The Mitsubishi Motors display at the 2006 SEMA Show also features the Baja Raider, a competition version of the Raider truck campaigned by DXR (Desert Xtreme Racing). The Baja Raider will compete in the SCORE Stock Mini category at the Baja 1000 (November 16th), which closely regulates the modifications that can be made to this relatively showroom-stock class of off-road race truck.

For the Stock Mini class, rules require that vehicle’s V6 drivetrains remain mostly factory specification while various other chassis modifications are permitted to the truck such as suspension and safety enhancements. Consistent with the class rules, the Baja Raider sports a rugged 3.7-liter V6 under the hood; the engine receives basic induction and exhaust enhancements to improve response. The Baja Raider’s transmission and 4WD system relies on the same durable hardware found on a showroom Raider.

2007 Mitsubishi Baja Raider
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The suspension revisions will allow the Baja Raider to maintain a swift pace over the harsh terrain of the Baja peninsula. The front suspension’s travel is maximized and dampened with the help of King Customs 2.5-inch coilover racing shocks and triple bypass racing shocks to help control wheel travel over the harshest terrain. At the rear of the Baja Raider, the truck’s solid rear axle is supported by King custom 3" triple-valved race shocks, Deaver racing leaf springs and Mastercraft limit straps.

A tireless attention to detail is evident in the Stock Mini class Baja Raider which is the result of about 1200+ man-hours of preparation. Tireless also describes the behind-the-wheel iron-man effort we can expect to see from DXR’s Dan Fresh who will drive the entire length of the Baja 1000 course without a co-driver.

With 10 years of competition under his belt, Fresh is no stranger to the rigors of desert racing and has enjoyed several class championships as well as previous success in the Baja 1000. "The Baja 1000 is about as grueling a challenge as off-road racing can offer," said Fresh. "That desert certainly tests equipment, it is also a contest of skill, preparation, determination and guile. There are no easy victories in the Baja, and we feel can be very competitive with the Baja Raider."

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  (1) posted on 02.26.2015

Love this truck And the race was awesome to watch!
I have a 2006 Raider durocross 3.7l and still in love with
it for 8+ years. Had to rebuild the transmission unfortunately and
found that it’s not a good transmission to begin with but oh well.
Would love to turn mine into a DXR style truck. I managed to stuff 34s on the wheels without a lift but any more and I’ll have to hit up King for some custom work. Future plans are to get a custom fiberglass hood and prerunner style flares. Also fabricate a tube front and rear bumper along with bed roll bar similar to thE DXR Baja raiders. Can’t tell you how many compliments I have received on my truck so far though.

  (399) posted on 12.28.2011

This Raider car was really strong and heavy for its powerful performance. I firmly believe to the great ability of this car. On the exterior design, it looks very aggressive.

  (570) posted on 02.7.2010

Any Raider is best suited to light-duty chores, but its large dimensions render it too big for easy daily commuting....Also, Raider’s lack of key safety features such as curtain side airbags and antiskid system makes this truck difficult to recommend.

  (815) posted on 12.8.2009

Id like to see the Mitsubishi Triton in this set up and the tires I will install is Mikey Thompson all terrain tires.

pdaix  (433) posted on 03.9.2007

this seem to be a really cool race.. I saw soem on speed tv last weekend really cool, but apparently a killer for the trucks.

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