Mitsubishi announced the market launch of the Galant Fortis, a new style sedan, at affiliated dealerships throughout Japan starting this days. Powered by a 2.0-liter engine, two- and four-wheel drive Galant Fortis models carry a price tag ranging from 1,785,000 yen to 2,436,000 yen.

Galant Fortis has been developed to a product concept that called for "a global sporty sedan that delivers high and well-balanced levels of safety, comfort and environmental performance." Development was aimed to create a new sedan distinguished by: a design that immediately identifies it as a Mitsubishi Motors sedan and gives expression to the feel, the purposefulness and the stable road stance associated with the sedan body style; and by a quality of handling and response and the particular flavor of ride that define the Mitsubishi Motors brand. Principal product features are as follows:

2008 Mitusbishi Galant Fortis
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Galant Fortis achieves a global standard in living space with a wider and taller body without any undue stretching of overall length. With its wider track the packaging reconciles the requirements of stable handling and response with its excellent maneuverability that stems from a minimum turning radius of 5.0 m.

The exterior design creates a body with vibrant looks and a strong road presence using proportions comprising a large cabin wrapped in sporty, wide-stance styling and by combining the Mitsubishi Motors sedan’s hallmark inverted-slant nose with a trapezoidal grille. (Galant Fortis is the first model to employ the "new face" front visage that establishes the design identity of Mitsubishi Motors sedans to be introduced in future.)

2008 Mitusbishi Galant Fortis
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The powertrain uses a new 2.0-liter DOHC MIVEC aluminum block engine, which earns a 4-star rating for emission levels 75% below those required by Japan’s 2005 Emissions Standards, mated to Mitsubishi’s INVECS-III 6-speed Sport Mode CVT that delivers responsive power transmission while returning excellent fuel economy. A high-rigidity platform with excellent impact safety performance and a revamped suspension underpin and support high levels of handling and response and safety performance.

Features enhancing passive and impact safety include a 7-airbag SRS system (driver and front passenger airbags, driver knee airbag, side and curtain airbags); adaptive front lighting (AFS) that improves the driver’s field of vision at night; and rain-sensitive auto wipers.

The Galant Fortis series is available with a Rockford Fosgate premium sound system giving superior sound reproduction as well as paddle shifters that allow the driver to shift gears without taking his hand off the steering wheel. Standard on all models is Mitsubishi Motors cocochi-interior*2 that includes a deodorizing clean air filter and odor-eating head lining.


The Galant Fortis series is powered by a new compact and lightweight 4-cylinder 16-valve DOHC unit, with die-cast aluminum cylinder block and MIVEC variable valve lift and timing on both exhaust and inlet valves, which delivers superior emissions and mileage performance. All models in the series earn a 4-star rating for emission levels that are 75% below those required under Japan’s 2005 Emissions Standards and return mileage that meets the 2010 fuel economy standards.

2008 Mitusbishi Galant Fortis
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The engine is mated to Mitsubishi’s INVECS-III CVT transmission that optimally matches shift points to engine speed at all times to deliver responsive and smooth acceleration while returning excellent fuel economy. CVT transmission SPORT models come standard with paddle shifters that allow the driver to shift manually without taking a hand off the wheel. SPORT is also offered with a 5-speed manual transmission (2WD models only).

4WD models use the electronically-controlled 4WD system well-proven on Outlander and Delica:D5 which splits torque feed to the front and rear wheels as required to match different driving conditions. A dial selector allows the driver to switch between three drive modes: 2WD, 4WD AUTO and 4WD LOCK.

2008 Mitusbishi Galant Fortis
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  (442) posted on 03.8.2010

This Galant looks more like a muscle car than a sports car. And I think in this version of galant they make it or they upgrade it’s engine’s power and durability.

tango  (372) posted on 08.30.2007

Mitsubishi seems to be getting itself in order. The last few vehicles it has put out have been interesting to say the least. I wonder though...what are their plans for the Galant? In Jamaica here, it has been all but absent, sales in that category being taken up by the Grandis MPV. The market seems to be quite happy with it, but that can only go on for so long and no more. The current US version of this iconic sedan is, in my opinion, a very weak effort.

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