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The 2020 Morgan LE60 Plus Six is a limited-edition version of the company’s six-cylinder roadster. Designed to celebrate the company’s partnership with its Dutch retailer Louwman Exclusive, the LE60 is based on the brand-new Plus Six that replaced the Plus 8 in 2019. The LE60 is limited to only four units, two finished in Ice Blue and two painted in Scintila Silver, each also fitted with special appointments. All four are being shipped to Louwman Exclusive. The LE60 lineup also includes a 3 Wheeler model.


  • Two colors
  • Blue and silver
  • 18- and 19-inch wheels
  • Yellow accents
  • Unique details
  • Yellow calipers
2020 Morgan LE60 Plus Six Exterior
- image 896044

The LE60 is virtually identical to the regular Plus Six as far as exterior design goes. Although it comes with features you can’t normally get with the Plus Six, the design layout remains unchanged, so it’s just a slightly customized vehicle.

The cars finished in Ice Blue ride on 19-inch alloy wheels with a wire-wheel design that reminds of Morgans from the past. The exterior is further enhanced by yellow accents like brake calipers, spot light casings, and "LE60" decals on the side vents of the engine hood.

2020 Morgan LE60 Plus Six Exterior
- image 896062

Moving over to the pair painted in Scintilla Silver, these cars ride on slightly smaller wheels. The 18-inch Speedster rollers are also finished in black instead of silver. These roadsters also feature yellow brake calipers, but Morgan also added a yellow number six within the front grille, a tribute to race cars from the 1920s and 1930s. There’s also a yellow band around the trailing edge of the engine hood that’s reminiscent of the traditional Morgan bonnet strap.


  • Pebble-textured leather
  • Diamond stitching
  • "LE60" embroidery
  • Wood dashboard on one model
  • Body-color dash on the other
  • Features similar to standard model
2020 Morgan LE60 Plus Six Interior
- image 896056

The modernized interior of the new Plus Six also remains unchanged as far as design, layout, and technology goes. As a reminder, here’s a list of upgrades over the Plus 8:

  • better materials
  • redesigned center stack
  • digital display in the dashboard
  • authentic wood trim
  • sculpted door panels
  • sportier seats
  • enhanced legroom
2020 Morgan LE60 Plus Six Interior
- image 896058

For the LE60, Morgan prepared a few special and unique features. The Ice Blue version comes with black, pebble-textured leather. The seating upholstery also includes yellow diamond stiching and yellow "LE60" embroidery on the headrests. Both the dashboard and the center tunnel are covered by matte tawny wood trim.

The Scintilla Silver also features yellow accents, but they’re reduced to only horizontal seat stitching and the "LE60" logos on the headrests. But unlike the blue model, its dashboard and center tunnel top are finished in the same color as the body for a vintage-race-inspired look.


  • Standard drivetrain
  • BMW-sourced 3.0-liter
  • 335 horsepower
  • 369 pound-feet of torque
  • 0 to 62 mph in 4.2 seconds
  • Top speed at 165 mph
2020 Morgan LE60 Plus Six Exterior
- image 896045

The LE60 is a standard Plus Six under the skin. The Plus Six was built on a clean sheet, so it rides on a new and modern platform, even though it still includes a wooden frame in order to preserve the company’s coachbuilding legacy.

The first Morgan to feature an inline-six engine, the Plus Six is powered by a turbocharged, 3.0-liter engine borrowed from BMW. The mill is rated at 335 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque and enables the roadster to hit 62 mph from a standing start in 4.2 seconds. Ironically, it’s four tenths quicker than the Euro-spec BMW Z4 fitted with the same engine and a tenth-second quicker than the Toyota Supra, also powered by the same unit.

2020 Morgan LE60 Plus Six Exterior
- image 896051

The Plus Six hits a top speed of 165 mph, which is higher than all the other cars powered by BMW’s inline-six engine, usually limited to 155 mph.

Morgan Plus Six drivetrain specifications
Engine BMW 2019 B58 TwinPower Turbo inline 6-cylinder engine
Gearbox 8-speed Automatic with Sport, Plus and Manual shift modes
Max Power 250kw (335 bhp) @ 6,500rpm
Max Torque 500Nm (369 lb/ft)
Performance 0 – 62mph 4.2 seconds
Top Speed 166mph (267 kph)
Combined MPG 38.2mpg (7.4L/100km)
Combined Co2 170g/km
Dry weight 1,075kg

How much does the Morgan Plus Six LE60 cost?

