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The Morgan 3 Wheeler is going away with a limited-edition P101 version

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The 2021 Morgan 3 Wheeler P101 is a limited-edition version of the company’s three-wheeled sports car. Limited to only 33 units, the P101 celebrates the end of production of the 3 Wheeler, which Morgan has been offering since 2011. Named after the internal codename given to the project that revived the 3 Wheeler almost 10 years ago, the 2021 3 Wheeler P101 comes with a range of exclusive features that mostly address the car’s exterior. What makes it stand out and how much does it cost? Find out in our review below.


  • classic 3-wheel goodness
  • aero wheels
  • exclusive spot lamps
  • special markings
  • extra louvers
  • two exterior colors
  • four available liveries
  • unique tonneau cover

Design-wise, the P101 is as familiar as 3 Wheelers get. It retains the three-wheeled layout that made it famous and it still features a motorcycle engine in front of its nose. From afar, the P101 doesn’t look different compared to the regular 3 Wheeler, but take a closer look and you will notice some important charges.

The Aero-disc front wheels are the first to catch the eye. Fitted with aero-optimized disc covers instead of the more traditional wire rims, the wheels are finished in the same color as the body and the thin fenders for an old-school look. These low drag wheels work together with the big, nine-inch Hella spot lamps in the front to reduce air turbulence around the suspension and wishbones. They’re not just about looks, they improve aerodynamics too.

2021 Morgan 3 Wheeler P101
- image 950895

The front tires also feature torque markings, while the side-mounted exhaust pipes are straight-cut and ceramic coated. What’s more, the pipe on the driver’s side is black, while the pipe on the passenger side is white, adding to the asymmetry and split personality of the P101.

The body features additional louvers on the front hood and it also comes with a fly screen and exposed rivet details throughout the body.

Another big upgrade is the single-leaf tonneau cover that hides the passenger compartment. Inspired by a tonneau cover that Morgan showcased for the first time on the EV3 concept in 2016, it’s made from a composite resin finished in a translucent golden color, a tribute to 1970s race cars. The tonneau is lightweight and streamlines, so it doesn’t ruin the 3 Wheeler’s aerodynamics and performance.

But by far the coolest thing about the 3 Wheeler P101 is its availability with four different liveries. Paint options are limited to Deep Black and Satin White Silver, but Morgan offers four livery themes called "art packs." They’re called The Belly Tank, The Dazzleship, The Aviator, and The Race Car.

2021 Morgan 3 Wheeler P101
- image 950897

The Belly Tank pays tribute to liveries usually found on belly tank racers. If you’re not familiar with the term, belly tankers were used to race and set records on dry lakes in the early days of hot rodding. Their bodies were made of portable fuel tanks used by aircraft during World War II and found by racers in military surplus yards. Belly tanks were popular with racers due to their aerodynamic shape. The Belly Tank graphic pack features a distressed effect in the vinyl that mimics the weathered look of belly tank racers used on dry and salt lakes.

The Dazzleship, which is pictured in these promo shots, is black and white livery inspired by the camouflage of military vehicles and aircraft from the 1940s. Next up is The Aviator and this one isn’t new on a Morgan. Inspired by nose art found on RAF planes in World War II, it’s been offered before on the 3 Wheeler, but it’s been revised for the P101. Finally, you can go with The Race Car pack, which includes stripes and roundels and is inspired by early Morgan race cars. Each car features "P/101" markings on the rear fenders regardless of the livery selected. All liveries are optional.


  • no-nonsense cabin
  • standard leather seats
  • leather steering wheel
  • "P101" markings
  • covered passenger section
  • analog dials
2021 Morgan 3 Wheeler P101
- image 950894

Morgan didn’t have much to say about the P101’s interior, but the photos suggest that it will remain unchanged save for a few details. The most important addition is the "P/101" marking engraved in the leather section at the corner of the dashboard. Of course, the tonneau adds its own twist to the cabin by covering the passenger compartment and making the 3 Wheeler look like a race car from the 1950s, ready to tackle the mighty Mille Miglia race.

The cabin of the 3 Wheeler remains basic, and that's a cool thing.

Look for the same analogue clocks and switches, the same simple steering wheel devoid of buttons and control, the no-nonsense door panels, and sporty, yet old-school seats. Like any 3 Wheeler, the P101 is not for the modern driver looking for comfort and convenience, it’s for the enthusiasts looking for a pure, race-inspired experience behind the steering wheel.

