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2019 Morgan Aero GT

2019 Morgan Aero GT

The swansong of Morgan’s first new design in almost 50 years

Introduced in 2001, the Aero 8 marked the beginning of a new era for Morgan. Not only was it the first new design since 1948, but the Aero 8 was also the company’s first vehicle to use an aluminum chassis and frame instead of its traditional wooden body tun and steel chassis combo. It was kept in production until 2010, when Morgan launched the AeroMax coupe and the SuperSports Targa, and revived in 2015 with mild updates. Come 2018, and the Aero 8 is getting the ax again, but this time around production will end with a more extreme iteration that’s called the Aero GT. The big unveiling took place at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, and only a handful will be built before the Aero 8 goes into the history books for good.

The Aero GT is described as a "gloves off" model, and Morgan says it was developed using the lessons learned from the company’s GT3 racing victories. Yes, it’s Morgan’s most extreme road-going model to date. The Aero GT is far from new though, as it was conceived during the development of the 2015 Morgan Aero 8. Morgan doesn’t say whether it wanted to shelve the project or not at first, but the Aero GT never saw the light of day until now. With production of the Aero 8 slated to come to an end this year, Morgan will close the production line with eight examples of the Aero GT. Let’s see what this new sports car has to offer in the review below.

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