2020 Morgan LE60 Plus Six Exterior
- image 896053

Morgan hasn’t released pricing information for the LE60 edition, but it’s safe to say that it costs more than the standard Plus Six, avaiable from £77,995. Given that there are only four cars available, we might not even find out pricing info since they’ve probably been comissioned by loyal customers of the Louwman Exclusive dealership.

How many Morgan Plus Six LE60 cars are there?

2020 Morgan LE60 Plus Six Exterior
- image 896059

Morgan built only four cars. Two are finished in Ice Blue, while two are painted in Scintilla Silver.


2020 Morgan LE60 Plus Six Exterior
- image 896049

The LE60 limited edition model might not seem like a big deal, but it could the beginning of a new era for Morgan. Although it doesn’t come with an impressive amount of extra features, it demonstrates the firm’s bespoke capabilities. It probably previews a program that could enable customers to make more extensive modifications to their cars. Morgan is basically getting ready to join other British carmakers that offer extensive customization, like Bentley and Aston Martin. Lotus also joined this list a while back and it’s a good strategy to sell more cars and charge more for bespoke upgrades.

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The Morgan Motor Company continues to push the boundaries of creative possibilities and prove its ability to turn imagination into reality, with the launch of three limited-edition specifications. The LE60 range of cars celebrates six decades of Morgan’s partnership with its retailer in the Netherlands, Louwman Exclusive. Just five cars have been created: two Plus Six models in Ice Blue, a further pair in Scintilla Silver, and a single Almond Green 3 Wheeler. Conceived in-house by Morgan’s design team at the company’s factory in Malvern, Worcestershire, the exclusive models demonstrate the firm’s bespoke capabilities.

Characterised by a classic yet purposeful look, the Ice Blue LE60 Plus Six features 19-inch alloy wheels, evoking the look of a wire wheel but with a contemporary twist. Yellow accents can be spotted around the car, such as its brake calipers, spot light casings, and LE60 decals on its bonnet side vents. Inside, it gains black pebble-texture leather with yellow diamond seat stitching and LE60 headrest embroidery, and a matte tawny wood dashboard and tunnel top trim, while an interior motif reaffirms the model’s significance.

Resplendent in metallic Scintilla Silver, the second Plus Six LE60 specification sits purposefully on 18-inch black Speedster wheels, under which yellow brake calipers can also be found. The colourway extends throughout the car, with a yellow number 6 painted within the grille, yellow horizontal seat stitching and matching LE60 headrest embroidery. A yellow band runs around the trailing edge of the bonnet, reminiscent of traditional Morgan bonnet strap. The interior of this LE60 is distinguished by a dashboard and a tunnel top in body colour.

Just one LE60 Morgan 3 Wheeler has been built, in Almond Green, and in keeping with the Plus Six variants a yellow theme can be seen throughout the car. Special attention has been paid to the leather dashboard panel, which features a laser-engraved design.

Launched at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, the Morgan Plus Six has received standout reviews from both press and customers in its first year on sale. The model marked the launch of the company’s CX-Generation bonded aluminium platform – it brought new levels of dynamic capability to the brand, and has now made its way into the recently unveiled Plus Four. Power comes from BMW’s B58 inline six-cylinder 3.0-litre turbocharged engine, which produces a formidable 335 bhp. In combination with the Plus Six’s dry weight of just 1075kg, it can accelerate 0-62mph in just 4.2 seconds. Like all Morgan cars, the Plus Six is hand built by the craftsmen and women at Morgan’s factory in Malvern, Worcestershire.

Marcus Blake, Chief Sales Officer at Morgan Motor Company, said: “We are delighted to recognise this landmark anniversary with our Dutch Dealership, Louwman Exclusive. We are proud of our entire Dealership network, and it gives us immense pleasure to be able to celebrate these milestones in such a fitting way. When Louwman contacted us with their plans to celebrate 60 years as a Morgan dealer, we wanted to make sure they did so in style. All Morgan cars are special, but with consultation from our design team, these bespoke LE60 specials are especially beautiful and unique.”

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