• 2006 Mitsubishi Concept-X

    mitsubishi concept-x

Mitsubishi’s Concept-X previews the 2007 Lancer Evolution X, to be built on the all-new Lancer/Dodge Caliber platform.

It’s even more aggressive-looking than the current Evo; the designers point to the massive grille opening and NACA duct on the bonnet as evidence of "the huge quantities of air it draws in." This is a broad hint that the Evo’s new engine will be a fire-breathing turbocharged unit.

Concept-X uses a clutchless six-speed auto-manual transmission with paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel. Also hinting at its rally-bred heritage, it has aluminium for the bonnet, bootlid, wings, roof and front and rear door panels to bring the weight - and centre of gravity - right down.

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  (5990) posted on 10.27.2006

is that concept car the 2007 lancer evo candy red ? ? what ever the answer can you tell me the exact colour code of it please? is it candy red if so which base colours ? mid paint ect please tell me ? ? ?

  (5990) posted on 07.27.2006

i want to send me cars wallpapers and information about cars please

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