• 1999 Nissan S15 Silvia

The S15 is a rear-wheel-drive sports coupe, powered by Nissan’s SR20DET; a 2.0 litre in-line 4 cylinder turbocharged engine with air-to-air intercooler that delivers a power output of 250 horsepower that results in a power-to-weight ration of less than 5Kg/PS. The S15 has a new 6-speed close-ratio gearbox for improved acceleration and features a specially tuned exhaust system characterized by a powerful sound at low engine speeds and a liner increase at high engine speeds.

  • 1999 Nissan S15 Silvia
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    2.0L Inline-4
  • Transmission:
    6-Speed Manual
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Torque @ RPM:
  • Top Speed:
    107 mph
  • body style:

Steering system stiffness has been increased to provide improved steering feel. The front strut suspension and rear multi-link suspension has been carried over to the S15 Silvia. Strengthening the upper member of the hood structure and adding reinforcements to rear pillars has increased body stiffness.

Braking System

The Nissan Silvia spec-R series is fitted with ventilated front disc brakes with opposed 4-piston calipers, highly responsive ABS and a larger brake booster. Larger brake rotors and a larger brake boosters are also used on Spec-S.


The driving position has been ergonomically designed to allow quicker execution of driving controls and to provide a seating posture for minimal fatigue during driving. The instrumentation is laid out with a large size tachometer positioned in the center of the cluster. The Spec-R also comes with titanium-look instrument finishers and a 52mm boost pressure gauge is attached to the driver’s side front pillar. (The Spec-S Aero model comes with an oil pressure gauge.)

Triple Safety Concept

The first is information safety for warning the driver of potential danger, the second is control safety for assisting the driver in avoiding potential danger, and the third is impact safety for helping reduce injury in the event of an accident.

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  (10) posted on 04.16.2010

Actually its 155 mph

  (814) posted on 12.9.2009

old model but still most drift races find this car amazing in drift, because it’s a rear wheel drive and it has a turbo charged engine. But you also need to set it up before you go in to drift race.

  (233) posted on 04.22.2009

i got mine for free... 1993 s13 fastback with 60k miles on it... grandma one it back in 93 in a raffle and didn’t drive it much cus she had a caddy haha

  (5) posted on 04.22.2009

sorry boss your not gonna find a good 240 for 2g, theyre too in demand now adays. a couple of years ago you coulda found one.

  (233) posted on 05.27.2008

107... you’ve got to be joking... i got my 240sx that is stock with 155hp and 160lb of torque to 120 and thats not even topped out...

  (37) posted on 05.27.2008

Nissan havent made very good cars. But the Nissan Silvia tops my books.

  (5990) posted on 02.10.2008

am looking 4 a nissan s13 4 sale any 1 salein 1? i want 1 4 like 2,000

  (5990) posted on 02.10.2008

my name is raji
i am 15

  (5990) posted on 02.10.2008

ppfftt mine the top speed is 240 and 600 hp what you gooses on bout s15 cuzz!!!!!

  (5990) posted on 11.14.2006

hey does any of you know the rate of gas consumtion of the SR20DET?

  (5990) posted on 10.25.2006

only 107? what the... 03 dodge neon with only 5 spd manual and 132 HP can run at least 110mph.

  (5990) posted on 10.9.2006

mine is 220kw wich is just under 300HP dyno tuned with only restrictions removed like exhaust front mount boost controller. top speed 200km/h with factory speed cut

  (5990) posted on 10.5.2006

no the top speed isnt 107mph its like 140mph

  (5990) posted on 02.27.2006

i thought it would be more than that with 250hp

  (5990) posted on 02.21.2006

top speed is only 107

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