create a robust and solid appearance.

The major defining feature of MITSUBISHI Concept D:5’s interior is its exposed "rib bone frame" structure that serves as a visual device to accent the solidly-built construction and the stiffness of the body. Other identifying elements are the full-size glass roof panel, which creates a very airy and open ambience, and the use of both metallic and natural materials. This contrast between stiff and soft elements is used to express the melding of a reassuring sense of protective safety with an enriching sense of interior comfort that distinguishes the design.


MITSUBISHI Concept D:5 is powered by the same all-new 2.4-liter MIVEC engine as Outlander. This new-generation lightweight and compact aluminum unit delivers high output while returning low fuel consumption and low emissions. The powertrain mates the engine to a Sport Mode 6-speed CVT to deliver powerful and brawny motive performance.

4WD system

In line with Mitsubishi Motors AWC principles, MITSUBISHI Concept D:5 employs the same electronically controlled 4WD system as Outlander. The driver is offered a choice of three operating modes: 2WD, which returns the best fuel economy on good surfaces; 4WD AUTO, which automatically tailors torque traction and handling characteristics to different surfaces; and 4WD LOCK, which maximizes traction for full-blooded 4WD performance over harsh terrain.


Suspension is by MacPherson strut at the front and a multi-link arrangement at the rear. The generous stroke enables the suspension to soak up punishment off-road while delivering superior road holding performance and a classy, comfortable ride on tarmac. The exclusive tires allow the owner to extract the full potential of MITSUBISHI Concept D:5’s performance overall all surfaces on and off-road.

Safety technology

MITSUBISHI Concept D:5 points the way ahead in terms of minivan and SUV active safety and comfort through the hungry introduction of the several advanced safety vehicle (ASV) technologies. MITSUBISHI Concept D:5 also features a comprehensive passive safety specification that provides effective occupant protection in the event of a crash or other accident.

ASV technologies

Peripheral monitoring system: 10 approach sensors detect pedestrians or obstacles in the close vicinity of the car. The system promotes safety by audibly urging the driver to take extra care.
Lane Trace Assist. An on-board camera monitors the lane dividing lines and the system applies a corrective torque to the electric power steering when it senses the vehicle is starting to depart from its lane, thus alleviating driver strain and fatigue.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC): The ACC system uses millimeter-wave radar to monitor the distance to the vehicle ahead and regulate engine power and the CVT reduction gear ratio accordingly. By maintaining a safe following distance at all times, ACC enables safe and strain-free cruising.

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