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Nissan Ellure

2011 Nissan Ellure Concept

2011 Nissan Ellure Concept High Resolution Exterior
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Nissan has taken part in the Los Angeles Auto Show by bringing with them a concept that will redefine Nissan’s sedan language. It may slither its way into the background due to the extravagant and elaborate concepts being shown as part of the Design Challenge, but this is one concept that definitely deserves a second glance, maybe even a third. Nissan says this is not a preview for any production model, but we do expect to see plenty of features borrowed from this concept and put into their future models.

The Ellure’s exterior is defined by a deeply skirted front fascia and a bold solid-transparent front grille with small openings, which direct the wind over and under the body. The full underbody pan, molded side rearview camera housings, and small wheel openings add to the design of the vehicle while the 21-inch 5-spoke aluminum-alloy wheels complete the look. The front grille was inspired by the “Kamishino” Samurai formal coat.

The interior of the Ellure plays off of the idea of light and dark with an instrument panel covered in chrome-free leather and front seats covered with a black eco-suede utilizing recycled fibers. Drawing one’s attention immediately is the “floating” center console with a sculptural, see-through effect. It is covered in white leather with red nighttime lighting shining through. The red lighting spreads to the all-glass ceiling where there is also special red mood lighting. A console-mounted central controller provides intuitive control for HVAC, audio, navigation and other functions.

Going along with the times, the Ellure is also a hybrid concept. It combines a supercharged 2.5-liter inline 4-cylinder with Intelligent Dual Clutch Control and a 25 kW electric motor, matched with an Xtronic CVT and front-wheel drive.

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2011 Nissan Ellure Concept

2011 Nissan Ellure Concept