• 2004 Nissan Nismo Racing Z

    Nissan Nismo Racing Z

Nissan will be entering the Z33 Fairlady Z in the All Japan Grand Touring Car Championship (JGTC). Kunihiko Kakimoto has been appointed to oversee the GT500 class Nissan teams, while Hiroshi Degawa spearheads the NISMO team. NISMO also provides technological support to Hasemi Motor Sport and Team Impul, making a total of four Nissan-affiliated cars competing in the series. NISMO has responsibility for vehicle development.

  • 2004 Nissan Nismo Racing Z
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Nissan NISMO is handcrafting 20 Z-tune GT-Rs to mark the 20th anniversary of the birthdate of Nissan’s racing arm. Ah, you argue, Nissan hasn’t made the GT-R since 2003. That’s true. The 20 very lucky and rich people whom we want to say bad things about are actually buying used GT-Rs. NISMO bought used GT-R V-Specs, each with less than 18K miles on the clock, and stripped them to bare shells.

The Z-tune is built at the NISMO facility by the same NISMO engineers who sculpt the factory racecars, using the same techniques, the same tools and the same expertise. To build an all-conquering Skyline GT-R is no challenge to NISMO engineers, but building one that is truly a street car presents a challenge: total supremacy, taking into account emissions, crash friendliness, potholes, rain, hot days and traffic.

Z-tune-specific Sachs coil-overs are three-way adjustable to handle any number of track and street setups. The 782 lb/in. springs, however, are an indicator that supercar handling comes with a supercar ride.

Lower: Working jointly with engineers from Brembo, NISMO created a brake package for the Z-tune with the goal of producing 1.6g of decelerative force on R-compound tires. The front mono-block calipers house six pistons and squeeze two-piece, 14.3-inch rotors. The rear four-piston calipers clamp one-piece 13.9-inch rotors developed with KIRYU. The ABS computer was reprogrammed to take advantage of the greater available braking force.

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