The Morgan Aeromax is a unique Morgan commissioned by Prince Eric I. Sturdza, President of Banque Baring Brothers Suisse.

Based on the requirement for a comfortable long distance Touring Coupe, drawings by Matthew Humphries were discussed with the customer to define the total concept. Particluar requirements such as the gullwing" boot openings, hardwood and traditional pleated leather interior and a large flat load area behind the seats were particular requirements.

The car is an illustration of flexible manufacturing at the Morgan Motor Company. Modern automotive technology is combined with quality craftsmanship. The beautiful finish of the bodywork is the result of the craftsmen’s passion at Morgan.

The aluminium chassis has safety features which have surpassed the industry standards of the vehicle certification authorities of Europe and the USA during the approval process. Siemens electronic airbag systems protect the occupants and sensors are built into each wheel bearing to relay tyre contact information to the engine ECU and the ABS electronic brake control units. The car has reassuring driver features such as air conditioning, tyre pressure and tyre temperature monitoring and cruise control. Even with these features the chassis is the lightest V8 production platform in the world.

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  (231) posted on 02.8.2012

I love the combination of modern and classic looks in this vehicle. It’s sleek body
paint and outer detailing made it look futuristic while its platform structure preserves its
classic beauty.

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