Standard features include black soft-grain leather for the seats and the steering wheel, rubber floor mats, body-color fly screens, and black roll hoops. The optional Aero Pack will remove the passenger roll hoop and fly screen.

Drivetrain and performance

  • same engine options
  • S&S V-twin motorcycle unit
  • up to 82 horsepower
  • up to 103 pound-feet of torque
  • 0 to 62 mph in 6 seconds
  • top speed at 115 mph
  • five-speed manual
2021 Morgan 3 Wheeler P101
- image 950891
Power is provided by the 2.0-liter V-twin motorcycle engine from S&S that has been motivating all 3 Wheeler models since its revival in 2011.

Morgan offers the S&S mill in two versions, based on their emissions standard. The most powerful of them is the Euro 3 variant, which cranks out 82 horsepower and 103 pound-feet of torque.

With this engine the 3 Wheeler hits 62 mph in six seconds and reaches a top speed of 115 mph.

This is also the lightest 3 Wheeler you can buy at an incredible 1,157 pounds.

The second engine version is Euro 4 compliant and delivers a bit less oomph. The 2.0-liter is rated at 68 horsepower and 95 pound-feet of twist and makes the 3 Wheeler a bit slower. The sprint from 0 to 62 mph takes seven seconds, but top speed is identical at 115 mph. The car fitted with this engine is heavier at 1,289 pounds, 132.2 pounds more than the other model.

2021 Morgan 3 Wheeler P101
- image 950892

The Euro 4 version is obviously the more efficient one, returning 34.9 mpg combined on the British cycle. The Euro 3 variant is rated at 30.3 mpg combined. The 3 Wheeler P101 is fitted with the same Mazda-sourced five-speed manual gearbox as all the other models, with no option for an automatic.

Morgan did not say if both engines are available with the P101, but customers probably have access to both. It’s important to note that the P101 is the last 3 Wheeler fitted with the S&S V-twin engine.

2021 Morgan 3 Wheeler P101 specifications
Euro 3 Euro 4
Engine: 1998cc V-Twin engine 1998cc V-Twin engine
Horsepower: 82 horsepower 68 horsepower
Torque: 103 pound-feet 95 pound-feet
0 to 60 MPH: 6.0 seconds 7.0 seconds
Top Speed: 115 mph (est) 115 mph (est)
Curb weight: 1,157 pounds (525 kilos) 1,289 pounds

How much does the 2021 Morgan 3 Wheeler P101 cost?

2021 Morgan 3 Wheeler P101
- image 950893

The limited-edition P101 is priced from £45,000 plus local market taxes, which converts to around $59,900 as of November 2020. The regular 3 Wheeler costs £39,486, so the P101 added a premium of around £5,500.

Morgan plans to build only 33 units and if you were planning on getting one, you’re out of luck. The British company says that all 33 have been spoken for and allocated to dealerships in the U.K., Europe and the U.S.

The 2021 Morgan 3 Wheeler P101 is a unique car

2021 Morgan 3 Wheeler P101
- image 950896

Due to its three-wheeled layout, the 3 Wheeler doesn’t have actual competitors. Sure, we could argue that you can find the same lightweight recipe at companies like Caterham, Lotus, Ariel, and KTM, but you won’t find a three-wheeler in their offerings. The Vanderhall Edison is a an option you can look into, but it doesn’t have the classic design of the Morgan and it’s all-electric.

Final Words

2021 Morgan 3 Wheeler P101
- image 950892

The Morgan 3 Wheeler is not for everyone. It’s not the kind of car you can drive on a regular basis and you definitely need a garage to park it during the wet and cold season. But it’s a little car that gets a lot of love from Morgan enthusiasts, as it has been one of the company’s most popular models of all time with more than 2,500 examples built since its launch in 2011. That might not sound like much compared to other mainstream sports cars, but it’s a big number for Morgan.

The British company is now bidding farewell to the 3 Wheeler with a cool limited-edition model. One that you can customize with one of four liveries inspired by vintage Morgans and fitted with the cool aero wheels that remind of 1930s race cars.

The good news is that the 3 Wheeler isn’t going away for good. Morgan confirmed that production will take a brake in 2021, but the 3 Wheeler will return as a new-generation model in 2022.

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